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really? by Noxiouschocolate-3 really? by Noxiouschocolate-3

this message is for Jane.

if you really want to change, stop acting so defensive and paranoid.

I wasn't out to get you, I wanted to give you advice while defending someone, and while hiding my comment may have been to avoid drama on your profile page, blocking me?

I really don't get it.

so here's some more advice if you'll actually take it this time

-blocking makes you look like a coward if the person wasn't trolling or hating on you, so just ignore if you can't bring yourself to reply

-if you get mad, cool down first before you start replying again so you don't lose your temper

-if you want all the drama to  stop, leave it in the past and move on,raichu probably will soon, go by her example

-don't disable comments for harmless critique, yes being critiqued can hurt a little sometimes, but it's there to help like another deviant who wasn't impressed by your actions towards raichu said

and you can't say you don't, I saw your aice picture before you disabled comments.

-finally,APOLOGIZE.if you say sorry and make it known that you're actively changing, you may get less trolls and you'll become a better person in the long run.

I didn't know who you were until I saw that rant series, and when I saw you come back I thought hey she's gotten better!

then you disabled comments with critique ,more stuff happened, your stamps made you sound like before and then the akai x female character started.

you have friends and fans who want you to change for the better, don't become the 'infamous akai Dalia again.


one more thing, unless you bring me up, I'm not going to do vent's like this again so you don't need to worry about me 'stalking' you to make 'attention drama stuff'
-and the slightly butt hurt thing was because I immediately wanted to put a I got blocked stamp on my page XD

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June 10, 2016
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