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my oc fuyoko- by Noxiouschocolate-3 my oc fuyoko- by Noxiouschocolate-3
name-fuyoko 'ringo' kouri
bio-yoko lived alone and never knew her parents with only little contact with distant relatives.
she attends a private school through a scholarship which is a constant battle for her as she has to face her possessive and violent ex boyfriend, which is something she lost when he killed her but rather than passing on she met the,other parts of her a girl i dentical to herself and a large hound afterwards she ends up in the bleach world and-i still have to write the story so her vio is a work in progress.
personality-fuyoko is an akward and rather shy person putting on a facade of being cold towards others so they don't become mixed up in the trouble she unwillingly gotten herself into.
she also becomes fearful,panicky and reckless when faced with anything that causes any triggers of her relationship with her ex boyfriend rin.
On a happier note she is a motherly person who loves children and is -under certain circumstances -a calm person,but is a worthy foe when in the battlefield
The main two weapons that she uses consists of a rapier sword and a detachable claw that's used on one hand.
her style of fighting is swift and deadly combining fencing techniques with quick slashes with her claws
coloured in with ms paint and adobe fireworks…

This is a story oc i made on wattpad under the name of hazzypop if i write enough chapters ill publish it on da-once again this is a working progress so I'll update this when i can.
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March 21, 2015
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