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my big hero 6 oc by Noxiouschocolate-3 my big hero 6 oc by Noxiouschocolate-3
anyway info
name -sage 'twist 'farzana
race -afro asian
speciality - medical physics and engineering

personality-fast learner, intelligent, somewhat laid back, good listener,cautious and fairly emotional
crush-tadashi (just a dumb schoolgirl type crush)
Sage grew up with a Jamaican mother and a chinese father one being a nurse the other being an IT technician with an elder half brother. she was born in sanfransokyo but had lived in china for most of her life, travelling to sanfransokyo to visit her grandmother (on her fathers side) once in a while.
The first time she and hiro met, they were both around four or five years old, her grandma had taken her to the lucky cat cafe as a treat but a problem with a teen trying to swipe her bag sage,practically a baby didnt find interest in this,wandering off to find something interesting to do, at the same time hiro who had stayed in bed longer than usual(since it was a weekend ) finally went down to the cafe, bumping into sage, the two although it had started akwardlly got along well together eventually becoming friends, since sage wasn't at hiro's level of intelligence she did not understand the things that hiro did but watched quietly slowly building an understanding of robotics as years went by.
she met tadashi during a visit to hiro instantly becoming bashful after seeing him which again, made things awkward for a while , but it eventually became normal for them and sage continued her visits until her parents left her under her grandmothers care due to a promotion her dad recived becoming a permanent citizen of sanfransokyo.

Sage currently attends sanfransokyo's academy of medical science's courtesy of her mother so she feels pressure from her parents to become 'better than everyone else ' her mother's words not hers
her half brother doesn't get along well with his parents in general,and the most contact he has with sage is when he teaches her how to fight as a response to her saying that she wishes she could fight like characters in video games.
he's also very secretive and disappears at the most convenient times , once leaving behind a headband with a strange symbol on it...
but thats for another time

fun fact:
She also has a love for games whether they're as simple as a board game or an mmo video game-though her favorite type are nintendo games 
And likes using baymax as a bean bag chair...
She doesn't know the identity of the bh6 till later onhowever she does join a simmilar group courtesy of her big brother.the weapon she uses are a pair of powered gauntlets
.this weapon is based on video games rather than science projects
Her favourite meal-veggie chow mein
favourite snack-mantou
she gets along with fred the best since she's a videogame geek as well as a nerd

Well I've done that now ;) and now to update some other stuff
Edit-i have changed her name to sage farzana (using her mother's last name)
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GreatRose101 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2016
Aw she looks so cute!
LizzyThePanda Featured By Owner May 9, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
She's adorable! Satoko sounds like a very interesting OC. ;) (Wink) And I love the fun fact where you mention how she likes to use Baymax as a bean bag chair. You should totally draw a picture of that! Clap I can't wait to see her in more content.
And keep an eye out for my upcoming content. :) (Smile) ;) (Wink) I have a Big Hero 6 OC as well.I am a dummy! 
Noxiouschocolate-3 Featured By Owner May 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Although there are some things i need to work on and im planning on incorporating an older half brother and the fact that she fights mainly boxing.
maybe ill do a comic!
And im definitely taking up on the idea to draw her using bqymax as a chair XD
Noxiouschocolate-3 Featured By Owner May 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Double thanks for the faves btw 0♡0
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