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Ancient Ultima online Britannia map

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Took me quite long time to complete all the details, but i'm pretty satisfied with the result.
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Hey can I use this as a backdrop on We are a forum dedicated to Ultima Online. Thanks and awesome work!
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Oh my goodness this brings back memories of what may possibly the greatest mmorpg to ever grace the computer screen. I've been playing since mid 2000 and to this day I have yet to quit though I have been recently playing on free shards. Speaking of which I'm working on a server of my own, complete with a custom map and everything from the equipment to monsters is being redone. Its basically what Age of Shadows should have been. No artifacts, no abusing magic items, gold will be more limited than before, no legendary skills, guards that can actually be killed, plus many more. I've been working for around 2 years now and I still have a lot to work on. Basically I just work on it on my spare time so things are rather slow for the time being.
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Been a long time since you played UO?? Unsure about how to start playing again?? Don't worry, its easier then you may think. Go and follow the simple instructions on downloading the UO client, Razor and/or UOSteam, then setting up your account(s) and making your characters on Zenvera!

If you run into any problems, or can't figure something out then go make a name, and come into the IRC channel to talk directly to players and staff that can assist you with it. 

We hope to see you soon on Zenvera!
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Increadibly gorgeous map!!!
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This is really quite something. I love that you've included these subtle touches to indicate it's ancient age. In particular the tones you've used to indicate a fading of the ink over time as well as the crosshatching from a woodcut or other printing method. It all ties together very nicely.
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I recently got Ultima VII running on my mac using Exult so have been taking a serious trip down memory lane. I love your take on the map, nicely done :D
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I quite like this. It reminds me of Tolkien's map of Middle Earth. Love it
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The translations of the banners under the three small images of the cursor, the knight and the money are:

Wis Quas Lor: Knowledge of light

Sanct Ex Mani: Protector of freedom and life

Rel Sanct: Great wealth

And the translation of the big banner on top is:

Vas Uus Sanct: Creator of great protection
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I love the lettering! It's so curly.
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Great map! Congratulations for being featured!
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this map is cool
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Thanks everyone for the favs!!!! YOU rule actually!
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OMG I LOVE THIS GAME!! I used to play it WAY back in the day.
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Why is called Britannia?
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Because Lord British, the reigning monarch, is an egotistical monster.
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Because they just took the Roman name for Britain and tacked it onto their world (that is in no way a bad thing).
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It's my pet peeve. I like original names.
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Why is it a peeve? I love to use real-world names, especially obscure, ancient names. Lends a sort of depth to a fantasy world you wouldn't get by making up names, unless you go all Tolkien and make up a whole language.
talknight2's avatar
I don't like it when names from our world are used in fantasy because it just doesn't feel believable. Why would people and places in a different world have names that have meanings in languages of our own world? That's why, as a matter of fact, for my own world I am going all Tolkien and inventing a whole bunch of languages so I can make names and mysterious foreign inscriptions...
SuperCJ's avatar
I mean really old names. Not obvious names. I'm not going to call a place "Germany" or something, I'm going to call it something that sounds german but still has some sort of meaning. Like I have an area that is mostly plains and small forests the I call "Ostenmark". "Osten" is german for eastern (maybe? I think so, but I'll have to check) or east or something, and "mark" is a word that means "plain" or "land" in Scandinavian languages (or something along those lines). I kinda rely on Google Translate, which is not the best translator. This name is used by other peoples, mostly not the inhabitants, so there are other names.
And when you use names that have some sort of meaning in our world, it gives a sense of familiarity to a fantasy world. That's why I dislike some worlds, because everything is too foreign and, well, fantastical. So you're languages should sound just a little like something you'd actually find if you want it to seem ealistic and believable.
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Well yeah, I guess. I suppose Tolkien's use of Old Norse for Dale and Old English for Rohan is compatible with what you're talking about.
However "Britannia" is no more obscure than "Germany"...
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I know that. Britannia is fairly obvious, and Germany was just my example of something that would be blatantly ripped off. And yes, Tolkien's use of languages like that what I'm talking about, taking words from languages no one speaks any more but would still seem like it belongs to that race/area/person/whatever. Tolkien even used Old High German for his orcs. He just changed "ork" to "orc". "Ork" being the equivalent of "ogre" or something like that.
And I don't use "Britannia" in my world, either. I use pretty much the oldest names for a region I can find. Like the people in certain regions have the latinized names of Gallic and Celtic peoples that I change a little, adding a little to the end of the name or the beginning.
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That's a real loaded question, man. There's a long amount of back story pertaining to the main Ultima series (1-7), but the generalized answer is because the ruler is named Lord British and it's named after him/.
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