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Juda's Kiss



Forgot to mention what Juda's Kiss was, (aka Kiss of Judas), but it's a biblical thing...
"Judas kiss may refer to "an act appearing to be an act of friendship, which is in fact harmful to the recipient" -Wikipedia
Judas' betrayal is kind of similar to what I was trying to represent in Darcy's story. I just remembered this old bible story as I was first sketching this and I realized that it was kind of similar do Darcy's 'betrayal..' (Not giving too much of his story away lmao).

A redraw of… (I guess?) that I did about a year ago. I'm proud of how this turned out, though I rushed to finish it and my SAI refused to cooperate and crashed a few times :')
I was going to do Damien in it again, but I don;t have any art of darcy and I wanted to give a little hint at his back story? I'm not gona go into too much detail on it because I'm planning on eventually making a comic. Let's just say Darcy isn't as good of a guy as you think (he's not intentionally bad though). His story's kinda sad tbh. :'(

Well this was my warm up I've been working on for the past few days, i'm off to do commissions.

(Also, really loving darcy's new look, I've had him for over a year and never got the chance to draw him...)

Time: 6 hours??
Character and art @ Me
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OOOOH I MISSED YOUR ART SO MUCH!!! this is such a crazy improvement too oh my gosh!!! the atmosphere and the MOOD!!!! oh man!!! it's so powerful!!!!!!!