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I have just moved about two weeks ago, and I am still fixed on unpacking. (Or at least getting it set up...) My first day of my new job didnt go so well, therefore I had to quit. Now I am looking for new places to apply to for employment.


I had tried drawing new things lately, and thankfully I have. I shall do my best to catch up and get back into posting art here as soon as I can. 
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And the week had just barely started.

I am so sorry for not catching up like I’d like to. Work can be a pain in the ass but thats what it is.

Anybody like to Roleplay some Trollhunters? :)
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I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy holiday, and I hope your days are bright for the remainder of the year!
Send a raven if interested. 🐦🕊

Plots and rules will be discussed.
~Send a Raven~ (Notes)
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I am ready to start again.
I will show examples of my work if you are interested. 
(Note me if you decide that you want a commission. :) )

If you are curious about the prices, they are right here:

And as to what limits I have, or my “Do’s” and “Do not’s”, I will list a few.

I will do: 
:bulletblue: Original characters
:bulletblue: Violence, gore (Even death)
:bulletblue: Romance, love
:bulletblue: NSFW content

I will not do:
:bulletred: Vore, feet fetishes
:bulletred: Incest/pedophilia
:bulletred: Hatred toward race, religion, color, etc.
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Anyone up for it? If you are, note me!
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Who’s going to Kumoricon this year?

It’s next month, October 27th-29th

I am hyped and ready!

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It's a call to all artists...


Starcall is my ongoing request project. I wanted it to be more than just open requests. I wanted it to have a name, to feel real, to feel tangible. I want it to be a project that I can extend to the rest of the artists here in hopes to bring more attention and life to our generous community. With the unbelievable success of Junequest, and the loads of amazing creative and inspiring requests that I received, I'm on a mission to just keep on giving. 

You heard right; requests aren't ending.


On that note, I want to continue to encourage the act of giving. I hope by fulfilling your requests that you choose to also create, give, and inspire others! Please use the comments below to mingle with other artists; start your own trades, or offer your own requests!


• Do not submit your request in the comments on this journal. It will be ignored unless you fill out the proper form.

• I have received many requests! Please practice patience if you are interested in receiving a request done by me.

• Please do not submit the same request more than once. It will not help your chances.

• Please do not beg or constantly ask me about your request. All updates are posted on twitter.

• Be active and friendly on DA. Inactive users who submit requests will not be considered.

• Requests are suggestions, not demands. I will choose characters that I enjoy or inspire me. If you wish for a guarantee that your project is chosen, please consider commissioning me. Otherwise, your project getting chosen is left up to chance.

• You are allowed to make a request regardless of whether or not you support my patreon.


Share this journal in a status update or a journal of your own!
Then, submit your requests here.


Freljord Ashe - JUNEQUEST giveaway by sylessae  Jinx Fanart by sylessae  Lainnir OC Request by sylessae  Sora OC Request by sylessae  D.Va Fanart Request by sylessae  Tamara OC Request by sylessae  Lyric OC Request by sylessae  Viamie by sylessae 


This amazing group has chosen to support me on patreon to allow the time it takes to create these requests!

:iconminasweetie: :iconpanartias: :iconbastbanks: :icondarkfelicia: :iconmaxie-bunny: :iconr-tillirey: :icontrunkmonkey96: :iconhollowgo: :iconthebearcat: :iconmarleysmith: :iconaltessia: :icondragonarya7: :iconkokoro-hane: :iconriazaia: :iconswampything: :icontimarshdi: :iconxynnic: :iconsilentfox9200: :iconthelegacyofk41z3r: :iconclaustrophobya-org:


Are you the only artist working on this project?
I am the creator of Starcall, and the completed projects you see here are all done by me. However, if you go on to read the comments you will find other like-minded artists who may also be offering requests! Please give them some love as well!

How do I submit my request?
If you have read this far, chances are you should already know. If you still do not know how, please reread the journal! Those who do not follow the rules cannot be considered.

Are Starcall requests free?
These requests cost no money at all. There is no obligation to do anything beyond sharing this journal if you are interested in receiving your character in my style.

I don't have any money to support patreon.
That's fine! You are not required to be a patron in order to get your request fulfilled. I want to make sure quality art is available to everyone.
However, patrons have a separate request bin that is prioritized!

How do I know you received my request? I have never submitted requests this way.
My method of taking requests might seem a little odd, but using google forms is a great way for me to keep track of everyone's project. If you clicked submit, then your request absolutely went through. I read each and every one of them; your awesome characters and kind words never go unnoticed. You can rest easy knowing your project is on my list.

When will I know if you chose/finished my request?
If you're curious about which request is next, or would like to guess at the next WIP, please follow my twitter! If your request is chosen, it will be posted here on DA (along with my other social media) and you will be tagged to notify you. I will never claim the characters as my own.

Can I submit more than one request?
Yes, but please keep others in mind - you are not the only person submitting. If someone is excessively submitting requests, I will delete their entries entirely. Just because you've submit more requests than everyone else does not mean I will choose yours. In fact, I likely won't if you're greedy. Decide carefully before submitting.

How can I help make Starcall more successful?
There are a number of things you can do! I'm honored you want to help. First and foremost, you can help spread the word! Open requests of your own, encourage the amazing act of giving, and spread more love in the art community! Sharing this journal with a friend can be just as powerful as anything else in keeping the project live!
You can directly aid the production of my request projects by supporting me via patreon! Here the community offers me a donation to allow me to make this project possible. 
For those who are unable to make a financial commitment, I take single donations here. No matter your method of support, all is appreciated.

I want to share your artwork of my character on my DA page or other social media. Is that okay?
That is absolutely fine. If you repost, I ask that you give credit where it is due. Please add this to your description of the uploaded image:
Artist: Sylessae :iconsylessae:
This artwork was created for Request Project: Starcall!
Patreon link:



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Transformers (Bay-verse ones)


Wolf Among Us
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I have been on a huge-ass hiatus as of late because of work, and due to the fact that I will be moving back to Oregon in three weeks, I have gotten a lot on my plate.
(Even on my days OFF, I've had the lack of motivation or inspiration to draw.)
Its irritating, really it is. :(

But! On a lighter side of things, I'm planning to do some RP's.

Fandom of choice:

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Walking Dead (I still need to catch up... ^^;  I haven't even watched the end of Season 5 yet. Not even halfway there.)

Pirates of the Caribbean (any of the series leading up to the new one WHICH I LOVED BTW :love: )
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I am already getting hyped for the upcoming Wreck-it Ralph 2 in March 9th, 2018. And my little sister wanted to watch Wreck it Ralph again, also I fixed a few things on my oc, plus design which should come out soon.
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I am so sorry for not updating as much as I'd like to, I've just been so busy with work lately and it's been making me exhausted. Also, I gotta make a birthday drawing for my little sister's cake before the week ends because her party is on Sunday (Day before her actual birthday). The little stinkbrain is growing up so fast... ;(

As for RP responses, I still have to reply to:

:bulletblue: :iconjazzlednightmare16:

:bulletblue: :iconlunariaanddivinesol:

I hope all of you will have patience with me, I am sore all over. Also, when I get the chance after my sister's birthday drawing, I will be going into commissions again soon.

If anyone is interested, do let me know through notes.

Love all of ya! :love:
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Anyone wanna RP Moana (If anyone's seen it?)
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If anyone's interested, they can view the site if you'd like.
(The username's NoxidamXV)
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And I apologize for not being active lately, I've been busy with work and I haven't been able to post art as much. But I promise that I will get to more art as soon as I can. 

As for RP's it may take some time for me to respond to them as well because I may have gone off course. ^^; I hope this new year will be better than the last.

(I'm assuming I'm cursed for the year because I served a lady who wore an "Make America Great Again" And I CRINGED on the inside. I'm cursed.)
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Please do not give me a CORE membership. Don't need it. :)
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But That wont stop me from celebrating my birthday after work. ^^; It'll be fine. Thank god im off Christmas. :D
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Hope yall are excited for the holidays! I am~
And to help get the family christmas gifts, I'd like to start up commissions again.

So if anyone's interested,
Here are the prices!

Commission Prices! by NoxidamXV

They end on December 30th.
I can take up to 5 slots at a time.

1.) OPEN

2.) OPEN

3.) OPEN

4.) OPEN

5.) OPEN

(So if y'all have any questions, please ask in the comments below.)
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