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Sonic Boom OC by NoxidamXV Sonic Boom OC by NoxidamXV
Name: Evan Phailam (Eileen)
Theme: (Fuck yeah, P!ATD)
Meaning: "Death Vial"
Age: 33
Friends: Orbot and Cubot
Sexuality: Transgender
Hobby: Singing herself to sleep with a lullaby her mother sang to her as a child. Mechanics. 
Resident: Grand Metropolis 
Job: Worked at the Power Plant but then stowed (mistakenly stowed away) on Dr Eggman's ship and into his fortress as a mechanic.
Voice: Jennifer Lawrence (as woman) Liam Hemsworth (as man)

Bio: As a young child, Eileen had always hung out with her girl friends and evidently, she had a crush on one of them. This friendship had been going on for several years and before she told her, she came out to her parents, claiming her feelings for her. Her mother felt happy for her, but her father, being over-abusively religious, was against it and told her she couldn't see her anymore. Eileen was appalled by the response but she would often sneak away to see her girlfriend. But one night she got caught trying to sneak off and she was beaten for it. Too many times, the pain would come rushing back. She couldn't take the pressure of her father and packed her things and moved away to Grand Metropolis. She kept in contact with her girlfriend and told her she was going to change. She cut her hair, she wore boyish clothes and lived like a boy. So anyone who she met, they only recognized her as a man. Then she got a job at the Power Plant. It was hard but she got through it. At least she got to work with people who understood. A few years later, during work, Eileen's girlfriend texted her and told her that she was engaged. This shocked her and struck her like a brick to the head. When she was given the shift to drop off materials to the company's loading dock, what she didn't know was that she stowed away by mistake into an Egg Fleet Ship. After the door shut, Eileen knew she couldn't run away from this one. So she wandered around the ship and looked at its machinery, and what Eileen didn't know was that she was being watched. She picked up a spherical robot and tried to see how it turned on, until the machine giggled and sprang to life, along with its cubic counterpart. They introduced themselves as Orbot and Cubot. When the two bots were called up to the main deck, they insisted he (they assumed she was a man) come along with them.
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