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Roxy's Offspring by NoxidamXV Roxy's Offspring by NoxidamXV
Yeaaaaah, I get bored last night and it took me half of last night and this morning just to finish the squirrel.

Yes, these two are new OC's of mine. Preferably offspring of Roxy Squirrel and Raccoon. I will explain about Raccoon's full name in a minute, but first.

Name: Bella Raccoon
Age: 15
Alias: Raccoon
Occupation: Thief of Liberty Park
Skills: Intelligence, strength and stealth
Affiliations: Raccoon (father), Roxy (mother), Emma (younger sister), Mole (Uncle), Cardinal (Pet and watch-bird)
Personality: Acts like a tomboy but she is kind to the animals and her family. Quirky, sneaky, obedient and compassionate.
Hobby: Playing pranks on Mole for laughs, often hangs with Jimmy and Johnny.
Crush/Boyfriend/Mate: Johnny
Friends: Emma, Mole, Cardinal, Jimmy, Johnny, Andie, Buddy, Jamie
Face claim: Raccoon (genetic)
Voice Actress: Michelle St. John (A.k.a, Nakoma from Pocahontas)

Name: Emma Squirrel
Age: 13
Alias: Squirrel with a mix of Raccoon
Occupation: Collector for Liberty Park
Skills: Climbing, helping others in need, hiding, intelligence, caretaker
Affiliations: Bella (sister), Roxy (mother), Raccoon (father), Mole (Uncle), Cardinal (Pet)
Personality: Shy, sweet, innocent, clumsy, obedient
Hobby: Eavesdropping, gets scared easily
Crush/Boyfriend/Mate: Jimmy
Friends: Bella, Mole, Cardinal, Buddy, Jimmy, Johnny, Andie, Precious, Jamie
Face Claim: Roxy (genetic)
Voice Actress: Marian Elizabeth Spencer (A.k.a, Anju Maaka from Chibi Vampire)

(Okay now you might be wondering, "why hasn't she told us about Raccoon's name yet?" Well I'm getting to that now!

So I was surfing the web under villains and stuff and I came across Villains Wiki and found Raccoon. And to my surprise, his full name is "Norvirus Raccoon". XD and I died knowing the fact that everyone else had their own names and Raccoon's first name wasn't been MENTIONED in the movie.)
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