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Kung Fu Panda oc: Padma Su by NoxidamXV Kung Fu Panda oc: Padma Su by NoxidamXV
(Yes I made another KFP oc, but this is from the first movie.)

Name: Padma Su
Age: 36
Height: 6'1"
Species: Black Panther
Voice: Ming-Na Wen
Occupation: Trainee (formerly), Master of Kung Fu, Panther style.
Personality: Determined, kind, serious, playful at times, keen, beautiful, skilled, cautious

Bio: In a village neighboring the Valley of Peace, it mostly consisted of Panthers. Which was rare, because there are hardly any panthers in China. As a young cub, Padma had a complicated childhood. Although farming was something she enjoyed, she realized that she wanted to learn the arts of Kung Fu. Although there were a few complications, such as tradition in the village. And as tradition goes, she was suppose to become a bride when she was a late teenager. But, to her ignorance, she left her home village at the age of 16 and traveled far and wide, learning the different styles of Kung Fu along the way.
Though along her journey, she had heard that there was a Valley on the other side of the mountains that had a proper training facility. Therefore, Padma had traveled to the Valley of Peace, asking people about a place to learn Kung Fu. But, too exhausted to continue, she had stopped at a noodle shop to rest and eat. That was when she had met a young little Panda who helped serve as a waiter with his father, Mr Ping, the goose. The child explained to Padma that his dream was to learn Kung Fu at the Jade Palace and be a master. Amused at his passion, she promised him that one day, once she mastered it, she could teach it to him. Feeling grateful, he also explained where the Jade Palace was, which was at the top of the village on a hill. He dreaded the sight of the height of the stairs. Chuckling, she thanked them for the meal, she left the noodle shop and immediately saw a building, the mountain it rested on gracing it's magnificence. When the Panther took sight of it, she saw the flight of stairs as well, understanding what the child had meant. So, she walked up those stairs and stood at the doors of the Jade Palace. Feeling rather odd mixture of confidence and hesitation, she knocked on the great doors, and was greeted by a goose, Zheng. She told the goose that she came to learn Kung Fu, and he gladly took her in, telling her that he'll talk to Master Shifu about meeting her. So she was told to wait in the yard while she waited. Padma agreed to wait while she took a look around. When she looked inside the training room, she saw someone already training. Though, it was too late to leave because he saw her. And Padma, respectful when it comes to meeting people, had apologized for interrupting. The trainer didn't mind, as long as she wasn't distracting him. Soon after, Zheng walks in with Master Shifu and she speaks with them about training at the Jade Palace. Taking this into thought, Shifu had agreed and let her stay and train alongside the other student, Tai Lung.
Throughout the three years of training, Padma and Tai Lung had gained respect for each other. Even though he was a bit more of a pro at Kung fu, he admired her persistence. And even though she couldn't possibly think that way, she had started to develop a crush on him. But she had not known of his ambitions. On the day Master Oogway had told Shifu that Tai Lung was not fit to know the secrets the Dragon Scroll, the student was outraged and laid waste to the valley and tried to take the scroll by force. But Oogway had to stop him and he became unconscious. After that day, Tai Lung was sent to Chor Gom Prison in the mountains far from the Valley of Peace. Though disappointed, Padma had continued her training and fought alongside the Furious Five for 20 years. She grew more determined that she had mastered Kung Fu and became a Master. The day had finally come for Master Oogway to choose the Dragon Warrior, everyone was sure that Tigress would be chosen until a panda fell from the sky and was chosen as the Dragon Warrior, which everyone except Padma thought was an accident. But when she saw him, she recognized him as the little panda from the noodle shop. The Five wasn't use to a newcomer with no training, and they weren't going to go easy on him. But Padma, remembering her promise from all those years ago, had decided to help him train. Even though he had no experience whatsoever. Once they've heard that Tai Lung had escaped from Chor Gom Prison and was on his way, Po had attempted to leave but Shifu stopped him, but Po asked him even if it takes Tai Lung forever to get to the valley, how could he possibly turn Po into the Dragon Warrior. Shifu admitted that he doesn't know. Hearing this, Tigress had left with the Five and left the valley that night to stop Tai Lung before he could reach the valley. While they were gone, Shifu and Padma helped train Po and learn that he had his own way of training to fight-through food. When they returned to the Jade Palace, the Five returned, unable to move from Tai Lung's "Nerve Attack", one of the ways to make the body paralyzed. Then when Po was granted the secret of the Dragon Scroll, they all received the shock that the scroll was blank. Confused, they all had begun to lose hope. Until Shifu told them to evacuate the valley while he stayed behind to fight Tai Lung. Worried for their Master, they all agreed to help get the villagers out of the valley. But when Tai Lung confronted Shifu, Po went back to protect him. After defeating Tai Lung, the villagers returned and celebrated. Before returning, Padma had found him, badly injured and unconscious. Concerned and a little angry with him, she took him to a cave and kept him there for a while for him to recover. Before she could return to the Jade Palace, she'd also promised to visit after sundown.

Art © NoxidamXV
Kung Fu Panda © Dreamworks Animation
grievousvsdarkahsoka Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I love this character!

very well developed
NoxidamXV Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you.
grievousvsdarkahsoka Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016  Student Digital Artist
you're welcome!
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