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“C’mon, Trust! you promised we would spend the day together!” Bing Bong said happily as he ran over to the pink emotion who was gathering up some things into the imaginary bag. “Alright, Bing Bong, I just need a few more things.” Trust said as she finished packing up the bag and slung it over her shoulder. “I don't want to be under-prepared.” “What could ya possibly be under-prepared for? It’s Imagination Land!” Bing Bong said with a proud laugh. Trust turned to him with a smirk and shook her head. “You were the one who taught me to be ready for anything.” Bing Bong smiled and hugged her gently. “It’s so good to be back, Trust.” Trust hugged back, sighing happily “it’s great to have you back, Bing Bong.” The two were best friends since the beginning, but when Riley forgot about Bing Bong, Trust had lost the closest friend she ever had in her life. So when trust found a way to remind Riley about Bing Bong she had never felt more happy in her life. They spent everyday together since. She knew that Riley would eventually forget him sometime soon, so she needed to make the most of the time she had with him. “Let's go, Bing Bong” she gently took his hand and they wandered through Imagination Land, ready to have some fun. They wandered through the different attractions, from the French Fry Forest, to the House of Cards, and even to Cloud town. They enjoyed going to Cloud Town because the clouds were always so soft and comforting. They would visit the place every opportunity they had, which that wonderful for them. The residents, on the other hand, were not very thrilled with this fact. The two were clumsy with the soft clouds and always destroyed something on accident. Today was no exception. Soon after they entered the city, Bing Bong accidentally tripped over his own foot and was ready to land face-first into a building. With the help of Trust, he managed to retain his balance, but in an attempt to act cool and brush off the mistake he leaned his weight against the building and caused a chunk of the building’s corner fall off. Two cloud people saw what had happened to their home and scolded him. “Hey! What do you think you're doing?!” “You’re gonna pay for that, Bing Bong!” He stood there in shock, not knowing what to do in return. Trust thought fast and grabbed the portion of cloud that was knocked off, then hopped onto it. “Let’s go, Bing Bong!” Bing Bong nodded and turned, running as fast as he could, not very agile with his large body, and rather clumsy on the terrain of Cloud City. Trust, not able to run with her small legs, rose the cloud like a vehicle and flew alongside Bing Bong, scared about getting caught. Trust looked back and saw that the cloud people were following them. “Keep running! They’re gaining on us!” Bing Bong felt his hat almost fly off and secured it onto his head with his paw, running as fast as he physically could. “I'm trying, I'm trying!” They went through the city as fast as they could, passing by the cops, who just ignored them since they had little success in arresting them in the past. The two just charged through the streets, heading toward the center of Imagination Land, slowly losing the cloud people behind them.

Once they hit the center, they stopped and Bing Bong had to catch his breath, as did Trust, since she felt so thrilled and scared at the same time that she was almost out of breath. The two eventually recovered, and looked at each other with the most concerned expressions they had, but then slowly both faces cracked a smile. The two went from sheer terror, to genuine concern, to pure exuberance in a matter of seconds. The two laughed happily as they fell to the ground, feeling a great rush after all of that excitement. It was the most fun they’ve had in days and they admitted it. Then eventually, Trust got back to her feet and sat on the cloud. “That was great, Bing Bong. Now what should we do?” The imaginary friend stood up and thought. “What day is it today?” Trust thought and then gasped “Halloween.” Bing Bong gasped as well “We should throw a party with the emotions!” The two cheered at the idea and Trust began to think. “It should be a costume party! We can have zombies, and vampires…” “And mummies and ghosts…!” “And skeletons and werewolves!” Bing Bong hoped a little and clapped his paws in joy. “We’ll have so much fun! It’ll be great!” Trust chuckled slightly “Fear wouldn't enjoy it very much, though.” Bing Bong scratched his head gently “Yeah, the poor emotion’s afraid of his own shadow sometimes… Hey, what’s that behind you, Trust?” Trust turned around and was face-to-face with a Zombie “what’s that doing there?!” She asked in surprise and she backed up into something. She turned around and saw a vampire. “Uh-oh, I think we did something wrong.” Trust turned to see Bing Bong suddenly was being approached by a mummy and a ghost. Bing Bong looked around in terror “It’s Imagination Land Town Center! Everything we thought of comes to life here!” He ran away and picked up Trust and the cloud, and turned to see that the four monsters, followed by a skeleton and a werewolf. All of these monsters that came into existence from nothing began to growl and glare at the two, as they backed Bing Bong and Trust toward a wall. Trust looked around and then looked into her imaginary bag. “C’mon, we need something in here.” The monsters were getting closer as she searched through the bag. “T-Trust…! You might want to hurry up!” Bing bong said nervously as they approached. Trust searched through the bag, sticking her arm in to grab something. She then grabbed something and her eyes widened. “... Who’s your pal who likes to play?” Bing Bong gasped and hopped a little “Bing Bong, Bing Bong!” She pulled out Bing Bong’s rocket and they suddenly flew up and over the monsters, managing their way to the other side of them. The rocket, unfortunately, ran out of song power, and they hit the ground immediately, but they were now able to escape. “C’mon, Bing Bong! I know where we can lose them!” Bing Bong thought for a moment. “You mean-?” “Yes.” Bing Bong looked at her with a slight fear in her eyes. “The last time I was there, a finale clown almost made me into a pancake!” “It’s the best place to hide them!” “Oh, alright Trust! If you say so!” The two ran across the land, with the monsters trailing behind them. They dashed through Cloud Town, the French Fry Forest, and accidentally crashed through the House of Cards. They eventually managed their way through the Dream Theater, which thankfully wasn't operating because Riley was not asleep at the time, and they proceeded down a long flight of stairs, managing their way to the subconscious. This was the place where Riley’s fears resided and this was where the monsters would be best imprisoned. They got to the doors and pushed them open, making their way inside. The monsters followed behind them, and got lost almost instantly in the darkness. Bing Bong and Trust were not far into the subconscious, though, because they were hiding behind the doors. Once the last of the monsters managed their way through, then got out and slammed the doors behind them.

They leaned against the doors and both were breathing heavily again, this time out of complete fear. But again, they took one look at each other and laughed the entire event off. They enjoyed the thrill and always found it was entertaining to survive it all. “Trust, let’s just throw one of those mask-party-things instead.” “A masquerade?” “Yeah, one of those. I don't think I want to see another skeleton or vampire again for a while. They both laughed and decided to make the arrangements for the party. They managed their way back to Imagination Land and began to set up the center of the town for the party. They sent an invite to Headquarters, and all of the emotions decided to accept the invite… All except Fear, who decided to chicken out. He was put in charge of Riley while she trick-or-treated, so it was neither too bad a job for him nor was it strange for have her act scared, since it was Halloween. The other emotions quickly managed to get their masks and costumes on and began to prepare for the party. Sadness and Joy decided to wear theater masks, Joy wore the Drama Mask and Sadness wore the Comedy Mask. They thought it was a great reversal and wanted to entertain themselves with it. Anger wore a phantom mask, which covered half of his face, and disgust wore a plague doctor mask, claiming that they found these masks suited them well.

They left Fear at headquarters once Riley began Trick-or-Treating and they boarded the train of thought for Imagination Land. When they got to their destination they walked to the town center to find Bing Bong with a devil mask and Trust with an anonymous mask. When they approached the two, Bing Bong and Trust lifted their masks and waved to the gang. “Hey everyone!” Bing Bong said with a grin that covered his face. Trust laughed as she saw the masks that the emotions were wearing. “Wonderful masks, guys! So Fear didn't want to come?” Joy shrugged, “He doesn't like Halloween parties, he IS Fear, after all.” Bing Bong laughed a little, “That's too bad. But we can't change what he doesn't like. Come on, join the party!” They turned and both simultaneously flourished their capes like cartoon characters and guided the emotions to the party, where numerous figments were wearing similar style masks and were dancing together. This party was almost like a ball, but still had the upbeat feelings of any other party. Sadness tried to make her way to the nearest wall to be another wall flower, but Joy quickly grabbed her hand and dragged her to the dance floor. “C’mon, Sadness! Let’s dance!” “Oh, alright Joy…” The two spun around each other and joined the crowd. Anger and Disgust observed the audience, and eventually decided to join as well. They danced together, not really communicating much, but still enjoying the festivities. Trust and Bing Bong watched with a laugh as they were proud of the party that was going on. “This was a great idea, Bing Bong, everyone is having so much fun!” Bing Bong extended his paw and smiled through his devil mask. “May I have this dance, stranger?” “Why, yes, you may, you trouble maker.” The two laughed and spun around, dancing with the music. Sometimes the songs were slow and fun to dance formally to, other times they were upbeat and just let everyone have fun, but in the end, everyone was tired and crashed on the floor of Imagination Land Town Center.

Soon after everyone had crashed, a tall figure in a dark cloak with a white mask appeared in the distance. Joy was the first to notice, followed by Sadness. “Who is that? I thought everyone was here.” The figure slowly stepped forward and soon the other emotions were starting to notice it. Anger looked at the figure and then to Disgust. “I don't think he was on the guest list!” Trust and Bing Bong watched and looked at each other, simultaneously questioning each other. “Didn't you say they are all locked up?!” “I didn't say that! Did we miss one?!” The figure finally managed it's way to the center of the party and drew a knife from its cloak. It held up the knife over the five emotions and Bing Bong. Joy and Sadness hugged each other tightly, Fear spread his arms in front of Disgust, and Bing Bong backed up, keeping Trust behind him. The emotions and imaginary friend all looked at the ghostface mask and felt terrified. Suddenly a hand whipped out of the cloak and tore off the mask to reveal Fear! “HA! I scared you all, didn't I?!” The emotions all were relieved to find out it was only Fear, and so was Bing Bong. Anger, however, was not very relieved. He stood up and walked up to Fear, grabbing him by the neck. “YOU IDIOT! YOU SCARED ME HALF TO DEATH! WHAT KIND OF MOVE WAS THAT?!” Fear screamed in shock as his head was thrashed around. “I-IT W-WAS J-JUST A-A J-JOKE!!!” Joy and Trust ran forward and pried off the red emotion, who was so angry his head was starting to catch fire. Fear finally got himself together and chuckled. “I might be the emotion of fear, but I'm also the king of scares-” as he said that, he looked at the mask he was wearing and shrieked in horror as he threw it away. Joy laughed and got up, “Well done, Fear! You really did get us all! I'm proud of you!” She then pouted a little. “But you were in charge of Riley when she we Trick-or-Treating!” Fear held up his hands, worried about what angry Joy would be like. “Woah, Joy, it’s okay! Riley finished not too long ago and passed out in her parents’ car. They’re on their way home now!” Joy smiled and sighed. “What a relief.” The emotions all gathered up their costumes and put them back on, looking at Bing Bong. Joy spoke for them, still wearing her Drama Mask. “Thanks for the amazing party, Bing Bong! But we should get back to headquarters for some sleep.” Sadness looked up at Joy with her Comedy Mask on her face. “But Joy… The Train Of Thought doesn't run when Riley is asleep…” Bing Bong gasped and reached into Trust’s bag, “Don’t worry! I know how to get you guys back!” The emotions didn't understand, until they found themselves singing for their lives as they rode in Bing Bong’s rocket over the abyss. They found it thrilling the first time, but now it was just becoming terrifying for them, with each passing flight getting more and more bumpy. The only ones who will found it fun were Trust and Bing Bong, knowing that it was just how the rocket worked.

Riley laid there passed out in the car, not waking up when it stopped at their house. Her parents gently picked her up and carried her to bed, letting her sleep. She gently clenched her bucket of candy as she was being carried, and began to dream about the fun she had this Halloween. Everything was slightly more scary to her than usual this year, but she still found thrill in it. She was tucked into her bed, her bucket of candy on her night stand. She rolled slightly in her sleep and clenched a pillow she secretly imagined was Bing Bong and she stayed asleep all night long.
A Halloween special

Image © NoxidamXV
Fanfiction © :iconjamesofhoenn:
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