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Guardians of The Galaxy OC: Charlotte Obfonteri by NoxidamXV Guardians of The Galaxy OC: Charlotte Obfonteri by NoxidamXV
Name: Charlotte Obfonteri
Age: 29
Year of Birth: 1988
Height: 5'6"
Species: Half Xandarian/Half Centaurian
Occupation: Thief
Alias: Charlie, Freak, Half-Breed, Char-Char Binx (Bad nickname, I know. She gets annoyed with it whenever Peter called her that.), Charlotte's Web
Friends: Groot, Rocket, Peter Quill (Brother-figure), Gamora, Drax, Yondu Udonta (Father figure), Kraglin Obfonteri (Legal guardian)
Hobbies: Messing with machines, messing with people for fun, drinking (With high tolerence), picking pockets.

Bio: In the year 1987, a concert was being held on Xandar, which rarely happens, but there was a traveling music band. The concert played one night at the city center and the lead singer, Waylon Gyre, an ex-Kree slave, met a girl there who he gave a backstage pass to. He liked her, she liked him, they dated for a while. Thats why he gave her the backstage pass. (They knew each other for about a couple months before the concert.) Later after the concert, the girl, Kalexia, went to visit him. He was informed beforehand that he was able to pick up a gig across the quadrant. She was a little upset since she couldn't go with him, but he said that he could come back once he was done. Before she left, she felt nauseous and had to rush out, while Wade had to go back to the stage to help the band pack up, and when he and the band were about to leave, the two misplaced each other by mistake. Wade got into a seperate ship next to their band's bus and he had to hurry, worrying that he wasn't going to be able to catch up. Hours later, Kalexia heard the news that the band's ship was wrecked in a vehicle accident. She was distraught, assuming that Wade mustve been on that ship. It was after the news, she realized that she was carrying his baby.
Little did she know that Wade was still alive, he was in a separate vehicle from his band's and he was just as distraught as she was, because he thought that she was in the band bus. But after some time of some realizing that she wasnt there, he began to search each quadrant of the galaxy to find her, hoping to see her again. Unfortunately, on his journey, he got mixed up with Thanos and Ronan, and was killed.
The months have been crucial without him, but Kalexia strived on. As the time passed like the speed of sound, she gave birth to their daughter, Charlotte. Sadly, her mother had died after giving birth. Fortunately, her mother was the sister of a Ravager, Kraglin Obfonteri. The man was there when she was going into labor, because he wanted to support his sister. After a moment of holding his deceased sister's child in his arms, he swore to take care of her. Kraglin brought her back to the Ravager's ship a week after Kalexia passed away, and told Yondu. Even though Yondu was against the idea at first, he did take Peter Quill in the week before. The child was only eight years old. Kraglin told the captain that he would take care of her, and he promised that she wouldnt get in the way. So Kraglin had raised her as his niece and had the child grown fond of the Ravagers, and eventually Peter as her big brother. Although Kraglin was Charlotte's legal guardian, she looked up to Yondu as a father figure, as he did for Peter, even though he was intimidating to the boy.

Many years later, Charlotte had grown up, getting used to stealing/dealings like a Ravager, almost as if it was in her blood. During that time, she had also gotten in the habit of collecting little knick-knacks for Yondu to put onto his control console on the ship. When Peter and Charlotte were children, they would be small enough to fit through cramped spaces for thieving. Even though she didnt have to, Yondu was thankful, nonetheless. Though he didnt show it.
When word got out that there was an Orb on Morag, Yondu sent Peter to retrieve the Orb and wait for him to get there to pick him up, and he sent Charlotte along to make sure he waits. But she only went to make sure Peter didnt get himself killed through it. Besides, it wasnt that fun without her brother around.

After he eventually betrayed Yondu, he attempted to run off and sell the orb on Xandar, where Charlotte eventually tagged along, hence where they met Gamora the assasin, Groot and Rocket. They were all arrested for causing damage in the square.

Charlotte had stayed with the group even after they all escaped the Kyln prison, and had grown fond of the tacky raccoon's partner-in-crime, Groot. He was the nicest member of the team and they hit it off right away. Even though she understood little of what he said, Rocket had to be his translator.

Much time after Xandar was saved from Ronan, Peter Quill had called himself and the group, the "Guardians of the Galaxy". Charlotte never really considered herself a guardian, but if it meant staying with friend's, that was okay with her. Though she often went to visit the Ravagers to check in, she couldn't stay away for too long. So she stayed with the Guardians.

(Within the timeline of the second movie, SPOILER WARNING)

After the Guardians meet Peter's father, Ego, Charlotte could tell that Peter needed some time with him, so she decided to stay with Rocket, Baby Groot and Nebula, while Peter, Gamora and Drax went with Ego and Mantis to go to his planet. Eventually the Ravagers had tracked down what was left of the Guardians ship which was on Berhert, only to Charlotte, Kraglin's and Yondu's shock, the crew had started a mutiny. Charlotte, Rocket, Yondu and Groot were taken in as prisoners by the mutinous crew. They eventually make their escape with the help of Kraglin and Yondu explains everything. (Why he didnt deliver Peter to Ego like he should've and who Ego really was.)

The whole academic on Ego's planet was horrifying to some, and even painful for Peter when he soon found out that Ego was responsible for his mother's death, Peter saw him for who he really was. The Guardians, even Yondu, helped defeat him. But after Ego was killed by Peter, Yondu saved Peter but at a price. He gave his own life to save the one person he cared for as a son. After Yondu's death, Rocket called the Ravagers and told them of what he did and they gave him a funeral. (Which I cried at :() Then Charlotte had decided to quit being a Ravager, but kept the coat. (Because who doesnt want a badass Ravager's coat?) Charlotte stayed with the Guardian's, traveling all over the Galaxy with her new family.
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