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Cinderella dressed in Baroque-inspired fashion. I do better with the monochromatic color schemes, I think, cuz this is my fave so far. Watercolor mistakes still present but I'm thinking of experimenting with new techniques next time.
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very nice♪(*゚ 3゚)/
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Was never a fan of that fairy tale but god do I adore your Baroque take on Cinderella! Too many fairy tale representations nowadays are too obviously influenced by Disney. This is completely different from Disney's Cinderella while being just as unique and more beautiful. Bravo!
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Aw shucks thank you! I agree Diznee ruins a lot of things lol
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I actually love Disney, and the way it spins fairy tales. I'm just aggravated by how many people don't understand that that's what Disney does, and thinks Disney owns the rights to "Cinderella" and "The Little Mermaid." 
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This is great! 
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Really amazing work, love the composition and how you did her hair and dress!
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This is beautiful! The style reminds me a little of Tim Burton's film, Corpse Bride. Wonderfully painted.
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Oh, my, this is gorgeous! The details are just wonderful! I'm in awe.
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Thank you ^_^ 
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Soooooooooooo gorgeous!!!
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Love this one. You've captured her expression so well
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This is great! Looks like a picture from an old tale :) By the way, I love her dress and how it folds. Beautiful! :aww:
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Thank you dear! I really appreciate it :) If you like old tale stlye- check out Edmund Dulac, he's my hero.
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As you said, I chacked his artworks - they're really amazing, I must say! :)
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At first I thought this was Marie Antoinette! ^_~ She's really pretty -- you did an amazing job on the fine details on her dress. Her arms and hands are also particularly pleasing; their shape is precise and delicate. Love it!!

I can see why this is your favorite -- it's mine, too :D
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aww fanks! ^-^ I appreciate it
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its look like real fairy tale, nice style:]
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