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It’s gorgeous. The depth and dimension are amazing as well as the detail and coloring. Phenomenal work. If you get time please give feedback on some of my work.

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I would also like to thank you for this picture. You have created a dynamic pose here, the leopard jumps with a lot of force from one point to another, you can almost feel this force. The background fits well with the home of the leopard, the African savannah, which is crossed by a river and illuminated by a wonderful sunset. This sunset bathes everything in a beautiful warm light.

WOOOW, simplemente hermoso, te quiero preguntar si puedo utilizar esta imagen para hablar sobre el culto que hacían los habitantes del México antiguo en honor al jaguar, es para un video educativo. De ser la respuesta un "si" dime por favor como te pongo el los créditos. Saludos!

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Hey! I'm glad that you like it but I can't let you use it. It's a drawing for @Teliko-Pardus and only Teliko can use it.

And as @onca-siegmar said - it's not a jaguar but a leopard. (:

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A small note, on the picture is not a jaguar but a leopard. And it shows the character of Teliko-Pardus teliko-pardus

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I rarely draw animals, but when I see pictures like yours I always feel inspired to draw something more natural. Great artwork!

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Superb work😍

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i want it as a pet its so dang cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Thank you very very much once more for this super special and wonderful masterpiece of art. This really means a lot to me and you did such a splendid work on this. I can really see all the effort and heartblood which you have put into this picture. The atmosphere of it is just so super strong and good. I love the way you have played with the most magical and amazing light here and the way you created some great sense of depth with the background as well. This turned out just absolutely brilliant and I love this to pieces.

The anatomy is done just so well too and looks outright perfect. Just such a brilliant and beautiful scenery....

Thank you also to Siegmar for this masterpiece.

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