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Fee for complex designs:
+10 USD for portrait
+15 USD for illustration


I can draw:

Portraits of: canine/feline/horses/fantasy creatures
Illustrations of: canine/feline. If you would like other creature - ask. (:


Terms of Service:



Red eyes - commission by Noxeri  Darkness - commission by Noxeri  Born from Fire - commission by Noxeri

Morning Sun - YCH commission by Noxeri  Running - YCH commission by Noxeri  Time to rest - YCH commission by Noxeri


If you have any question feel free to aks. I'll answer as soon as possible!


©Małgorzata Kwiatkowska - Noxeri Art
All Rights Reserved

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© 2021 Noxeri
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mythicrakshasa's avatar

Could I grab a lineart portrait?<3

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Sure. Send me a note with your character. (:

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The styles I've gotten from you in the past would fall under Semi-realistic, right? :)

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sanspunmaster420's avatar

Can you do dragons ? And if so I’ll get the 110$ option

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If you want an illustration ($120) I'll have to see the character first. If it's not too complex I think I could accept it. (:

sanspunmaster420's avatar

Well my character is a furry but I wanted to make him a dragon form I was going to give you full artistic freedom in what he looks like

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Sounds interesting. Send me please some refs of your character. (:

sanspunmaster420's avatar

What’s your email idk how to send pictures here

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Notification for:









If anyone else would like to be added to the list and getting notifications about open commissions - just let me know by responding to this comment. (:

If you want to be removed also let me know.

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