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“Automated Pokémon Day at Charmant!” Sean advertised whilst holding up a poster depicting many different types of inorganic Pokémon gathering at said pastry shop. “Automated Pokémon Day at Charmant! You may be different, but we still consider you Pokémon just like us! Do drop by Charmant if you want us to know more about you! Other than a free pastry, you can even make new friends!”

The effect that the Chespin’s honest words had on the specific minority spoke for itself as automated Pokémon from Magnemite to Klink gathered around the makeshift booth for directions to the shop via fliers handed to them by Houtarou.

“I think you have a magnet hidden inside you somewhere,” the Luxio quipped, referencing Sean’s inherent ability to be the flame to everyone’s Mothim. Houtarou realized that the Chespin was the outgoing type, but even he did not expect the latter to draw in others so effortlessly. He opined that Sean was not even aware of his own talent, the Grass-type’s sincerity and lack of any apparent manipulative tendencies serving to only bump up his appeal among the masses. And even if the Spiny Nut Pokémon did know, Houtarou predicted that he would not change his routine much and simply carry on putting smiles on others’ faces by just being himself.

Sean giggled at the weird comment. “Nah, I just love making friends,” he pronounced cheerfully, handing out a flier to a Golett. The Chespin peered up at Houtarou from the corner of his eye and smiled. “You can make some too if you actually speak what’s on your mind.”

Houtarou snorted at the slight jab at his predilection to be more talkative in his head than to other Pokemon. “If I do that, I’d attract scores of them for the wrong reason,” he contemplated with a wry smile etched on his face. Even on normal days, he still managed to find the time and moment to snark.

“You’re doing it again,” Sean tittered, paws over his mouth.

Rolling his eyes, Houtarou murmured an “Urusai” and got back to distributing the fliers, answering a few questions with succinct and concise responses on the side.

The crowd of automated Pokémon soon dwindled down to a single Voltorb, rolling back and forth in front of the booth. Houtarou and Sean exchanged odd glances before the latter decided to approach the Ball Pokémon.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Sean addressed the Electric-type worriedly.

Assuming a stationary position, the Voltorb mumbled, “I…dunno how to make friends. I’m just really shy.”

Houtarou noted its lack of a mouth, his expression morphing into one of incredulity. “How the heck is that even possible?” He wisely kept himself from blurting it out, fortunately, and observed Sean’s interaction with it.

“Don’t worry,” the Chespin comforted the Ball Pokemon, plastering his signature grin on his face. “It’s really easy actually. In fact, I’ll show you how.”

The Voltorb’s eyes sparkled, peering at Sean as if the latter was some kind of divine deity. “R-really?”

Sean nodded, giving the Voltorb a thumbs-up. “Yeah,” he confirmed. “One of the most basic ways to make friends is to greet them and ask what do they like to so—” He leaned in closer, his purple set of eyes twinkling with curiosity. “—what do you like to do?”

“I…erm…” It rolled side to side on the spot. “I like to…uh…look at the world upside down.” It then rolled sideways so that the red and white halves of its body switched positions. “It’s…um…a unique perspective.”

A visible twitch spread throughout Houtarou’s brow. “That’s it?” he mentally grumbled, idly noting it down on a questionnaire.

“Wow, that’s so cool!” Sean cheered. “Lemme try!” He promptly pressed his paws to the ground and slowly lifted his feet up. Stumbling a bit, the Chespin slowly balanced himself and blinked before his face broke into a gleeful laugh. “This is fun! Everything looks so different upside down!”

“Yay!” the Voltorb cheered, rolling around in happiness.

The wry smile returning once again, Houtarou simply could not resist adding his two cents. “Stay that way long enough and your face will turn all red just like your Voltorb friend.”

A second later, Sean was nursing a throbbing pain in the back of his head.

Lapis surveyed the whole interior of Charmant which was filled with automated Pokémon. He had heard from Grayson that they were a minority group in Andalusst City, but with most, if not all of them gathered in the pastry shop, the Shiny Noibat felt that that was not truly the case; rather, he thought that no great deal of attention had been focused on them before.

“This is…very surprising,” he commented. “I don’t think I’ve seen this many automated Pokémon before. Even if my memories aren’t back yet, it’s obviously very rare to meet an automated Pokémon in the countryside.”

“Indeed,” Grayson spoke up beside him, taking a small break by playing some chess with a Baltoy employee of his. “Irrespective of what they look on the outside or the inside, they are still Pokémon like you and me.” The Zoroark absently pondered, “Perhaps I should offer that Chespin a part-time job here. I certainly did not expect this many to show up.” Focusing back on the game, he picked up his bishop and moved it diagonally. “Checkmate.”

“Aww, man,” the Baltoy groaned, throwing its ‘arms’ up into the air. “You beat me again, boss. I memorized all the strategies in the book and defeated many opponents…but why can’t get the same result when I duel with you?”

The Zoroark smiled at his employee and advised, “Having many strategies at your disposal is one thing, but having experience is whole ‘nother matter. You only have 6 months’ experience while I have been playing for about 15 years.” He patted the Baltoy on the head. “You’ll only get better with time. You managed to actually push me into a corner this time. Keep practicing, yes?”

“Roger, boss!” it exclaimed, saluting the Zoroark. “I’ll do my best to get experience!”

“Glad to hear.” Grayson then stood up and popped his neck. “Shall we get back to serving these customers?” He glanced towards the entrance, noting that a line had formed.

It concurred with its employer’s suggestion almost immediately as it replaced the Sawk manning the cash register.

Washing and drying his paws, Grayson spared a glance at Lapis. “Wanna help out?”

Lapis blinked and nodded. “Ah, okay.” He fluttered after Grayson into the kitchen.

A lone Golurk sat in the corner of patisserie, idly watching the other patrons of the shop as it atomize the macaroons it ordered and channeled the particles through its yellow ‘eyes’ as they became one with the energy burning inside him. It was content to maintain a low profile until a labcoat-wearing Quilava saw fit to approach him.

“Afternoon,” the Fire-type greeted it with a disarming grin. “If you do not mind, may I ask you a few questions?” He took a seat before the Golurk before it give him a response.

“…I’d rather you not, but I won’t go so far as to object,” it replied.

The Quilava nodded, the grin regressing into a faint smile. “My name is Ryoma Sengoku,” he introduced himself. “I am very interested in the thought process of you automated Pokémon. If you could aid me in my research, I’d very much appreciate it.”

Said automated Pokémon made a droning sound, an equivalent of a shrug.

A chuckle rumbled in Ryoma’s throat as he inquired, “What is it like, having lived for so very long with no end in sight?”

“…It is naught but a lonely existence,” the Golurk answered after a brief pause, “one that can be eased by surrounding oneself in the presence of the many.”

Ryoma gave the Golurk his full attention. “Go on.”

“I made many friends throughout my long life,” it resumed. “I outlived them, of course. I suppose I experienced a semblance of what you organic ones refer to as sadness, but I have learned to temper that emotion by infusing a bit of their life energy into my structure.” It held a hand over its chest. “The energy burning within me is not only my own, but of my friends who have passed on. I keep those memories alive within me, so that they may leave behind a legacy in this world.”

The Quilava simply noted it down, prompting the Golurk to continue.

“I recall a painter.” The Golurk paused for a moment. “He was a wonderful painter. He spent most of his life trying to perfect a masterpiece but sadly, he passed on before he could complete it. Luckily, I had a part of him within me, and I completed it for him. As a result, he was celebrated as one of the most brilliant painters in history.”

“So that’s basically your routine?” Ryoma played with the tip of his pen. “You make friends, and you anchor a part of them to this world?”

“Essentially, yes,” confirmed the automated Pokemon. “You organic folk would call it a hobby, I believe.” It then stood up. “I must leave now.”

Ryoma masked the gleeful smirk threatening to split his face. “Thank you for your time.”

Client: Alexander
Errand Number: #6
Date Issued: 7/18/2014
Date Due: 7/22/2014

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Dude, how'd you guys do this. To write something of this quality for an errand.
Boggles my mind.

And, ohh, I'm liking your characters more and more. I guess you could say they're just so, solid, in a way.
hnnghh, wonder how long it took you to type this out.