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Request for a forum friend. I gave this one my all, and I think (for the most part) it turned out really well.

Action 52 for life!
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Ho damn those are some good woofs :0
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I saw an episode of AVGN, playing this game, as it's said it's the most horrid game ever made. (Due poor gameplay, quality, etc.)
Yet people tend to sell it on ebay, for around 25,000 dollars or something. If not, more.

Yet they dun even look bad. :c
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Yeah, something about the game's infamy and rarity make it very attractive to collectors apparently. I wish I had that kind of disposable income :|

Still, the cheetahmen themselves are pretty rad and 90's. Gotta respect.
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Yeah, People during that time would be totally happy with it. I understand it's rare in that way.
But still, it turns out so expensive..Despite it's 'mass failures'. I never seen a game worth so much later xD
People would just want to have it for honor and nostalgia I suppose~
But I dunno if I'd like to pay at least a 25,000 Dollars for that. x)
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and now... the cheetahmen

Account #2: TheUltraSpriter (on YouTube)
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Performing live in Madison Square Gardens March 2012
get your tickets now
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haha ahhh memories nice work noxid xD
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You bet it turned out well, especially considering that your specialty is pixels. I'm afraid I don't understand it, but I've grown accustomed to that when seeing your artwork. ;)
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Cheetahmen II is widely regarded as the worst game ever created to be sold for actual money. Here's a playthrough of the entire game
The music became wildly popular on the internet and spawned numerous remixes as well.

A case of "So bad it's good"
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Wow, that does seem a bit pathetic... Kinda funny!
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Oh my god!
I haven't played this game sence well for over ten years.
The only game that you could actualy play from that collection of craptastic games.
still love the nostagia bit.
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Yes it turned really well. I was looking around deviant art and saw this and had to take a second look. Great job.
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Thank you! I'm glad I was able to make something good enough to catch your eye :]
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