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Well I draw and sometimes make jokes
occasionally these two activities overlap.

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Cave Story
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Square blocks. Always safe.
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Paint.NET, SAI

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Heya. I miss your work. =X Where do you usually post nowadays?

and happy birthday.
yo happy birthday dude

just sayin you got a great sense of humor and that's really respectable
Hey, bud! Sorry for disappearing off the face of the earth. Life got kind of crazy... I've had a stable home for almost a year now, which is pretty good considering the last few years, so I'm going to try to put roots back down. That means here on DA, too. I miss you and a lot of other guys here!
How have things been? Glad to see you're still around. It's been quite a while since the Marai Gamer Forum days when we first met. What have you been into lately? Where do you lurk on the world wide web these days?
Hey! No worries, I'm just glad to hear you're doin ok now.
The forums are actually still going, against all better judgement. People still makin' mods, and every once in a while one of them isn't entirely bad. I even wrote my own replacement for Cave Editor since Wistil stopped showing up. Although it's not miraigamer anymore, it's just
Other than that, I just kind of hang about here and there. Since I'm out of school a lot of my time is spent working on my startup. I also volunteer coding for weasyl, which is another art site kind of like deviantart, but smaller and more rigorously policed. I got hooked on Twitter too.

How about you?
Oh, I know that is around. I've used it on occasion to re-download the game. It's still one of my favorite freeware games. Brings back memories of working on mods, .org files and the whole community so psyched for the first commercial release on the Wii... then being so sad that it was a flop but still sinking $12 apiece into it anyways just out of loyalty. I'm still a huge fan of it, but not quite so hyped that I'm still part of a social community dedicated exclusively to nothing else. Makes me want to play through it again for the 6th time and do some fan art.
Say, is Cave Editor still generally considered the best mod tool, or has another one trumped it yet? How's yours? I didn't know you made one.
Jeez, it's been so many years since I got into CaveStory back in high school. I remember wishing I could program to mod. Well, now I actually can. Or at least enough to script a bit.

I ended up offline for a while. I didn't really replace DA with anything. But my girlfriend is an artist too and she's pretty popular around here, so I decided to jump back in. That's why we're sharing an account now. We're a couple. =3 Instead of social networking and art, I've been working more on IT projects for personal use. I just bought a PC to use as a server. It hosts a website, Minecraft server, Terraria, TeamSpeak, and a Plex server. It's so, so convenient. That's just my latest. I really should get back to art some. I'm hoping that once I've got some more followers back I'll get my motivation back. I've also got a pretty professional streaming system going, much fancier than my LiveStreams from before. You'll probably see some music come from this account, too. I bought PeaceWolf FLStudio, ans she's really into music and band. She's even going over some of my .org creations and remixing them. They sound so cool!

What's your startup that you're talking about?