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Christ in Majesty (Maiestas Domini)

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I've always been at awe at this particular depiction of Our Lord. All the liturgical artists I admire - both classical and modern alike - have their own take on this ancient representation. So, I guess it's about time that I make one. 

This piece is especially inspired by the Byzantine icon of "Christ Pantocrator" or the ruler of the universe. Literally translated pantokrator means "Almighty" or "all-powerful," derived from one of many names of God in Judaism. In the Western iconographic development, this particular image is called Christ in Majesty, wherein Our Lord is depicted as seated on a throne as the ruler of all.  He is surrounded by an almond-shaped aureola called a mandorla or a vesica, and flanked by the traditional figures of the evangelists - St Matthew (upper left with the figure of a winged man), St John (upper right with the figure of an eagle), St Mark (lower left with the figure of a winged lion), and St Luke (lower right with the figure of a winged ox).

+ Side Note: 

I sketched and inked the background of Our Lord months ago, way before all craziness broke loose with the extended community quarantine to mitigate COVID-19. I finally had the chance to finish this after ages, and honestly quite satisfied with the colors and the result. I'm looking forward to creating more of these given all the time I have now working from home. I hope all of you guys are alright. Keep safe everyone!

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this is popularly known as Christ the King

Feast day: Sunday before Advent

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Wonderful job! God Bless you!
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Thank you brother. Hey, how are you holding up in our crazy quarantined world right now?

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I'm doing OK. I was in the hospital for a month and a half for my lungs, so being home is a treat! I trust you are fairing well during this time?
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Oh my! Yes, my family is doing okay. We've been indoors going 2 months now. I hope you are doing much better now.

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I really like the color scheme you picked out! I'm definitely noticing the Romanesque influences. :D
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Oh my! Thank you!!! I'm a little surprised as well with the final output. It was kind of experimental as it was the first time I made that sort of style and line art. I've always been concerned with my work turning out to be too cartoony ^^;

You are most kind! Your feedback really means a lot :love: :la: :love:

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You're very welcome! :hug:

Haha, that's how I approach most of my own projects as well: experimental. :XD: I should be better at planning out color schemes in the composition but I'm too lazy most of the time. :XD:
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Amazing artwork my friend.
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Thank you very much~!!!
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This is one of your nicest pieces! I love it.
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Thank you very much~!!! 

Is this available in the shop? I can't find it there.
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Hi Riverlamb :D It will be in the future I guess. There are no artprints up for sale as of the moment.
I'm still figuring out my plans for these artworks :D :D :D
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Very beautifully done, and finely detailed.
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