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Khatep the Naive, Shaper of Glass, Chosen of Ptah

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My entry for the Arcane Idol contest:

He is Khatep the Naive, once just a craftsman, creating glass pottery and living a simple and honest live. But then an unigue shard came into his possession, it was a shard of the first glass plate created by Ptah himself. Ptah noticed the man and was surprised by the purity of Khatep. Delighted by such a rare man he gave him a blessing and Khatep heard a sentence in his mind "As long as you create with a pure intent, your oven shall burn bright and the desert itself will aid to your help".
Soon he discovered what it meant and started creating wondrous works of art. Pure as Khatep was, he shared his work with the people and quickly became known in the whole of Egypt. The pharaoh and the priests quickly noticed both the man and his unwillingness to wield such monstrous power other than for creating art. The started calling him "The Naive" but dared not intervene in the divine commandment. Still, to show respect to Ptah, and to be able to protect that newfound treasure of Egypt, they made Khatep a high priest, the chosen of Ptah.
Khatep himself, pure as he was, cared only to share his creations with everyone, just as he believed Ptah wished him to do.

Talisman: The Shard of Ptah
Equipment: His small but everburning Glas Oven
Symbol: The flowing sands Of Egypt, the Everburning Glas Oven, the Everflowing Glass

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CiLiNDr0Hobbyist Digital Artist

Wow! Amazing work! Love it!

I was wondering if you could let me us this image for a non-commercial Android game called "Kingdoms of Myth", it's turn based strategy game based on a fantasy World. You can find a little bit more info in our facebook page…).

Of course you will have full credits of your work and link to your webpage.

Just for clarifying the non-commercial game, we are not going to sell it and of course we don’t plan to make money or advertisement with your picture.

Lot of thanks for your time ;)

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NowioProfessional Digital Artist
Hey thank you, glad that you like it!

About the use of the image in your game, I created the image for the contest and would keep it for that and my own private use only.
So no, you may not use it for your project.

Wish you a good day and luck with your game, cheers!
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CiLiNDr0Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem, thank you very much for the time for answering us!

Thanks and keep on building that great gallery you have created!