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A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: DB Chapter 2
Chapter 2:
New Life

“Emily, could you give me a hand with these garlands?” Vivienne asked, struggling with the awkward task of trying to hang one above the door whilst keeping three more that were hanging from her shoulder from falling to the floor and keeping herself from falling from the small stepladder. The garlards were made from the intertwined branches of the Cyrodilic pine which was favoured for its vibrant green needles and small notched cones. Emily hurried over to her and took the three remaining garlands from her shoulder. The shop was abuzz with activity. Angeline had spent much of the morning baking Battaglir loaves and venison chops and Emily found herself wishing that she too could partake of the coming feast. But, she reminded herself, they had also ordered in several bottles of Evette Sans’ spiced wine and a fine bottle of Colovian brandy.
Emily strung the three remaining garlands along the front of the counter, tying them in place.
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A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: DB Chapter 1
Chapter 1:
The Wolf Queen Awakened

It had been three months since they’d returned from the Soul Cairn with Valerica. She returned to the castle, to her lab and to her research. Serana and Emily returned to Solitude though they were frequent visitors to Castle Volkihar. It would take a long time for the relationship between mother and daughter to mend but it was a start.
Emily had been taken back on as an apprentice at the Alchemists and now with the help of two tutors she was making progress, both in alchemy and spellwork. Serana had taught her a rudimentary invisibility spell and though it was not perfect she could move around with only a shimmer in the air to mark her presence. As Serana had predicted she had little peace as one of Emily’s new favourite pastimes was to sneak up on her wherever she was working and whisper in her ear. This would make the normally unflappable vampiress jump, spilling the contents of whatever potion she happened to be working
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A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: DB Prologue
A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Skyrim: Dragonborn

The rain poured down heavily on the streets of Glastonbury, turning the roads to wide swathes of swift flowing water and the pavement was dotted with large puddles. It bounced off the shale roofs and dripped from the leaves of the beech trees that stood in the town park. The sky was a leaden grey and the streets were empty for all save one. A woman slogged through the downpour; her arms weighted down by large bags of groceries. The rain ran in rivulets down her yellow raincoat and dripped from her sodden hair. It squelched in her boots and she grumbled under her breath as she trudged along the streets, past shops and cafes, drugstores and restaurants. The buildings in this part of town were old, quaint-looking edifices painted in a myriad of colours ranging from deep brick reds to paste blues. All the market stalls had been packed away and all that was left were a few rain sodden crates lying in the alleyways b
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A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Epilogue
Chapter 38:

The days turned to weeks and in turn those weeks bled into over a month. Serana was quiet during the first weeks and prone to moods of melancholy. During many a long day Emily would sit or lie by her side, mostly unspeaking but reassuring her by her presence, providing the warmth that was needed. They would hunt by night, leaving the confines of the city to trek through the forests, seeking out game trails and following them until they found their quarry. Most nights it was deer and they would hide downwind on the periphery of the herd, sizing up each of the beasts and taking down the one that looked to be the weakest. Where they could they would take lame ones and when one was caught they would drain it of its blood, decanting it into vessels. They would then carefully skin it and remove the antlers and eyes before carting the remains of the carcass back to the city. The pelts they would turn over to Beirand, the Castle Dour Blacksmith and the ant
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A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Chapter 37
Chapter 37:

The sea spray leapt, dashing itself against the rocks as they stood staring down the stone bridge of Castle Volkihar to the two boats moored by the jetty, filled with the remaining members of the Dawnguard. Isran stood at the helm of the first of the boats, his grim face lit by the torch he carried. Standing at his side was Agmaer and the torchlight flickered on the metal of the crossbow he shouldered. Behind them they could just make out the faces of the other members of the Dawnguard. The members of the Mourning Sun, tired and battle-weary in their victory, met the gaze of their former comrades. Emily could sense thunder on the horizon. A storm was near, threatening to break on the rocks of the island. She felt tension in her vampiric companion while she herself was too weary to feel much of anything besides a sense of foreboding.
Serana’s hand gripped her waist tightly and she saw Beleval and Gunmar shift their weight in anticipation. Tho
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A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Chapter 36
Chapter 36:
The Battle for Castle Volkihar

The journey to Castle Volkihar took them just over two weeks. Travelling in a group slowed things down and each morning they were forced to seek shelter. Sometimes they sought shelter in abandoned mines or caves and where they could they stopped in towns and villages to stock up on food and water. Emily was glad of the mornings where they were able to spend the day in an Inn rather than rolling out a bedroll on the floor of a dingy cave. In an Inn there was no need to keep watch and drinks flowed. Spirits were higher when there was a good bottle of mead to be had and a warm fire crackled in the fire pit. Although Emily could not partake of the food she was able to have a sip of mead and though it provided her with no sustenance it was still a pleasant taste.
“I’m glad vampires can at least appreciate the taste of a fine mead,” she said one morning as she and Serana shared a bottle of honningbrew.
“And n
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A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Chapter 35
Chapter 35:
The Mourning Sun

“I was wrong, before.”
Emily looked up from the meagre campfire fuelled by the glowing mushrooms found growing in the cave. It’s turquoise flames bathed the nearby walls of the cave in its flickering otherworldly light.
“What about?” asked Emily. Finn was curled up by the fire. He’d dove for cover when the ceiling came down and had only emerged when the moonlight broke through and silence pervaded the night air.
“He didn’t destroy everything,” said Serana, “Not quite.” Emily smiled from where she sat and rested her hand lightly on that of the vampiress. She felt Serana edge a little nearer.
“When all this is over,” she said, “Will you keep trying to find a way home?” Emily stared into the fire for a moment before replying.
“Honestly, Serana,” she said, “I don’t know. I don’t even really know where I’d start looking.&
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AHGS: Dawnguard (STORY COMPLETE) by Novum-Semita AHGS: Dawnguard (STORY COMPLETE) :iconnovum-semita:Novum-Semita 8 0
A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Chapter 34
Chapter 34:

The day passed slowly with neither of them being able to bring themselves to sleep. Serana spent much of the morning sharpening a blade that didn’t really need it while Emily pulled out a book and read. But after a while she tossed it to one side and got up to stand at the mouth of the cave. The sun spilled down onto the rocks not more than ten feet from her and she felt strange as she stood on the edge. It was an odd feeling to stand this close to something that could kill you. This would be perfectly normal were the thing in question swift flowing magma or a pit of sharpened spikes but simple sunlight? Even after all this time it still felt unreal.
At last the sun set behind the mountains and they could at last leave their shelter. Serana’s shoulders were tense as they marched with purpose towards the final wayshrine. When asked the same question they had been asked at the other four Wayshrines Serana just gave the spectral elf a curt n
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A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Chapter 33
Chapter 33:
The Promise

“I spy with my little eye,” said Emily, looking around the cave, “Something beginning with I.”
“Ice,” Serana replied as she lay by the fire, not even so much as opening her eyes.
“Yeah,” said Emily, “Your turn.” Serana glanced over at the campfire.
“Something beginning with f,” she said.
“Fire?” said Emily.
“Mmhmm,” Serana replied. She sat up, “I think this cave is a little…limiting for this game of yours.” Emily sighed.
“You’re right,” she conceded. She sat there, thinking. Then an idea struck her and she began rummaging around in her pack. At last she found what she was looking for and pulled out two quills, a bottle of ink and several rolls of paper.
“How about we play Exquisite Corpse?” she suggested. Serana raised an eyebrow.
“And what exactly would that entail?” she asked. Emily chuckle
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A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Chapter 32
Chapter 32:
The Forgotten Vale

They melded into the darkness of the portal and passed through into a long winding cave. Ahead of them were curious pink luminescent things peeking out from small rocky tubes. Emily was not sure whether to class them as plant or animal but when they approached they shrank back into the tubes, extinguishing their pinkish light, only to re-emerge once they had passed.
Serana looked back at the portal they’d just passed through.
“That…wasn’t as unpleasant as I was expecting,” she said, “Kind of soothing, actually.”
“And warm,” Emily added, “Kind of reminded me…of the sun. Without the whole burning alive thing.” Serana gave her a half-smile as they passed deeper into the tunnels, past more of the pink cave dwelling beings and through shallow stretches of water. Serana crouched against the rockface, putting out a hand to stop Emily.
“What is it?” Emily mouthed
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A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Chapter 31
Chapter 31:
The Last Snow Elves

The journey to Darkfall Cave took them far to the North, through Falkreath and Whiterun to Haafingar and saw them travelling for the guts of a week. On their seventh night they struck out from Dragon Bridge and made their way up into the foothills of the Northern Druadach Mountains. The weather turned colder the higher they climbed and lashing rain turned to driving snow.
“Uggh, I can’t wait until we find this godsforsaken cave,” Serana grumbled. The snow was lying thick on her hair and gathered in the folds of her cloak. It caused the landscape around them to fade into a haze even their vampiric vision could not penetrate. They huddled together as they trekked through the storm to avoid becoming separated from one another.
Emily peered into the snow-filled air, trying to discern the shifting shapes. Her eyes settled on something large and dark in the distance. It was tall and wide, domed at the top. Another domed shape
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A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Chapter 30
Chapter 30:
The Ancestor Glade

After feeding from the bandit they left through the escape hatch in the Captain’s quarters. This took them up onto the battlements. Several bandits patrolled the lower battlements, peering out into the darkness, holding torches aloft. Serana led Emily over towards the wall and together they climbed down the rugged stone walls. The stones provided plenty of handholds and footholds and they soon reached the battlements below. These were hidden in shadow and they were able to leap, unseen, from the battlements to the high hillside. From there they crept around the perimeter of the fort to the cave entrance where Arvak still waited. Finn was curled in his usual place atop Emily’s shoulders as they climbed up onto the horse and Emily took up the reigns, urging the horse onwards into the birch plains.
They reached the fort sometime after two in the morning and cantered up towards the rocky outcrop just before the first wooden barric
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Mature content
A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Chapter 29 :iconnovum-semita:Novum-Semita 0 0
A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Chapter 28
Chapter 28:

When they emerged from the metal doors they gazed in wonder at what lay beyond. An unimaginably vast cavern lay before them. It stretched at least one hundred feet above them to the rocky ceiling and Emily could not see how far ahead of them it stretched. They stood upon a carved stone dais, looking out over the expanse. The caves were lit by gigantic glowing mushrooms that far dwarfed the specimens in Solitude’s apothecary. Dotted around the landscape were Dwemer-made buildings of varying size.
“This is incredible,” breathed Emily, crossing the dais and resting her hands on the stone walls as she looked around.
“I think I read about this place once,” Serana replied, “A great underground city built by the Dwemer in an era long past.”
“Were they vampires?” Emily asked, “All this living underground and stuff.”
“No, not from what I’ve read,” Serana replied, “I
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A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Chapter 27
Chapter 27:
Hard Truths

The Dwemer ruins of Alftand were situated atop one of the massive icy cliffs that looked out over the Sea of Ghosts. Two bare wooden structures had been erected. One lay at the foot of one of the great stone towers which protruded from the ice while the other lay nearer the edge of the cliff.
“Looks like someone was here before us,” Serana remarked as they got down off the horse and picketed him at one of the wooden structures.
“Let’s hope they don’t mind us being here,” Emily replied. They stepped inside one of the wooden lean-tos. Snow covered every surface and the slatted roof was full of holes. On a table Emily found a book covered in a thin layer of snow. She picked it up and flicked through the pages. It listed the members of the expedition and their attempts to breach the icy walls in the hopes of gaining access to the ruins.
“It looks like there’s a way in through a glacial fissure,”
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Daily Paint 2407. Bigthorned Sheep by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2407. Bigthorned Sheep :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,436 94 AT: On the Beach at Dusk by Yamashita-akaDoragon AT: On the Beach at Dusk :iconyamashita-akadoragon:Yamashita-akaDoragon 83 16 Through the Sea of Time by Yamashita-akaDoragon Through the Sea of Time :iconyamashita-akadoragon:Yamashita-akaDoragon 137 20 Ranger Rising by ArtDeepMind Ranger Rising :iconartdeepmind:ArtDeepMind 133 2 Undertale : W.D Gaster + SPEEDPAINT by maricaripan Undertale : W.D Gaster + SPEEDPAINT :iconmaricaripan:maricaripan 7,094 337 Samus vs Predator 1 by PTimm Samus vs Predator 1 :iconptimm:PTimm 872 65 A Helping Hand by HazuraSinner A Helping Hand :iconhazurasinner:HazuraSinner 824 21 Undertale doodles by HazuraSinner Undertale doodles :iconhazurasinner:HazuraSinner 4,009 169 :C: Pichu used thunderbolt by KoriArredondo :C: Pichu used thunderbolt :iconkoriarredondo:KoriArredondo 897 28 Lost in Pandora by Hubery-Zhang Lost in Pandora :iconhubery-zhang:Hubery-Zhang 73 39 Neverland by CaptainZebby Neverland :iconcaptainzebby:CaptainZebby 10 0 A Moment's Peace by Borkilicious A Moment's Peace :iconborkilicious:Borkilicious 31 10 [Invader Zim] Rotting season by AmberPone [Invader Zim] Rotting season :iconamberpone:AmberPone 379 25 First Impression by PizzaPie30 First Impression :iconpizzapie30:PizzaPie30 8 3 Azshara by imDRUNKonTEA Azshara :iconimdrunkontea:imDRUNKonTEA 759 40 CHARACTER HEAD MEANINGS in COVER DESIGN QUICK TIP! by EtheringtonBrothers CHARACTER HEAD MEANINGS in COVER DESIGN QUICK TIP! :iconetheringtonbrothers:EtheringtonBrothers 1,665 64


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Hey there, nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting my page. My name's Robyn and I'm a 2D animator at a studio in my hometown where I'm working on a kids TV series. My interests include animating and drawing (of course), reading, creative writing, fishing, nature walks and the supernatural. If you want to chat or have any questions concerning commissions, adoptables or prints, leave a comment or send me a note. Thank you~

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Sunrise over Volkihar (DONE)

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 26, 2018, 12:07 PM
Starting up another Join me as I paint a scenic Skyrim landscape depicting Castle Volkihar in the distance as the sun rises behind the foreboding towers.


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