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Old Blue Eyes by Novum-Semita Old Blue Eyes :iconnovum-semita:Novum-Semita 7 1
A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Chapter 9
Chapter 9:
The Armourer's Challenge

This time it was different. She was standing on a stone platform in a subterranean cavern. All around her were tall, arching columns. Some were cracked and other still lay broken, bits of rubble strewing the carved stone floor.
She was alone on the platform though the body of a man lay close by, lips pulled back in a fixed, fierce grimace, red eyes glaring coldly at the cavern ceiling.
There were grooves gouged in the floor and Emily bent to examine them. They were surprisingly deep and worn perfectly smooth. She followed one of the grooves to a silver brazier on a pedestal. It had handles on its north and south sides and deep in the brazier were nestled glowing purple embers.
Emily pushed at one of the braziers but it would not budge. She heaved at it from either side but it would not move so much as an inch.
Then something caught her eye at the centre of the colosseum. It was another pedestal, broader than the rest. It was many sid
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Mature content
W for Winterview Chapter 19 :iconnovum-semita:Novum-Semita 1 0
A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Chapter 8
Chapter 8:

Emily sat up and looked around in disbelief. Slowly a smile spread across her face. She was home.
The old bedsit looked exactly as she’d left it. It was slightly untidy just as she remembered, a stack of old magazines piled on top of the already cluttered coffee table next to a television remote and a small vase of creamy white flowers. She got off the sofa and folded the blanket in some semblance of neatness.
“I must’ve got sick while I was out on holiday,” she said to herself as she crossed the room to the window, “Made it back here, passed out on the sofa and dreamed up all that crap about Skyrim and vampires.”
She drew the curtains and her face fell. For what lay beyond the window were not the rows of painted townhouses with the street curving gently down towards the sea. Instead she saw Nordic longhouses and cobblestone streets, fortified walls and a night sky with two moons shining down from above.
Emily snapped
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A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Chapter 7
Chapter 7:

The storyteller drained his tankard and set it down on the worn wooden table. He stood up, drawing himself up to his full height before speaking.
“Any self-respecting traveler worth his salt has heard the rumours. Rumours of merchants plucked from the roads and travelers spirited away never to be seen or heard from again,” began the storyteller, “Some say goblins, I say folly. A goblin knows the worth of coin and jewels as well as any bandit and yet merchants disappear, leaving their valuables behind. In my youth I tracked these creatures and I was privy to things no mortal should ever see.” He ordered another drink from the bartender before continuing. “But it was my journey to Gloomstone Cave that left the biggest mark.”
Emily and several others listened with rapt attention as the story began.
*       *       *
Gloomstone is a cave system in Eastern High Rock, competing, in size,
:iconnovum-semita:Novum-Semita 1 0
A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Chapter 6
Chapter 6:
Flight from the Shadows

They were not alone in the cave. Two more cages like the one they had just left stood nearby. The guard picked the locks on both and led the confused prisoners out. Some of them were in such a state of stupefaction that they took some coaxing to leave the confines of the metal bars. Emily found herself wondering how long they had lain there in that squalor. Many of them had a haunted look in their eyes and many were scarred. Among them was a young man who still looked like he had a bit of fight left in him. He had long stringy black hair and a single dark eye. The other glared out blindly from under folds of scarred skin. He wore tattered leathers and his build suggested he had not long ago been a seasoned warrior.
       Together the group of stragglers crept through the darkened cavern with the dark-haired man and the guard leading them. The guard carried a steel dagger and the man wielded a cudgel and carried a
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A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Chapter 5
Chapter 5:
The First Encounter

News of the King's death spread through the city like wildfire. The following day there was a marked change in the city's inhabitants. No children were playing out in the streets. Only the occasional housewife stood on the steps to sweep off the dust but as soon as their task was complete they vanished back into their houses. It was declared a day of mourning and all the shops were closed as a show of respect.
       Emily swept some dust out through the back door and leant on the broom. As if her world hadn't been turned upside down enough. Except it wasn't her world, she reminded herself. "Who is Ulfric Stormcloak?" she asked Vivienne who was storing away some ingredients. She looked at the blonde in undisguised disbelief.
       "You don't know who Ulfric is?" she asked. Emily shook her head.
"We didn't hear about him back home," she replied. "We lived in a little fishing village," she added.
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Emily by Novum-Semita Emily :iconnovum-semita:Novum-Semita 6 1
Mature content
A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Chapter 4 :iconnovum-semita:Novum-Semita 0 0
A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Chapter 3
Chapter 3:
Alchemy and Wizardry

Without waiting for the elf to respond, Emily spun on her heel and left. The harbour mistress watched her with a mildly puzzled expression as she hurried up the steps and back towards the watchtower. If she was truthful with herself she didn’t know where she was running to or indeed, what she was running from. She stopped by the watchtower to catch her breath. After several moments she looked up at the walled city. Remembering her encounter with the wolves on the road, Emily headed towards the front gate.
       As she reached them she realised just how high the stone walls were, towering above her some sixty feet. The guards at the gate paid her no heed as she passed through the open gates. Ahead of her stood a tavern, marked by the sign above that read, ‘The Winking Skeever,’ and by the drunken revellers outside despite the early hour. Mixed with the drunken singing was the sound of market stall ho
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A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Chapter 2
Chapter 2:

Emily crossed the road back to the tavern, carrying a small purse filled with gold coins. She entered the tavern and ordered a bottle of Honningbrew mead and a bowl of vegetable soup. The woman behind the bar still looked at her distrustfully but took the coin nonetheless. Clearly their previous spat was still fresh in her mind.
       The soup was thick, more akin to a broth and was rather richer than she had anticipated. She turned over one of the gold coins in her fingers as she ate. On one side was the profile of a man and on the other was an angular symbol that greatly resembled a dragon.
       She took a swig of the mead from a metal tankard. It was sweet and warmed her as it made its way down her throat. Once the woman had cleared away the earthenware bowl, Emily went to sit by the crackling fire pit. Now full of food and tired she found it a little more difficult to worry about her predicament. She wo
:iconnovum-semita:Novum-Semita 1 2
A Hitchhiker's Guide to Skyrim: Prologue and Ch. 1
A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Skyrim

Emily looked up at the stone archway. It was rumoured to have once been a portal despite the fact that, to her knowledge and that of many who researched such curious natural structures, it had never actually been seen to function.
       Tales and legends abounded but these were likely borne of mankind’s natural desire for fantasy, a desire to prove that things existed outside the sphere of science and rationale.
       The faint scent of alpine blooms: Jacob’s Ladder and Alpine Catchfly, hung in the air as she sat down on a rock to sketch the formation. There were other stone structures like this, dotted across the globe. Many believed they acted, or once acted, as a kind of mystical transport system and their placement was not coincidental.
       But then any learned man will tell you that wind buffeting relentlessly against a soft enough stone will
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You're Right Here but I'm Solo by Novum-Semita You're Right Here but I'm Solo :iconnovum-semita:Novum-Semita 13 6 Paarthurnax by Novum-Semita Paarthurnax :iconnovum-semita:Novum-Semita 14 5 Infercael by Novum-Semita Infercael :iconnovum-semita:Novum-Semita 0 0 Road to the Elder Grove by Novum-Semita Road to the Elder Grove :iconnovum-semita:Novum-Semita 3 0


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Sunrise over Volkihar (DONE)

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 26, 2018, 12:07 PM
Starting up another Join me as I paint a scenic Skyrim landscape depicting Castle Volkihar in the distance as the sun rises behind the foreboding towers.


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I love the romantic pairing of NiGHTs and Helen. My OTP is Aster x Ruka (me and my best friend, purplestarmie's, pokemon OCs). I am also a big fan of Studio Ghibli's films.

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Those that mind don't matter, those that matter don't mind.

Common sense is an oxymoron!


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