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SONA Litestep
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Published: July 4, 2008
© 2008 - 2019 novoo

SONA Litestep

graphic & design by me, coding by ~naalo

Please read the included readme

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Caencel Digital Artist
the bar below the system tray button is not showing on my desktop
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This is a great theme, I love it! The only problem i'm having is with the mail (lsmail) module. I configured the lsmail part in "theme.rc" like this:

*LSMailServer 51 1 " "

but it always returns the message "No data received from server"

Can anyone help me please? :(
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DoomCalibreHobbyist Digital Artist
Sweet Jesus, smex in my eyes *3*;;
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very nice great work :thumbsup:
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A super-minimalist desktop that doesn't try to put tray icons in weird places, or not at all? That's awesome.

Thanks for the theme. The fact that I can hide just about everything and it doesn't come preloaded with 20+ gadgets I don't use (only had to shut off LSMail) makes this the perfect minimalist theme for what I want.
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ChelitoDelgado Interface Designer
Hi, Nice theme.
But, i want that the button to logoff windows just hibernate. One more thing, How do I the AMP works with Songbird or iTunes. Thanks for all.
The theme is great.
I add to my favourites
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EnumaElishDesignsStudent Digital Artist
wow im using this right now, but theres and error that comes every 10min...about a password pop3..i hoping how to delete that ¬¬
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Very good! okay well... i have no idea how to setup the email. If you can tell me how that would be great but until then I'm going to have to turn it off since i get errors every 10 minutes. Great theme other then that lack of instruction. Thanks!
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Fcking Awesome!11 <3
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not really sure how to use it in Window 7. Most of the bars on the screenshot is not display or functioning. I only see the arrow handle for the tray on the bottom left corner and part of the top bar on the right hand corner.

Do you have any idea what should I do to make the theme work in window 7?

Nice theme btw.
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novooProfessional Interface Designer
no, sorry..
litestep doesn't work well on vista and 7 yet..
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:( that sucks. Litestep has lots of quality themes.
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Lower-LevelsHobbyist Digital Artist
I am having a problem... I installed it but the bottom bar did not install with it why is this ?
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this is indeed a very nice theme~ loving every inch of it =)

however, there is one problem, time and again there is a pop-up windows of titling "server", and read "receive timed out"...

any idea what went wrong?
thank you very much for your theme, i like it SO MUCH~
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my favorite =)
but i got some problems :/
i dont know, but none windows flash(like in MSN), i cant see the buttons for the music player on de top(even i can use it, i cant see it :/)
they sayd always something for my email "Invalid password for username in pop3 .isp. com/(i had thunderbird in my pc, but it is configured correctly)
also, when i start my pc(its vista)
i always had to put my wallpaper back, cuz its black :S
and there are 2 notices

"the procedure point imagelist_cocreateinstance could not be located in the dynamic library comctl32.dll"
"the ordinal 380 could not be located in the dynamic library comctl32.dll"

can you help me?:/
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novooProfessional Interface Designer
litestep for vista is still an alpha version, it doesn't work really fine.. ;)
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ah :/ i thought its was for vista too -.-
i think i will change for XP, i have no reasons to still with vista :/

however, thanks for your attention =)
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this is very hard to surpass, you people have outdone yourself on this egocentric design! a rare mix between timeless elements yet the interface appears modern, killer work!
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This theme finally got me trying out LiteStep. I love it :) Just a couple of questions:
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Ah Firefox posted my comment before I could add my questions!

1. Whenever I start your theme, I get this error:

"Hotkey failed to register. Error while processing definition: *Hotkey CTRL+ALT R !Recycle"

I had a look at most of the theme files and I can't even find any line about a hotkey... how do I fix this?

2. The text in my taskbar tray area is not in caps, i.e. the time and date etc. all show up in small letters... I would really much prefer it to be in caps since that's much more visible. Is this a bug?

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How to show menu bar in theme.rc? In my desktop dindn't show menu bar. thx
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