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Visual Style: Japan04 by rioo (modded by me)
Wallpaper: #FAF7F3
Icons: Japan'15 by me
Winamp: Japan'15 by me
Litestep: Japan'15 by me
AvePreview: Japan'15 by me
Miranda: Japan'15 by me
Cursor: Japan'15 by me
GRJ: Japan'15 by me
Tools: Mactype, IEView, Modern CList
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© 2015 - 2020 novoo
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man I miss this style! so many memories from the early days

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Just awesome and fucking cute i love it
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I'm sad you couldn't make it to SSC this year Torsten! Was hoping to see Japan '15 in the entry! Hope all is well!!
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Yeah, I wasn't sure about the rules. On Pixelfuckers' SSC it wasn't allowed to upload old screenshots. Next time :)
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Next time it is! :hug: Can't wait to see what you got in store for us! :peace: :highfive: :salute:
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Great f'g shot novoo! :highfive:
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I would kill to get this. This is very awesome
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Perfect! I like this amalgam of brown colors. It looks awesome!
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Love your style, mate. Amazing composition.
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One of the most gorgeous setups I've seen.  Would love to try this one.
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Looks gorgeous! What's the mail client?
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Thanks :) It's Thunderbird.
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Wow, impressive!
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amazing theme ;w;
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Wow! Blast from the past ^_^
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after 2 years, you posted 2 shots in less than a month. you must be on fire :D
great shot Torsten! your Miranda chat window totally rocks
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Quite impressive!
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That chat window looks great.
nice sshot dude
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Very cool and calm setup, cool colors :) congrats
Win7 or XP ?
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Japan04 is an XP VS, so unless he built a W7 VS based on that, I'm guessing XP.
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