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Gaia10 XP Visual Style PSD

By novoo
~nitzua19 and me started on the Gaia10 Visual Style for Windows XP some weeks ago but we couldn't finish it because the lack of time on both sides, so here's the PSD file of it, maybe someone wants to finish the VS.

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Wish this was a windows 8 theme, i love it :D :la:
Ya tienes el tema para XP o aun no?
Janiel1984's avatar
is better than gaia 10 for Win7, if someone could make a Win7 version?
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help me...!!! gaia10 for XP...
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as I already said: I won't finish the Visual Style, so anybody else has to do it.
CaptainZana's avatar
i would loce to see this completed...
nanu08's avatar
I've steped in to finish it. Exspect too see it next week, hopefully!
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Thanks man, should be ready for next week, hopefully.
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hey Dave, how's the Visual Style going on?
nanu08's avatar
Well haven't started it yet! Edl21 seems to be doing it aswell [link] Have messaged him to work together on it but he hasn't responsed. And don't want there to be 2 XP styles coming out.
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when you do it?
CaptainZana's avatar
I would love to see it finished :D
Some kind soul finish it, please.
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If only i knew how to theme outside of litestep :tears:
nitzua19's avatar
in all honesty, i didn't get time to do much work at all on the vs, but i'd be down to collab with someone for sure, with me doing less of the work but being able to offer tips, etc. hit me up on dA if you'd like to try something.
leoDrafts's avatar
This would be great!

Please, someone finish this for us! :la:
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understand the time contstraints, sure is a shame though
chunkymunky1131's avatar
nothing from gaia for mac OSX except a dock and icons :( was hoping for a theme
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the OS X theme is almost done and will be released in a few days. You can see some nice previews on the gaia10 forums..
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