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Gaia10 Cursors

Gaia10 Cursors for Windows

10 cursors included (6 static + 4 animated)

See the whole Gaia release on [link]
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Thank you

you are Awesome!

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Link doesn't work

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This is reeeeeaaaaally nice!!
I will say this, before I start to use up complimentary adjectives.  These look stunning and I can't wait to install them and name the set - " The Best."  Thank you, and I will do what I can do find more you have created.  
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how to use this nice skin ....please explain step by step ...
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open folder (with pics in it), find setup info, right click, hit install, then go to change theme and on the side you will find "change mouse pointers", click dropdown, select.
Very nice!!! Thank you!
Wonderful design
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I fisished the pack by adding some missing files and correcting install.inf file. Check it out here: [link]
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never have i come across a set of cursors that made me say "ooooh" out loud. well done!
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Um. I have a problem. The loading cursor is un purposed. It pops up as the text cursor. And the text shows as thew loading cursors. Please contact Gaia.
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Very very nice. But I found a little mistake. The hotspot of the text cursor is on the top. Could you please move it to the center of the cursor? It's a bit confusing to use it like this.
Thanks and Merry Christmas to you, the arrows and their parents as well ;)
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awesome.. thnx
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where arrows????
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they're in christmas vacations with their parents :D
Nice but as previously said, missing some cursors and the inf has mistakes!
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Lovely. But I miss cursor arrows for expanding windows.
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inf file is bad. gives error when refreshing scheme. installed all manually.
got unavailable options from gaia 09 cursors :phew:
nice work by the way. ever considered deviating from rigid color schemes of gaia stuff?
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