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GAIA VisualStyle (BETA)

.. in collab with *kowoolo. Also thank you to *ikaara for some bug fixing. It's a "Beta" because we working on a ShellStyle which is coming soon.

The preview of the Wood substyle looks really crap and we don't know why :/ If somebody knows how we can fix it: message me!

Get the whole GAIA Suite on [link]

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Hi, very good gallery ;)
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Is there any Vista Version of this VS?
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Waouhh nice on my desk and on
[link] and [link]
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nice...but i think the out line of the window looks kinda ugly...but the rest is excellent!!
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I agree on the points about overdoing minimalism. This VS is simply not practical. I was excited about this suite, but the release is disappointing.

Msstyles can be functional as well as attractive - they don't have to sacrifice one for the other. Look at lassekongo83's styles.
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For the first time, waiting the release of the VS feels like how I felt in a boxing-day shopping lineup. Great VS for sure. I can imagine there is a lot work put into this as myself have tried modified some already nice VS and gave up because lack of patience :saddrunk:.

But as couple other people said, I found it kinda lack of usability/readability, such as the grey font colour against white background and small font size etc. I don't particular like the somewhat thick wooden edge around non-maximized windows either as it's not so minimalistic. For me, nowadays, designers seems to push minimalistic too hard that it's almost always associated with issues such as hard-to-read fonts etc. I say this as a user in hoping VS designs would go to the right direction.
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this looks awesome...but i think its not usable..

could u include some font options? and make the fonts a lil bigger?? hard to read i think.

and why are there no window titles?? like in the osx version??

plz fix!!
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Looks very good!

For the wood, maybe make it, whats the word, shiny? Like its polished?

Anyrate, a great piece, none the less :D
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xp or vista ??
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thnx. lindo. pode ser k alguem o convert :P
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great work!!
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amazing novoo, cant w8 to use it!
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Looks good, but the text on the windows isn't readable and I think the font is too small.
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It shall be the VS of 2007. It's EXCELLENT.
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details are awesome~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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