Stargazers June Task Prologue 'I'll catch up'

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There was a gentle breeze in the city of Andalusst with the sun high up in the afternoon sky. The combination of the warmth of the sun and the soft wind caressed the city dwellers, making it a perfect day. Well, it would have been perfect if it were not for the dangerous criminals lurking somewhere within the city. With the three ninjas from Iapon on the loose in the town, neither the civilians nor the Ambassador of Iapon, are safe. With the duty in mind to help out with their Hunter tasks, a light-orange Kecleon and a Marshtomp take a stroll down one of the streets in Andalusst.

“Wow, ninjas! I can’t believe there are ninjas here in Andalusst!” The Kecleon, Mango, coos with an excited flick of his tail. “It would’ve been neat to be there when they unveiled the fake ambassador.”

“Maybe.” The Marshtomp, Gillegan, responds a bit distractedly. He doesn’t seem to display his partner’s feelings. Instead his muscles are tense under his sleek skin and his face holds a frown. “Those spies could be anywhere, making them a threat to everyone. We need to go and protect the ambassador.”

“Yah, we should totally go and search for th- Wait, what?” Mango starts with an agreeable nod of his head but then stopped in his tracks completely, making his partner stop also. “The Ambassador? Why’d we need to do that? We could just go and capture the bad guys ourselves!”

“Protecting the Ambassador of Iapon is important too, you know!” Gillegan says back.

Mango’s eyes display a hint of shock and his spines on his head and back spike up a bit, but then he reverts back to his calm manner. “Right, right. I wasn’t saying that it wasn’t important my friend. It’s just that you seem a bit… tense lately. We can guard the ambassador if that’s what you want to do.” He replies, putting an arm around the Marshtomp. “I just think you need to loosen up.”

“I am… loose.” Gillegan says a bit defensively, clenching his hands in the process which made his body tense up more. He then let out a sigh as he tried to relax his muscles. “Sorry. You’re right. I just have a lot on my mind. That’s all.”

The Kecleon looks at him with blank expression, but then smiles again and adds in a nonchalant manner, “Well, stop whatever’s bothering you from bothering you and let’s get going.” He takes his arm off of him.

“Of course. We don’t want to keep her waiting. Let’s go-“ Gillegan starts with a smile, but is interrupted.

“Yah, about that. You can go on ahead awhile. I’ll catch up.” Mango says suddenly as he flicks his tongue out and quickly in again, an intrigued gleam in his eyes. “I’ve got something I want to do first.”

“But I thought we were going to-“

“We are! I just want to have a look at something, and then I’ll join you. I promise I’ll be there in less than half an hour!” Mango continues, the gleam still captured in his eyes.

“All right then.” Gillegan says slowly, but then nods. His partner was odd, so he’d just go with it. “I’ll see you there then.” He begins to walk away, flashing a smile at his partner as the Kecleon gives a small wave.

Mango stands in the street as he watches the Marshtomp run away with his brown scarf flowing behind him. The Kecleon grins as he turns his green gaze to that of an alleyway. He flicks his tongue out again and swipes it back in, picking up the strange and faintly familiar smell from before. It was the scent of the Sceptile that they had preformed for: the fake ambassador. I can handle this myself. He pulls his red-brown cloak tighter around his body as he slips into the shadows of the alley, the sun making them slanted a bit as it neared evening. We can get two tasks done if we work this way. It’s easier and faster. Besides, I can track down this guy and make it back to Gillegan in no time.
With plans of keeping the Ambassador of Iapon safe, Gillegan tries to protect the ambassador while Mango sneaks off to do a separate mission and track down one of the ninjas from Iapon.

Prologue of 'The Intruders'

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