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I liiiive, which is an immediate segway into what I've been up to! I've been busy with a project I've been hiding some details of on deviantArt, because, spoilers! I've been working on a contribution to Square City's 3rd anthology, themed "The Cure". It is an anthology with 14 creators, including myself.  The 9 stories focus on a cure for mortality.

The Kickstarter has launched, and I would love it if you would give it a look and consider supporting it!

Foreverhome by novemberkris

As many of you know, I lost my ferret Paulie over a year ago due to complications from insulinoma and heart disease.  My short takes a lot of those emotions and confronts a pet owner, not that unlike myself, with a series of difficult choices about life, death, and what it means to make something immortal.

I'm also involved in two backer rewards, Sketchy Citizen -Kristy Cunningham version, and Square City Citizen Bundle - Kristy Cunningham version.  In both of these, you get a sketch commission by me as part of the deal. The Square City Citizen Bundle bundle includes a physical copy of The Cure, a physical copy of my mini-comic "Everyday Imaginings", a physical copy of volume 1 of Infinite Spiral and postcard prints as well! So please, take a look, spread the word, and consider backing the project!

Proof I am still alive!  Gavin is up to so magical stuff.

Gavinsketch05-15 by novemberkris

So, I just did that real quick with my new tool. I upgraded to a 13HD Cintiq over the past week and am just now able to get set up in my workspace.

In other news, I’ll be at Awesomecon Friday-Sunday with fellow artist Kat Brenowitz.  Map doodles to come tonight as I am behind in this game!

Thanks for your patience!

Of course, Rory and James. (she is so on her toes ... Future James is tall ... :D)

Jamesandrory Web 032015 by novemberkris

And in reverse.

Jamesandrory Turnabout Web by novemberkris
Expectations by novemberkris

Scribbling … Mostly ‘cause my eye is bugging me. I got partway through the background colors of tomorrow’s page and realized, color/details in the jail were too much to think about and work out. Guess I’m still recovering from my cold.

So …  You know, James and Rory … future times. I like drawing them at different stages of their relationship. They really do eventually grow into such a caring couple.

Expectations … (for them :P) They’ll make good parents (not that it wouldn’t be messy and chaotic and oh-so human).

Also a kissy fluff.
Gentlekiss by novemberkris

Some morning inking. Yeah, this is working out so far. New fave tool, intersect eraser.

Gavin Playsflats by novemberkris
To share how Clip Studio Paint Pro/Manga Studio 5 is working out for me.

Experiment3 by novemberkris

Pretty good so far ...
Or at least adding Manga Studio to my workflow.

I'm sorry, this is like 20 minutes of me messing around with tools.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 9.31.03 AM by novemberkris

There's just so much to like about how this product FEELS when I draw and color, not to mention, those colors. I'm saying this as someone who's had an Adobe workflow for years now. Wonder how the printing holds up?

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 10.02.04 AM by novemberkrisScreen Shot 2014-12-07 at 10.19.01 AM by novemberkris
Jamesheals by novemberkris

I felt like drawing some James doing his healing thing because, reasons.

His healing powers don’t work how you’d think. James’s abilities are time-based. So when he heals, he either hurries the natural cellular repair process or reverts cells to a pre-damaged state. You can guess the second is a lot more difficult. Both can also be painful because of Named Ones’s high levels of empathy.

Because he’s forgotten how to control this ability, it can also be dangerous, as observed in Chapter 2. He can accidentally expend way too much energy by mucking about with time on a cellular level.

Other Named can heal in different ways, but it isn’t as effective as essentially using an “eraser” on accidents and illness.  For example, Pearl can enhance the chemical potency of herbs allowing them to become more powerful medicines. James can’t do that, though he could make them grow faster.

As a side note, James in Named One costuming with his glasses makes me giggle some. 

Jamesgardens by novemberkris

I ordered my LFT PongPong v2 fullset.  I put him on a paypal payment plan, so I can wait out my bonus to pay for him as my 2 year work anniversary + successful new product launch + Paulie birthday + my birthday treat. He's so happy and mischievous looking-I think that will be nice to have in a compact doll. My Gram will love him.

If I'm lucky (very lucky) he'll get here by Paulie's "Gotcha Day" in late January.

Things have been going well on that grieving front lately. I've had some pleasant dreams. A dream where I'm certain he was forgiving me ending his suffering and comforting me. And I was able to look in his cage, which I had forgotten that I had set up as though he were coming home. It looked ready for new ferrets. Ron and I aren't ready for new ferrets on a personal level, but to look in the cage and have it look empty in a positive way was a very good moment. I still can't open his drawer without crying--but that is kind of a sacred space now. I could always, always, always find him there.

The dresser is about to fall apart next move-so I have to give it up. I only held onto it this move because it was Paulie's den and he hadn't passed until just after the move ... I plan to do something with the drawer--like convert it into a shadow box full of his favorite things. I can't let that go--which is a silly, sentimental thing. But it was his-I gave it to him and every piece of clothing tucked in it that he loved, and I wouldn't wear. He hid his babies there ... He let me tuck him into "bed" there.

I miss my Paulster. But really, it isn't as bad as it used to be.
So much for surprise parties. I wound up doing a lot of little sewing projects.

But have a scribble! Eventually these two are going to run into each other.

Gavinandrorywalk by novemberkris

Annnnnd another. Oh dear, James … That Named One lineage of yours makes chamomile, um, intoxicating. Rory’s dealing with him well. You know, sometimes you just have to walk through a wild field of flowers that lower your inhibition. And dude-hair, did you just suddenly start rolling in the flowers?
Chamomilefield by novemberkris

1.  I spilled water on my MBP keyboard last weekend, which means a slow death to that machine. So I am officially adjusting to a new workstation ( External monitor, keyboard, and mouse + comparable EOL Mac Mini). So ... bear with me?

2. Temptations.  Fairyland is releasing a new LTF Pong version with their Halloween event. He captivates me. He's so ... Paulie. And his make up is perfect. I want the fullset ... I think ... I've held off on other dolls in memory of Paulie because they have all been MSDs (Tika was a contender with that wolf and teeth bit). I love my MSDs but they are a size that I realize are going to be display dolls for me (and fun sewing/character models).  This new LTF is the size of my silly nanoFreya I got as a gift with James and I am alway reposing her (which is doofy as I have yet to choose eyes or make her any clothes ...) in face, she sits in my hand so nice.  YoSD is accurately the size I should be seriously having fun with.  So portable and can chill on any shelf I have ...

The mock for JID Joshua (a head I was considering from Iples event, JID/MSD) next to new Pong with PSD wig.

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 8.15.17 PM by novemberkris

And this is my beloved (DIP my dear friend and guardian) Paulie:
Paulie 126 by novemberkris

But I just had to get the new computer. As part of this, I want to upgrade to a Cintiq to try to ink faster (seriously on pen and paper, so quick). plus, I have a slew of November half to bills (car insurance, car repair, then emissions/safety inspection). But ... This feels like Paulie ... in the same way Paulie felt like Sharky (a beloved cat that passed too soon). Shark-Paul doll ... (giggles). Plus, I need to save like a good adult ... you know, because DC is DC and I have plans. 

And I know the truth ... I miss ferrets. (though this doll would add up to 1/4 of their lifetime vet bills, seriously ...) Ugh, and job is stressful and I can't keep up with pages because of crazy stuff and brain fried ness ... If I didn't have my grad school loans I'd just enjoy this little boy and order. But I admit, I'm trying to be responsible and keep going on the rainy day/emergency fund ...
So, I've been having a stressful time of things and entered DrMistyTang 's contest for her current comic, A Woman of Dust, featuring some of her wonderful Eternals or Space Elves (they have many many names :D).  One of the main characters is Chara, who has the zeal for life that was just what I needed and the contest was to design a costume for her, which I did here:
Daisy Chains: AWoD Contest Entry by novemberkris

Much to my surprise, it won the grand prize!!  The dress will be featured in the comic and I was allowed to request some prize art. Still stressed, I decided I wanted a young James! He's adorable.

James by DrMistyTang

Misty did such a LOVELY job with him - I gushed all over the comments. I really love her work (I commissioned her last year for this piece:

Troupe by DrMistyTang

Her commissions are currently closed, but I advise you go check out her work, watch her,  and keep an eye out. She has an incredibly expressive style! Plus, her stories are so much fun (she has a creative family, her sister DrZime is also on dA and does awesome work!).

James Hartwell, gardening.

Jamesandflowers by novemberkris

After the disappearance of his twin sister and father into the Spiral, Amity stopped encouraging the Temporal magic skills that came from her son, James, being a born Player of the Universe. His love of life and especially plants and crystals, though, Illuminated his Physical abilities.

Jamesamity by novemberkris

As Amity would discover, the unique balance of James’s Temporal and Physical magic attributes would develop into his special ability to cultivate life … and to heal.

Infinite Spiral: Prologue 01 by novemberkris  Infinite Spiral: Prologue 05 by novemberkris  Infinite Spiral: Ch 01 Page 23 by novemberkris  Infinite Spiral: Ch 02 Page 40 by novemberkris  Infinite Spiral: Ch 02 Page 54 by novemberkris  Infinite Spiral: Ch 02 Page 58 by novemberkris

Pages from Infinite Spiral Volume 1: Another World. My webcomic is debuting its first print volume at spx at table F3 with squarecitycomics!

The Wizard of Oz meets Doctor Who in the first volume of this Y.A. fantasy webcomic by me, Kristy Cunningham.

Rory Perkins is just a normal girl with a solid grasp on reality. While catching fireflies she discovers there are whole other worlds out there.

And then she gets lost in one …

When the other worlds turn out to be less than wondrous, Rory must choose between two quests: Find her way back to her own or make things right in the rest.

Infinite Spiral Volume 1 is 70 pages in full color.

Read Infinite Spiral online or come see me at SPX at table F3!

Untitled by novemberkris  
Untitled by novemberkris Untitled by novemberkris

Untitled by novemberkris  Untitled by novemberkris  Untitled by novemberkris  

Infinite Spiral is coming to print!

Pardon my phone photos, but I’m excited! Infinite Spiral Volume 1: Another World is 70 pages of magic, mayhem, multiple realities, and … well, James trying to avoid Rory at all costs (hah!).

You can procure a copy at SPX where I will be tabling with the lovelies Square City Comics  in F3!

Jamesamity by novemberkris
Since Amity is official, here’s little James and his mama. You can bet those two got close after the version of events we see with respect to Gavin’s story at the start of Chapter 3.
Untitled by novemberkris

I’ve been sketching lots of possible concepts for the boy in my comic I’m planning dedicated in memory of my ferret.  I am not sure I have the right concept yet, but I think I’m getting closer to the right style.

The comic is about a boy, his ferret, and DRAGONS! I don't really know which is my favorite in this.

New pages are coming along ... and other things.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 7.42.33 PM by novemberkris

I've had a challenging week.  Therefore, I am taking Fun Art Friday requests for Infinite Spiral fun things.

I will pick a few to scribble for fun tonight to unwind in hopes I don't dream of UI.

What will you suggest? (after all, you have whole new characters to consider now!!)

Sort of ...

Some will get some minor feature tweaking, but here's a sneak peek.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.03.25 PM by novemberkris