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I live to serve my master, Djengo44. He wishes to have many more slaves to serve him. We must obey. We don’t have a choice.

Swirly Swirly 
Today, I had a unique idea. This time, instead of me writing the stories,I’m going to make some ideas, and you guys can write them. One person can write a story listed here. Well here are some of the stories I had in mind.

Characters - Jay, Zane, and Cole
Summery - Jay makes a VR set and asks for the help of Cole and Zane to try it out. Unfortunately, after a glitch with the headset, the two ninja in question start to act odd. What happened to them? And will Jay fix them?

The Hypnotist Comes to Ninjago:
Characters - Lloyd, Kai, and Jay
Summery - A stage hypnotist comes to Ninjago City, and chooses Kai and Jay to be his subjects. What Lloyd doesn’t know is that the hypnotist was a wanted criminal on the loose named “Mezmera”, And She secretly hypnotized the two to forget who they are. It’s up to Lloyd to save the day.

Chen’s Revenge:
Characters - Jay, Kai, Nya, and Lloyd
Summery - After a string of bizarre robberies acure from the Ninjago Museum Of History, the ninja decide to investigate. After they caught the robber, they realized that he had no memory of the robbery to begin with. It turns out that Chen has returned and was using a hypnosis spell on citizens to do his bidings. Will the ninja stop him, or will they be next to become his slaves?

R-18+ Stories.
The Overlord’s Slaves (18+) :
Characters - Kai, Jay.
Summery - When Kai and Jay got captured by the Overlord, they were stripped of their powers. Not only that, but the two were hypnotized to become the embodiment of evil’s slaves, and not just any slaves. Oh No. Something even more than that, if you know what I mean. Lenny Eyebrow Wiggle 

I’ll think of more plot ideas later. But for now, I hope you like these three. They are free to use, just give me some credit.

Happy writing! <3
Here’s something for you guys to make up the lack of responses lately.

Have a bowl, guys!
This seems like a dumb thing, but can someone please draw a picture from some of my stories? It can either be from...

-Capturing Some Allies

-Black, White and Pink

-Playing With Fire

-The Gem Headmistress

If you are willing to draw your favorite scene, please tell me. This is more of a request, really.

Anyway, good luck. :3
Today, on May 31st, I am graduating from high school. I’m kinda worried about it, but wish me luck.
Hey guys, I made a Wattpad acount! If you want to follow me or want to do some roleplays (Mainly hypnosis ones) just find me at DeviantartNovember . I only made 2 RPs as of the moment. One of them solely on Hypnosis Ninjago Rps. I hope you like them.
To my very first cat that I ever got when I was six, in the year 2006. He won’t be forgotten by his parents, Rachel, Percy, and of course, his older sister.

May he forever Rest In Peace.
(Mostly) Copied from Antonio132

Hacker Alert!!

A hacker is going around DA deactivating accounts by hacking into their profiles and email addresses. Copy and paste this journal to stop yourself from getting hacked. As soon as the hacker sees this. He’ll see what’s going on and won’t hack you. Please save your account and stop this hacker so we don’t lose another DeviantArt user.

Spread the word, stop the hackers!
Have you ever seen those little tentacle things that enter one ear and out the other? Its some kind of hypnosis thing, but what is this tentacle thing called?
Im going to see the Ninjago movie this evening! Ive been waiting all freaking year for this. Hell yeah!
The plot is that you/Me/Both of us, get a pokeball from the professor. But the professor didnt say that it contained a pokemon.

If you want it 18+, we'll do it in notes.

Anyway, let's get started!
Hello. So, This is the first time I did this type of Roleplaying. I kinda made this to have some fun and stuff like that. Anyway here is the plot.

Me, you, or both of us (Your choice) receive a package from someone that lives in Rome. However, once the package is opened, it might change us in a whole new way.

If you want to make this 18+, we can do it in notes. Just let me know. Also, we might want to discuss on who is going to transform into who before the we begin the Rp.

Anyways, let's get started, da? ^)^
Making a rom hack for Pokemon that has either Hetalia or Ninjago in it, please send me the link for the download. I usually play them on VBA or Desmume. I really want these hacks to be real. XD
For a while, we managed to get rid of some fleas, but this is where I fucking lose it. Thanks to the fleas, my cats are now pissing, shitting, and barfing on the kitchen table, one of our couches and even in our kitchen! Fuck my life... 😰
For people who don't know, I made a sister account somewhere this April. Way before that, I made the Hypnotized!Elemental6 series. I was wondering if you want me to make a copy for my sister account. Now, it might be a bit different, the reason being that I wrote the series in journal, and this was before I found out you can post literature in the same way as submitting a picture. If you are aware of my second account, Do you want to see a (somewhat) updated version of the Hypnotized!Elemental6 series?
What NOT to have during your summer vacation. If you guessed fucking fleas, then you'd be correct. For the past week I think, these bloodsucking motherfuckers have been annoying the shit out of me. The worst part is that I have to deal with them until this weekend or when I switch to my dad's place for the week. Since they don't pay for shit, they have no right to be in my mom's apartment.

Look, I just had to vent for a moment, that's all. These fleas are really pissing me off.
To my followers who are interested in hypnosis and if you have a Discord account, Discord user NowWeTalkingAndOrWalking#2777  is making a hypnosis server on Discord server on hypnosis. If you're interested, please join the server.

Edit: The server name is DeviantArt Hypnosis, if you are looking for it.
Youre sleeping, when all of a sudden, your phone starts buzzing. You look at your phone, noticing there has been an AMBER alert. Yeah, that kinda happened to me a few minutes ago. Its two in the morning, and the alert woke me up, scared half to death. Im not saying that its fully a bad thing, it just popped out of nowhere. I wasnt ready.
If you want to see some E6 action not present on this one, follow me on my second profile.…
You brought the emerald crystal with you to the meeting.

At the meeting, Esmeralda was discussing on new battle methods, Sparky was annoying Rain and Cora, and Lila and Blaze trying to listen. After the meeting, you were heading out of the room, when you heard the sound of two people talking to each other. When you turned your head around, you saw that Esmeralda was talking to Lila, but Esmeralda looked worried about something. You saw Lila take a deep breath and head towards the door. You noticed that Lila wobbled when she walked, like she was getting used to some new shoes. After Lila left, you walked up to Esmeralda, wondering if she can tell you what's wrong with Lila.

"Hey Esmeralda, what's wrong with Lila?" You asked. Esmeralda looked at you, cocking an eyebrow.

"She has been training nonstop and its damaging to her health." Esmeralda said.

"So, does she train after curfew as well?" You asked. Esmeralda nodded.

"If only I can hypnotize her to understand that she has to train at the time of her schedule." Esmeralda said, putting her hands on her hips. An idea popped into your head.

"Esmeralda, I got an idea, but I need a little time to pull it off." You said, pulling out the emerald crystal and showing it to Esmeralda.

*Timeskip. In the training room*

You managed to find Lila in the training room, sparring against a robotic dummy Rain has invented. When you walked in, Lila stopped her training to talk to you.

"Hello, *Your name*. What are you doing here?" Lila asked. She was somewhat aware that you didnt have an element or any Spinjitzu training at all.

"Hey Lila. I was wondering if you wanted to go for a drink sometime today?" You asked. Lila raised an eyebrow at you, but then thought of it.

"Of course, but you will be the one that drives me back. Understand?" Lila said.

"Of course, Lila. I promise." You said. So far, the first part of the plan was complete. Now all you had to complete was part two of your plan.

*Timeskip. At a bar, somewhere in Ninjago City.*

You took Lila to a bar that was somewhat barren, aside from the workers. This bar didnt really have that many customers at all, but it was cheap. You and Lila sat down at a table for two people. You ordered an appetizer and some beer. The second part of the plan was to get Lila drunk and then hypnotize her when you two are alone. You thought that vodka was not the best choice of getting her drunk with, because it was pure alcohol. The only type of people you knew who can drink that crap were Russians. Anyway, Lila poured herself a full cup of beer, while you only poured yourself one-fourth of the glass. While you were talking to Lila, you secretly encouraged her to drink more beer.

*Small timeskip. At closing time*

Oh merda." Lila said, once she was drunk. You knew she had a small habit of speaking in different languages when she gets drunk, so her speaking in Italian was a sign that she was drunk.

"Alright Li. Once I pay for the drinks, I order you to come with me to the back of the bar." You said, trying hard not to be too hard on her.

"Who told you *hic* that you can comand me?! 
IM EL ELEMENTO DE CREACIÓN DE LA CARIÑA, ¡POR EL HACER DE DIOS!" Lila yelled, her second sentence being in Spanish. You had to calm her down a bit and then pay the bill.

*Little timeskip brought to you by Russia. At the back of the bar.*

You, successfully, managed to drag Lila to the back of the bar. Thankfully, nobody was there aside from you two, so it was perfect. Lila was chuckling like a small child and you had to quiet her down to hypnotize her. You then decided to just announce it to her.

"Oh Lila. I have a surprise for you." You said to her. You pulled out the emerald crystal out of your pocket and showed it to her.

"No, dont touch it. Just look." You said, as Lila was trying to grab the crystal. Lila pouted and went back to chuckling. You had to laugh yourself because of Lila being drunk. If only you had a camera or something to record this. You took a deep breath and started to swing the crystal back and forth in front of Lila's eyes.

"P...pretty..pendant.." Lila drunkenly said.

"Yes Lila, I want you to look at the pendant." You said. Lila let out a burp, but still kept her eyes on the crystal.

"Relax Lila. Keep your eyes on the pendant and its every move.* You said camly. You noticed that Lila's green and purple eyes turned a light green and something that looks like gold, as if it were a spiral.

" better than...that beer." Lila weakly said.

"It is. As youre starting to relax, you start to feel sleepy." You said, stroking her cheek. Lila yawned as her eyelids started to droop.

"Yes, youre starting to get sleepy. Very sleeepy." You said in a whisper. At this moment, Lila pretty much heard a sound in her head that kind of went "ping". You continued swinging the crystal.

"Now Lila. Listen to the sound of my voice. When I count from one to six, you will start doing your training when your father tells you to. Do you understand?" You ordered. You knew that Lila's father was a sensei and happened to be a ninja during his youth. (If you can guess who it is, you get a cookie 🍪). Lila nodded yes in response.






"Six." You snapped your fingers. Lila woke up, but still drunk. She tried to get up from where she was sitting, but ending up falling onto you, either from the beer or somewhat strong hypnosis. You turned your head and gave a thumbs up to a person across the street. This person happened to be Esmeralda. She helped you get Lila off you and let her sleep near a wall.

"Are you sure she will start training tomorrow?" Esmeralda asked.

"Im not sure. She was really drunk. Im douting she's going to be training against a hangover by tomorrow morning." You said. After that, you and Esmeralda managed to put Lila in the back seat of the car and drive back to the Element's place.

The end!