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Moemon Emerald team by november123456789066 Moemon Emerald team by november123456789066
This is my Moemon Team. the one in the middle is the trainer i named Ruby. Here is the bio for the team.


Maylene is the first moemon Ruby obtained at the beginning of her journey. Maylene is a Blaziken, a fire-fighting type moemon. Her nature is a mix of bold, harsh and a dash of rash. Maylene has a sister (which we will get to later). She's happy with the team she's on and the trainer she's with, whom she calls "Sensei".


Annie is the first moemon that was caught fresh from the wild in route 101. When she was born, her bangs were blue, which her parents were shocked at first. Her nature is mostly jolly with a hint of serious. She is mainly the joker of the team, crackin jokes at the worst possible moment. She has a crush on Peach, despite they're types don't mix.


Nora is the smart, mature one of the team. She was the first bug-water type Ruby obtained in her journey. There was a small rumor that Nora was a robot of some sort, but it turned out to be true when a small amount of skin ripped from her face, to only reveal metal and steel instead of muscle and bone. Her nature is, again, smart but a small hint of naive.


Teri is the first bird moemon Ruby caught in her journey. Teri is best friends with Annie ever since they were both infants. Even though she looks like she's as beautiful as a swan feather, but she's one of the strongest members of the team, fucking up anyone who dared challenged her to a battle. Her nature is strong-willed and quiet, but she does talk more often when she's with her allies.


When she was still a small Ralts, she terrorized route 102, claiming to be the daughter of evil. After she realized she can do something better in her life, she turned over a new leaf, becoming a special part of the team. Her nature is mild and serious. Aria is the first moemon in recorded history to Ultra Evolving, a process of skipping her first evolved form, to the final evolution.


Peach is Maylene's younger blood sister, since she is part fighting type. Ever since she joined the team, she grew a crush on Annie, despite being a different type as her own. Her nature is bold and calm. At some point in time, she was under stress that Annie and Teri were fighting over who would be better off with Peach, but in the end, Annie was victorious and Teri was okay with it.

I hope you liek the picture and bio! <3
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May 30, 2016
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