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"Let it go
Daisy, Let it go
Open up your fist
This fallen world
Doesn't hold your interest
It doesn't hold your soul
Daisy, let it go."

~ Switchfoot

~Awasha created a stamp out of this image:

All my works are © B.S. Smith with all rights reserved and shall not be reproduced, altered, or used in any other way without my written consent. Thank you.

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"Daisy, I'll be waiting"
haruyuuma's avatar
can i have your permission to paint this?
novelhill's avatar
You may! Please just link it back to me in the description if you put it on deviant art. I'd like to see it!
haruyuuma's avatar
hey me again ^^ i wanted to let you know that the painting wont be done until late April my art teacher wants me to wait until i finish my present one just thought you'd like to know
haruyuuma's avatar
Thanks I'm glad you said yes it's for my mom on her birthday and of corse I'll be sending you a link when it's finished
Awasha's avatar
I feel soft , beautiful & specail :heart:
when i see this PHOTO :rose: ,
if you allow me to use this photo in a stamp <33
Of course i'll credit you =3
novelhill's avatar
Why did you cross out that last part? Would you not actually credit me? I'd let you use it if you credit me.
Awasha's avatar
lool no i just love to make ma COMMENT great ;p
am sorry for that of course i will credit you I I always do =D

sorry and thanx for noted me about a cross line i always do that
I must to used it in something else like "journal" not a comment .
so people would think something else =D
novelhill's avatar
haha its fine, no worries!
Awasha's avatar
I use it here [link]
thanx very much , and i really like it :heart:u:heart:
novelhill's avatar
you're welcome! It looks good!
CatTheNinja's avatar
I love the depth of field here :)
Ruko's avatar
oh, wow... wow.
I kid you not, the song started playing in my head before I even clicked on the thumbnail.
haha... that is insanely weird.
wonderful photo. ^_^
novelhill's avatar
that's awesome! That pleases me. I think this photo kind of conveys the mood in the song a little. I'm glad you like it :)
Heylormammy's avatar
Aww this is lovely :heart:
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