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Ninja Avatar by Novelboy Ninja Avatar :iconnovelboy:Novelboy 1 1
I'm curled in a new position on the couch in my new "space."
I wait patiently with my pad and pen, because any minute now,
my eyes focused so intently on the blank page will issue forth
the work of literary genius.
Yes, all I have to do is stare the paper down like a hawk, like
undressing a hot babe with my eyes - that should be enough
to move my hand to action and my head to art. Any minute now.
:iconnovelboy:Novelboy 0 0
I was standing on a hill
I was standing on a hill in Michigan
Under the shade of a maple tree
Sheltered from the bright warm summer sun
The grass rolled all the way down to the bottom
Saturated in green and yellow
It reminded me of those photos from the Sixties
The ones that are off color as if from a pale dream
The air smelled warm and carefree
And the wind forced the grass to lean forwards
As the sparse clouds went on their way
:iconnovelboy:Novelboy 1 1
Japanese Water Beetle
Chapter 1 (Summer '07)
Under the tree shade
We hid from the world.
I couldn't help smiling
For this fairy princess.
Chapter 2 (Fall '08)
It's so strange to be
In this place of
My memory.
:iconnovelboy:Novelboy 0 0
The Year I Wasted
The thought of it is a
Breath of fresh
Air released from
Choking lungs and battered heart.
I stand and watch as
The rain drifts by:
The storm is gone,
Moved on to some other quarry.
The burden relieved as I
Shrug off my load is
Like a blessing.
And yet
I wish I could go back
And live the year I wasted on you.
:iconnovelboy:Novelboy 0 2
To: Girl, From: Boy
I wish you knew that
I would be anything for you.
:iconnovelboy:Novelboy 1 4
I open the door to a pure morning
Each of which follows like the one before it:
My skies are pale blue and my street is pale grey,
The houses arranged by rank and file in salute.
I know without looking that my neighbors
Have joined me to greet the day,
A hundred individual beings
Coordinated like clockwork.
Cogs turn as I
descend my porch steps;
The patpatpat of my shoes are the only sound.
And in this way I meet my neighbor on the
He is my brother.
We are all brothers in this place,
I am We.
How I wish you were here.
:iconnovelboy:Novelboy 1 2
Untitled Collage
Remember when we were young,
And we ran to the silence of the glass water
To escape the cultic chanting?
It was the night we first met, when you laughed
Because I was very strange.
Remember when the paper moon opened,
When your flaxen hair fell against my shoulder,
And I was sitting on the grass floor
Away from the cheers at the soccer game?
Our team lost anyway.
Remember when I gave up signing in
To the night book?
Instead we started signing our names
On the windows of the bus in the rain
Shortly before it got stuck in the mud.
Remember when you didn’t cry to say goodbye,
Because you had no idea
That I was not like just any other guy?
We make our own pain ourselves.
Just wish I could stop you.
:iconnovelboy:Novelboy 0 0
Watch the sun rise
Streaks of daylight pour through
the cold stone mouths of Celtic archways
A girl and her flock wander
the riverside at the low point of the
valley.  The walls of the Highlands
are guarded by a fearsome god.
The wind glides through the great basin.
The clouds sail indifferently past.
The sheep start to scatter,
the dog nips them back.
:iconnovelboy:Novelboy 1 0
Yonatan's Lake
Afterwards I opened my eyes
I drew myself away from you
I took a deep breath
And let it out slowly.
I listened to the thumping in my chest
I listened to Ori playing the guitar.
“If only I played guitar,” I said
And listened to your laugh.
I tried to slow my heartbeat
I tried to catch my breath
And got a little worried when I couldn’t.
I rolled on to the towel
And curled up next to you
I smiled and looked in your eyes.
I lay there for a few minutes
I periodically checked my shoes
To make sure my stuff was still in them.
I waited a while
And then you wanted to go swimming.
I followed you through the trees.
I saw Lizzie
And watched her with Ari.
I walked towards Yonatan
I dug out a hole for him
And he filled it with water
And called it Yonatan’s Lake.
:iconnovelboy:Novelboy 0 1
Remember the night you tried to say you loved me
When you’d only known me nine days?
Called me at 2 in the morning
Just so I could guess what you wanted to tell me.
I told you to slow things down a bit.
Next week you said you’d visit me for Christmas
You had the whole thing planned out:
I’d take you into the music room downstairs
For a “drum lesson.”
You came the week after Christmas
We watched Rent in the basement.
Every inch I crawled closer to you,
The farther away you got.
And then we were just friends
And you never knew
That one morning long ago at two,
I also wanted to say I loved you.
:iconnovelboy:Novelboy 1 0
In the Flesh?
Three years ago, a man in a dark trench-coat
        With dark wet hair kept his head down as he
        Walked on rainy city streets.  No one knows
        He’s there, no one could care to.
At a table in a pub, a woman sat with fiery hair,
        Who looked around but saw nothing.
        The world was grey and all the blank
        Faces that inhabit it.
The man in the trench-coat entered that pub.
        The fire-hair woman sat, staring at no one.  He sat
        Down at the table and lit a cigarette.  He looked at her.
        She sees him.  He grins, and offers a light.
The Wall ar
:iconnovelboy:Novelboy 0 5
The Afternoon It All Went Dark
Suddenly, everything switched off, and I mean everything.
The computer, the TV, and the lights all went black.
We all looked at each other one at a time,
My mom, my brothers, and me.
We went outside to see what was happening.
It was difficult to say; everyone lost power, and nobody knew why.
The family and I rushed over to the pharmacy: for the ice pack sale.
The queue line spanned seven blocks.
“The entire East Coast lost power?” the woman behind us asked the cell phone,
“Must be the terrorists.”  Got me a little jumpy, that lady.
Nothing else to do but go to a friend’s house and lay around.
What would you do in a world with no electronics?
It was the four of us: Meryl, Geoff, Liz, and me.
Just lying there on the basement floor, hanging out.
Yep, so we’ll crawl into a sleeping bag on the floor,
And just sit there and talk…well this is fun.
:iconnovelboy:Novelboy 0 1
On the Road to Bruma
A gentle breeze whirls through the air
Lightly brushing the cheek of
A young man with a book and a pen.
It’s quite warm here
There is no excess,
Just pleasantness.
The pines rub their great noise
In an introspective dance.
If trees could speak they wouldn’t,
Only hum some low green note
To sing in the choir of the birds.
The tiny ice blue flowers
Unconcerned this moment with survival
Sway with the melody.
The great ships of clouds roll past
Looking at the end of the storm
And the long shadow it cast.
It’s spring in Bruma,
And the sun is shining.
:iconnovelboy:Novelboy 0 0
View from My Last Summer
The sun in the sky and the sweet summer air
That I smelled in the falling water.
They made quite a background to the groove metal
Booming from my stereo
I remember sounds like that from my childhood.
I had two desires: a desire to be safe and a desire to feel
Circumstances as of late however made these
Out of the question.
I tried so hard,
But each step forward took me two steps backward.
Islands in the distance
Crying to be touched.
I reached out with acrylic hands
My body ached for its warmth
Struggling until I reached my mark at last.
I was once more
A child in the presence of riches.
:iconnovelboy:Novelboy 0 0

Random Favourites

That day,
You were carved into the sky
blossoming and black
and acrid.
Around, the people milled about
picked flowers
slipped them into their daughters' hair.
They didn't notice you rising heavenward
in great and powerful plumes.
They haggled over bread,
instead, in coarse and native tonge.
But you,
You were tattooed into that sky,
Something the sky would remember forever,
as if you were a rash decision,
and ex-lover's name imprinted on his arm.
The sky hides you behind his back,
murmuring, "It's nothing."
Rolling up his blue sleeves.
But it's too late.
I've seen.
And to me, your face is always
carved into the sky.
:iconnailsforbreakfast:NailsForBreakfast 1 0
A Respectable Citizen
Look what they've done;
They've made you respectable
pulled out your piercings
and cut your long hair.
[They took away your Barbie dolls
and gave you guns and an adding machine.]
They squeezed all the you out of you,
trained you not to lisp
burned all your 80s electronica.
You're on the fast track
to getting married
and having a great job and three kids,
and going to church every Sunday.
But I'll remember
your brilliant falsetto,
and singing with you on the roof at midnight.
I'll remember eating cupcakes with you
'till we were all spun out on
sugar and joy and love.
I'll remember the way you were
before they took the you away.
And I'll be here
when you're done playing normal.
:iconnailsforbreakfast:NailsForBreakfast 0 0
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I don't know how many of you have seen this beautiful cartoon, but it's the creation of Adventure Time storyboard creator Natasha Allegri. It's pretty wild, kind of like a cross between Adventure Time and Sailor Moon in the most weirdly fitting way. And it has a Kickstarter. Which is in trouble! The trend isn't looking very good. It might make its goal, but I don't know.

Check out the video and do what you can. If not pitching in, just spread the word! This show has gotta happen.
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