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Cassiopeia -- Fullview
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By nove   |   Watch
Published: January 10, 2008
© 2008 - 2019 nove
Beautiful queen of the waters
Borne by celestial mother
Sublime astrological divinity

Punished for vain intervention
She sacrificed godlike ascension
Stripped of Olympian serenity

"Solar winds
will carry me far away from here
take me to my journey's end"

Hear a goddess cry
a silent hopeless sigh
from a sanctum divine

From the stars she still whispers
Envied among all her sisters
Entwined in a kingdom of infinity

The tears of an astral descension
derived from her moonlit dimension
A star that is fading to obscurity

"So, my wings
will carry me far away from home
bring me to my final rest"

- - - - -
Photoshop probably 50+ hours on and off

I believe I had what Alice and I used to call an art leap finally in two years. Heavily influenced by the fact Anderson told me to look into Alphonse Mucha. I loved his style, it was simplistic in color and detailed in design.

Meet Cassiopeia.


Designs on shirt and armies: [link]

WOW GUYS. Thanks for the DD O__O it's my first and I'm both surprised and so fucking happy.

Wow, thanks guys. It's nice to know someone suggested a piece of my work to the community.
Thanks everyone <3
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basement24Professional Artist
Beautiful stuff, I love the work on the hair the most. Very worthy of a DD!
nove's avatar
Thank you very much :]
Yeah, gotta say curls? So much fun and a first! Big bountiful curls <3
Thanks again :D
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printerERRORStudent General Artist
This is simply amazing Nove.

I love the use of textures. The subtle areas around her face and continuing in the skin are fabulous. Her ringlets have a heavy quality to them, which compliment her outfit and the lack of weight that tapers out towards her feet. The sharpness of her elbows and knees is pretty sweet too. God, the texture and halftones. I can't get over those...

There are two things that look a little odd though. The area in the background around the record is just so pixelated, but in a way it works since the pixelation continues throughout the background. And her chest seems to be almost too high on the torso. Maybe that's just the way the clothing is pushing her breasts up? Yeah, that could be it :P

Anyway, I love this piece. And as for the long ass mutherfucking comment...I like critiques and saying more than "Oh shit, this is fab". I GIVE YAH THE TRUTH.
nove's avatar
XD to be honest, I hate boobs so it could be either of those, too high or being pressed up :] when I think corset I think old england haha. but yeah the pixelation bothered me too at first but it does stay a constant :o so it was intentional <3

thanks for the big compliment stock pile though <3 supreme awesome pix darling.
zero-warrior's avatar
zero-warriorProfessional Digital Artist
pretty composition, and use of colors.

The anatomy however is sort of off. Her left shoulder is disproportionate and her neck is growing more kin to her right shoulder side since the left one is so long. Her boobs are too high too. But those are just minor problems, its' a wonderful piece!
vannessa's avatar
Congrats man, you deserve it!
Not to mention this is fucking gorgeous, and finished!
pichu4850's avatar
I love the repetition of the circular shape in this. Very nice colors used, too, the browns blues and greens are just beautiful. The only thing bothering me about this is that her boobs seem too small/high up on her chest and her arms a tad too long/large, but I need to work on the arms of my drawings anyway, so what do I know. XD but continuing on, I also really adore her legs and skirt/boots.
nove's avatar
The boobs bug me too but eh, I hate females and their chesticles XD and mm I like long arms so I wouldn't notice XD LOL ANATOMY WHO NEEDS IT!

Thanks though :D <3 the color scheme is part of my favorite things on this piece.
Sirenensang's avatar
Lol. My Computer's Name is Cassiopeia and I'm drawing an Avatar of her right now.
nove's avatar
Awesome XD be sure to link me to the final copy. Personifying computers and technology is usually interesting as hell. I thought of doing it for my laptop and desktop computers.
Sirenensang's avatar
If I ever complete it, I'll notice you.^^
X-Thirteenth-Moon-X's avatar
X-Thirteenth-Moon-XHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, you did this all in photoshop!? This is amazing!
nove's avatar
Yes indeed I did <3 and thank you!
IrisAyame's avatar
IrisAyameHobbyist General Artist
lovely steampunk outfit.

this is pretty. congrats on the dd
nove's avatar
Ooh man wow I hadn't even thought of steam punk but wow. I love it so thank you very much O_O <3
IrisAyame's avatar
IrisAyameHobbyist General Artist
I take it you had to look it up? XD Yes it is FANTASTIC right? <3
nove's avatar
Oh no I know what steampunk IS I jsut never thought of it in relation to this, but that's cool that you pointed it out :]
InKibus's avatar
InKibusProfessional General Artist
Gorgeous blend of styles and colors! Congrats on the DD! :bow:
RagDollSally4990's avatar
Very Mucha-esc, amazing piece!

paddirn's avatar
That's awesome. I actually just did a presentation for my design class on Mucha. Something about beautiful women and curvilinear lines just go together so well.

The positioning on the girl is a little odd though, almost as though she has no armpit.
nove's avatar
Haha Mucha is very interesting.
As far as what you said, eh I never draw arms up. And didn't want to exactly reference myself for it at the time. To me, it looks decent and convincing.

I'll work on it though. :]
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bradyscottProfessional Traditional Artist
Nice lookin piece!
Qikalou's avatar
This is amazing!
I adore the colors and the textures!
The character is very pretty too.

I'm scared to ask, but could I use this as my desktop?
nove's avatar
Oh feel free to :D if you screenshot just give proper credit and yadda yadda though haha. I have no problem with that though <3

And thank you. I actually might use her in a story some day :D
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