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this is :iconsimkaye: 's dragon, Cry
part of the japan fundraiser project, annnd... this needs a big disclaimer:
yeah, this is way way more than a sketch or a small painting like i was supposed to do. i don't fit very much personal art into my project list, and so I don't usually get to choose what I want to work on. this image had the potential for me to really push some things I wanted to learn better.. clouds, sunset lighting, bounce light, atmospheric light.. mostly light :D also dragon anatomy.. I don't do dragons often at all o.o so i took advantage of the opportunity i had.
I really hope no one gets upset at me for being unfair and not spending this much time on everyone.. it was really sort of a selfish thing; i just wanted to see how well i could do this.
anyways. i had fun :P
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This beautiful picture has unfortunately been stolen and used in a Facebook ad for a game :( 
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Hey! Just letting you know that this picture's most likely been stolen in a facebook ad!
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Hello! Just a head's up, this artwork is being used in a sponsored facebook ad and your signature has been edited out:…
This is a beautiful picture and I want to purchase a print of it but I'm here to let you know that Esprit Games is using it in an ad for one of their games on Facebook. No one has seen your name on it and I know if one of my pieces was being used like that without my permission I would appreciate someone letting me know.
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A magical image, the creature is so unique and believable.
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I love this picture SO MUCH. The mood, the lighting, the smile on it's face.... all of it is just so fantastic! Heart 
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It looks amazing, I just love it ^^
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Oh my gosh, this is such a beautiful piece
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Beautiful! I love the lighting :heart:
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Ah, so beautiful!
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this looks just like one of the pictures in a dragon sketchbook I have .0. ... wonderful-awesomeness
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D:  I wish I was this good!  XD  This is amazing!!!
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Amazing illustration…i love it!
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OMG! thats amazing!
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this is so different and amazing! i love it so much!
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The lighting is lovely
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Novawuff's avatar
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This is simply breathtaking!  I have to admit im jealous!  I wish I could draw like :iconastonishedplz:
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