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Werewolf cal. WIP - the ARM

I've gotten some wonderful, very helpful feedback on this, so I'm gonna take a couple days to try to fix stuff, and I'll post again for ya'll to critique... but until then, may I ask politely for no more crits? it's not that I mind them.. I just can't keep up with the replies!
and a big thankyou for everyone who has responded so far! you guys are great!


omg, this thing has been totally owning my soul for MONTHS now and I STILL feel like I have so much work *whimper*
(in this situation, one finds oneself asking if it is /really/ worth the trouble....)

...but besides all that.
I'm having all kinds of issues with the daddy wolf's arm. It seems too big and hulkish as is.. and yeah i know werewolves ARE big and hulkish, but it just doesn't seem to work. I have to be careful where I place his hand, because if it covers up too much of the baby's face, that doesn't work either.
Also, what about his fingers? Do they look "werewolfish" enough? Or are they too long and like people fingers with claws?
Do you think the angle of his arm and hand and shoulder are right? Redline, anyone??? o.o

I like the composition except I think it might be a really good idea to add a little extra on the daddy's side.. he feels cut off and a little pushed out of the image.. and besides.. I goofed and wasn't supposed to make the picture square, anyways :P (was remembering last year)

So the idea is that this family of werewolves are lounging around in the grass on a summer day... I think the puppy is going to be a female and we'll go with a "daddy's girl" sort of theme.
So dad wolf is laying on his belly, mom is sort of on her side with her head propped on her arm, her hand sort of hidden in her long hair...
they /are/ supposed to be on an incline of sorts..
there will be lots of grass/flowers/whatever along the bottom.. will help cover some problem areas ;}
They will have jewelry and possibly tattoos, but that will be done very last.
There will also be a lot of work done with lighting/shading to bring all of them together in the same area.. but usually I try to get my colors, my textures, and everything else done first...

I'm not sure about the mom's long hair... but it's hard to say since it's in such a rough stage.

and yes, the background is a photo. I just stuck it in there because i was tired of looking at the solid grey color that was there before :P

Okay!! Help!! any comments, critiques, suggestions.. I would be quite thankful! Don't be afraid.. even if it's something I haven't mentioned.. i've been staring at this thing for FAR too long!
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When you'll finish it? You have to fix both male's arms
Sindaj's avatar
How the heck do you make your furs and wolves looks so real! It boogels my mind, honistly. x_x
Blue-Wolf-Eyes's avatar
taking parts of real photo's and puting it together
TheBoneYard's avatar
ive had the final piece saved in my favorites for ages and after looking at this...i still have NO idea how u did that with the fur. love it!
Savannah-lion-1's avatar
you say this is only 30% how big was the canvas size? you actually used? i love the finished work its amazing!
Savannah-lion-1's avatar
you say this is only 30% how big was the canvas size? you actually used? i love the finished work its amazing!
dakazi's avatar
Obviously this isn't going to be of any help to you now, but the mother wolf has a bit of a fox-ish face - I think it might be the size of the ears or the length of the muzzle.

Still, amazing :)
rezzilla's avatar
Somthing about the upper arm and wrist seems off. Like, the upper arm is really large, and then the wrist is really tiny, and turned at an odd angle. But otherwise, great job! I love the fur!
Licantrox's avatar
Omg,that not a drawing that's a photo!!! Amazing work,keep it up!!
Wint3rHeart's avatar
Are you painting the adult male wolf from a reference?

I found a photo that is nearly identical to him.

seen here - [link]
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yup! although the picture i found was a lot smaller than that one.. this bigger one would have been a lot easier! lol...
there were some small things that i changed, especially when I started doing small details, but I did all my basework from that photo :}
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Everything looks pretty good. One thing I notice is the arm like you said. Have it angled more downward, so most of his arm wont actually be in the picture. A good way to get an idea of this is to look at yourself in a mirror doing a similar pose. It helps so you can get an idea of the anatomy.
demonicaljakkal's avatar
This looks so real I thought it was partly a photo. The amount of detail you put into your work is truly amazing. I cannot wait to see this finished.
DSil's avatar
Good lord that's astounding.
Nini-minou's avatar
the fur! ugh tell me how to do it. haha

seriously i can't wait to see this piece done.
Nelcora's avatar
omg i thought this was a photo!
your amazing!
ilovevillevalo's avatar
I really can't wait to see this finished. It's stunning at the moment, so it's gonna be breathtaking when it's finished! :heart:
Mizu-Inu's avatar
hrmmm here's a thought, try putting daddy's palm on the 'mid back' of the cub so only the dip of his fingers are holding the head up a bit and that way you can move the elbow back. It might make it look a lil more natural... i think
Wounded-Leaf's avatar
I thought this was a photomanip at first. I was like, "Hey! I dn't know anyone who'd do this! >:o"
Amazing work so far, simply wonderful :]
The dad's arm does feel like it's a bit too low though.The part that leads up to his shoulder feels like it should be up a bit more. Or just tilt the whole arm and hand a bit, the hand seems a little too far up.
Spectrolite's avatar
I think that the reason you find this to be so awkward is the fact that you want the family to be lying down. Momma and the baby look like they are laying on the ground, but the dad looks almost like he's standing or something because of the angle of her head vs. the angle of the other two figures. Perhaps if the opposite shoulder was visible, the problem might disappear, but I'm not sure.

However, I must say that I'm impressed with what you've shown us so far. Your work is always stunning and this is no exception. :aww:
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I would say change the father's arm up completly. It looks like it's bent in a weird way.
Other than that looks wonderful :)
Lyrak's avatar
Damn you people who paint like photos..... thought it was a damn photomanip before I fullviewed it. o.o Hell, even at the large size, the teeth are so perfect it looks like a photo.

*dies of envy at mad skillz*

The arm position, though, is a teense awkward... unfortunately I suck at arms so I dunno what to suggest to fix it. lol It may also just be the unfinishedness making it not quite look to my eye like it's laying on the ground. But I think there was a suggestion above to take some photos of somebody laying down like that. That'd probably be the best idea, if you've got a guy who doesn't mind being your guinea pig for a bit. lol

The lighting is gorgeous, by the way.
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