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Werewolf Calender 2011

Werewolf society once existed exclusively separate from human civilization. An active search and hunt began and intensified in the 16th and 17th century, forcing many werewolves to partially or fully break up their packs and infiltrate human life. During this time of greater danger to themselves and their species, werewolves lived hybrid lives and shifted as rarely as they could afford. After some time of this difficult and painful lifestyle, some attempted to retain their packs in secrecy by feigning humanity in isolated lifestyles where shifting would be private. Feral packs once again started forming when formerly hybrid werewolves moved to the bitter north, and eventually to colonies in Africa, India, America, etc. With new land and space, they were able to become wholly secluded and separate from human society. Since this time, werewolves have made the choice to live the double life of a hybrid, or favor their life in the wild.


Woo! My image for the 2011 Werewolf Calender, in case you hadn't already noticed. :D

It's February, which is kind of awesome since it's my birthday month.
The artists for this year are Balaa, Dark Natasha, Goldenwolf, Heather Bruton, H.Kyoht Luterman, Katie Hofgard, Khaosdog, Myenia, Zowolf, Rayndancer, Synnabar, Therese Larsson and yours truly.

for more information take a look at the website [link] and/or the DA group, #Werewolf-Calendar
preordering is NOW and the first 100 orders are getting sticker and the four bookmark set for free - whee!

I used a photo from :iconfiverstock: to reference the ship.. had to draw the darn thing on a grid cause i suck so bad at structural things. o.o
also referenced a photo from :iconmjranum-stock: for the pose! i think :iconvantid: may have tweaked my sketch a little, too ;}
I used a couple photoshop filters over my own gloppy brush strokes for some of the rocks and village.. cause i love PS so ^^
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wow so i must say... i first found this image in 2013. i was like 12 and had just created an email and wanted a pfp so i searched "wolf person" and this came up so i used it lol. i used it for a few years until i changed it to a wolf i drew in 2015 but i still had this image on my google drive, and it was then that i finally realized, "wait, i can find who made this and tell them its cool", however finding it was a LOT harder than i thought it would be. I wasnt sure how to get around the internet very well so it took years but FINALLY!! I FINALLY found it with some help and literally tearing the image's code apart!! An epic 6 year search has finally ended lol. It holds a special place in my heart and always will lol

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Incredible artwork
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This so reminds me of the aftermath of battle when the wolf-kin Vikings went to war with the bear-kin in "Gay-Furred Sons of Midgård". It is incredible not only in its execution but for its ability to tell a whole saga in a single image. Wonderful.
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One of my favourite werewolf pics
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Ragnar Lodbrock Wolf!!
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This piece has been featured on our facebook page! Thank you for your work!

Musing Star
Founder of Fan of Fantastic Fantasy…
Like a true Faoladh warrior!
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holy crap!!!!!!!!!!! that is cool!!!!!
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looks like a viking wolve ^^ very fiting to hte european wolve, i just like that idea. and the work was well done, especially the play wiht light and shadow. deserves the word "awesome" rightfully
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I ABSOLUTELY love this!
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I absolutely love this. Since I began to write a story with a werewolf using a sword, I search a picture which can illustrate this. And this... It's just wonderful. All details are just amazing.
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Finally found original artist of this beautiful pice, really great work.
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such a cool scene!
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:pumpkin: Happy pre-Halloween :pumpkin:
You have been featured in The pre-HALLOWEEN bash begins !! >> [link]
Enjoy & may your Halloween be spooky and full of treats !! :evillaugh:
Have you created any more picture like this totally cool one.
Ps. sorry about the bad writing hard type with paws (LOL)
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This is one of the best deviations i've seen
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This picture is so awesome I'm at a loss of words lol but nice job
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One of the best pictures i´ve seen.
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That is so Awesome!!
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