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January 5, 2009
Werewolf Calender 2009 - July by ~Novawuff The amount of effort put into this piece becomes an immanent message as your eyes move through this composition. Surely a stunning and jaw dropping digital piece. Well done!
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Werewolf Calender 2009 - July

Werewolves are monogamous, and almost always choose to have several children. Though their mating habits are unseasonal, like humans, they do experience a 'mating season,' where behavior will change slightly due to the similarities from their wolf relatives. The female has 1-2 puppies that will be born in and remain in the form she is at the time of birth. They will learn to shift four years later.



This is, by far, the /biggest/ and LONGEST piece of digital art I've ever seen to completion!
So, yes, I know there are still mistakes, and you can point them out if it makes you happy, but I'm not gonna go back and fiddle with anything anymore.. I've been staring at this thing for over 9 months now. :P

::::: Do be sure to check out [link] to order one of these bad boys! :::::

I'm also offering prints of just this image :}
it's displayed here at 1/4 of the working size.. it will make a very lovely large print.

And just cause it's not super obvious, it's supposed to be a mommy and daddy werewolf snuggling in the wildflower field with their daughter. The alternative title to this piece was going to be "Daddy's Girl". :}

- Other Things -

The reference I used for the wolf on the left is by the amazing Bryan Sears!

I did a tutorial on how I painted all the fur for this picture here: [link]

Here's a detail shot:

the WIP:

annnnnnnnnd last but not least, special thanks for everyone who commented and helped with the WIP's for this, and for my dear darling husband, Jared, who helped me out big time with the anatomy of the daddy wolf's arm and hand!
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Darkslayer2010's avatar

Awww, such a beautiful family scene... I'm left speechless!

Isaacphotos88's avatar
beautiful artwork.
CrissRudolf's avatar
looks exactly like the picture from Grim Tales 2 
Sherpaorc's avatar
And this is officially the most hyper-realistic wolf I've ever seen on DA. Even streaming it to my 65 inch TV, it is impossible to even tell that he is drawn. I really wish I could just buy a giant poster of this thing!
linuxUsr117's avatar
I'm lost for words. 😍
DaybreaksDawn's avatar
Someone may be using this without your permission for pillow covers on…

If you've licensed this picture out to be printed by this company, please disregard this comment.
TheLastHetaira's avatar JUST WOW. :wow: 
KashmiraDragonGodess's avatar
someone has stolen this work and edited it.
a wolf family by greenday2160
landra15's avatar
Wow, amazing^^
Zowen2001's avatar
Aww. It's so cute!
SnapCentino's avatar
It's so idyllic and peaceful, I love it so much!
BlazeWildSpirit's avatar
I tried to draw this to let you know
EnvySkort's avatar
BlazeWildSpirit's avatar
Thank you for noticing bless you can we take this down this was a test.
nudagimo's avatar
Very well deserved DD! Congrats! Your work is gorgeous! :clap:
KiyiyaHowlingWolf's avatar
Someone from IMVU has stolen and altered this piece! Please view my journal for details!
KiyiyaHowlingWolf's avatar
Please view my recent journal!!!! There are TWO piece that belong to you that have been altered and stolen!
d'awe, this is adorable :3
Wolvencheif's avatar
Sooooo cute !!!!!!
Agent36496's avatar
That's so cute and sweet! :aww: The parents look really loving, too
Wildfire2013's avatar
Now that's what I call talent. You got the right to call yourself an artist
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