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Pheasant Feather Painting

A friend of mine just opened up a coffee shop and bookstore; she hired me to do all her menus and signs and stuff... and then offered to let me sell my art there - cool!

so I plan to do a few really nice featherpaintings of Idaho-type wildlife, and jared's (supposedly) going to build me some shadowbox frames for them, and see if they sell. :}

This one, duh, is a ringneck pheasant. I used acrylic inks this time.. they're really super awesome. o.o i think i'm hooked!
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Wooow I love it thats perfect!!!
AbiiRosee's avatar
How much are you selling these for I really want one
alaskanpariah's avatar
Wow, stunning: well done, my friend! I used to pain feathers many moons ago, and this piece has definitely inspired me to take a crack at it again!
HeroesRain's avatar
your feather paintings are really incredible
Yorulla's avatar
beautifull like every else :heart:
bagofmoos's avatar
wow!!!!!!! That looks amazing with all the detail on those little feathers
LyrebirdJacki's avatar
i adore this feather painting, ive always been hooked into feather paintings since i saw one, but im so usless at painting them (well painting at all actually). i love how u did the few strandes of grass, brings slight change from the nice browns and golds
kittycoyote's avatar
gorgeous painting. what kind of feathers do you use for these paintings? Just curious. :)
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Geeeeegrggg oh my GEEZ I can't believe you can do these! I have trouble painting period! And you, on a feather no less!

DingDingy's avatar
I think your work is great.
Thank you for turning me on to this site it has been fun looking at all the good art work and outting my own on it.
Can't thank you enough
lavonne's avatar
nice detail.. i love your feather paintings
SolangeFoxheart's avatar
I like the texture of the paint on the top feather, and the colors. Also, the green on the grass is appealing. ^^ Good luck with selling art at the coffee shop!
Aerona's avatar
very detailed and beautiful, I love it
MasterOfPointillism's avatar
About how much would something like this cost?
FreedomSparrow3's avatar
Acrylic inks? Like... pens that use acrylic? Whaaaat? I want some if that's true! =D

GORGEOUS job on this pheasant piece. Absolutely beautiful. I wouldn't mind buying that for my dad. :)
Novawuff's avatar
you probably could load them into a quill ink pen if you wanted! but they come in little ink jars with droppers.. um.. it's sort of like really potent, liquid acrylic. what i loved most about them was the consistency..
in order to get my acrylics to work right, i have to water them down to thin them out, so they're not blobbing around messing up my little details. the problem is that then the color gets weakened, and you have to hit it with a couple of layers to get a strong color..
the acrylic inks were already the perfect thinness, but vibrant as ever! it made things soooo much easier and faster..
FreedomSparrow3's avatar
I bet it did! Thanks for the tips, I'm sure they'll help when I get these sweet pens. :hug:
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yaaaaaaaaay, wuff! where is the coffee place?
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It's called Veritas coffe and fine books, or something... it's on orchard and chinden, sort of next to that place with the rearing yellow horse :P
yarrbunny's avatar
that is a good name for a coffeebook place. ^_^

we should go there some time! on account of i haven't seen you in like...years!

ooh! whatcha doing friday? i'm going to see pirates with a few friends.
care to join us?
Sharpe19's avatar
Acrylic ink? never heard of such a thing. huh.... Well, doesn't matter what media you use, all of your work turns out beautifully!
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