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Golden Eagle

By Novawuff
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This featherpainting was donated to an auction to raise money for wildlife rehab at a vet pulled some 350$. I was gleeful. So were the animals.
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The quintessential National Bird of hundreds of countries around the world, alongside the peregrine falcon, given how widely distributed both species are across the northern hemisphere 
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I hadn't seen this one of yours before, but I absolutely love it! Really fantastic colors and lighting. Good to hear it sold well. :)
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oh never mind it is a golden eagle......
u awesome!!!!
WOLFIEkat10d's avatar
Is that a golden eagle???
it really great!!!!
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Beautiful piece, I'm glad you could raise so much money for a good cause.

Airbrushed background? Is this done in acrylics I would guess? I paint on feathers myself but nothing nearly this good, outstanding!!
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this is amazing!!! the thumbnail pic had me thinking it was a photograph, not a painting, then i saw it was on a feather, too!
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hey i have agolden eagle feather i want painted. how much woul dyou do it for?
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if you really do have a REAL golden eagle feather... and not a turkey feather painted to look like one, you and i would both need special licenses to handle them...currently, I don't/ sorry!
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its not painted. i know that. i highly dought its a turkey feather. iv been a hunter my whole life and know those birds liek tha backe of hand. could be a HUGE goose feather but its soo light and red for that. i got it from my loval fairgrounds from a chipowa indian woman. (i knwo o speled that wrong) its a flight feather i bought for 20 bucks. ill post a pic soon
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That's just simply amazing :wow:
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For these feather paintings, where do these feathers come from? Already dead animals or are they found or something?

anywho, stunning painting. I love the amount of detail.
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omg thats the best feather painting ive seen so far, its so amazing, i love eagles, how can u paint on a featehr with so much detail, and dont the feather get in the way by parting and stuf?
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Wow, this is definately my favourite..incredible work. I love the pose and this another goose feather?
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That's an incredible piece the fox wasn't happy...
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Oh gosh.. I'm still baffled on how you paint on feathers. Are you using oil based paints? Acrylics? What ever you use, keep on painting. Your works are remarkable. It's good to see the money raised went to a really good cause.
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Whoa, this is great! The detail is awesome, and it went to a good cause. ^^
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It looks spectacular, especially the eyes! :D
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Even better than the owl :D :+fav: again
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That's incredible. o.o
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