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Fur Painting Tutorial

my lame attempt at explaining how i do fur...
i'm assuming everyone has a pretty good knowledge of PS, cause i didn't include the little screen grabs that show what tools and brushes i'm talking about..
but they're all quite standard, so hopefully everyone can figure it out :P

here's a little screen grab showing which brushes i was talking about... and yeah, the tool that in reality is called "smudge" I called "smear". same thing :}
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even the third image looks good enough to me!!
InfamousOnionNinja's avatar
This is so helpful!!! And very funny too! Now I'm gonna actually try it... (I'm not good at blending colors in general so blending fur colors scares me) 
TDC-Art7's avatar
This was really helpfull!
Gossamerrose's avatar
Thanks for uploading this! It really helps to understand how to paint fur from start to finish. Gotta try this one day!
DanielleIannarelli's avatar
Hi!  Great tutorial.  I tried it out and posted my results on my FB artist page, instagram and tumblr and linked your tutorial! 

Here is my instagram post:…
InFamousPrime's avatar
i have a watercolor brush would that work as a soft brush??
Chalouba's avatar
It's so nice to see others using the smudge tool, I always feel like I'm cheating! Thanks for sharing :heart:
KittyCatRainbow's avatar
Wow. This was really useful. Thanks a lot for making it!
FlareAndIcicle's avatar
Really clear and helpful, thank you! :heart:
bulbasad's avatar
Thanks for uploading this! Really straightforward, makes it seem much less intimidating.
hollyleaf14's avatar
Man, I normally do horses, and when I first tried prepping a wolf...Roll Eyes Don't even ask. So...I have a new alternative :happybounce:  yay! 

But I'll probably muck this one up like all the other tutorialsSad dummy  Even's so simple I think I've fainted. 
aepa's avatar
Thank you so much for this. I might actually have an idea what I'm doing now lol. Fur is difficult ;n;
Rhiwiel's avatar
Thanks for that tutorial!
I'll try to paint some fur this evening
ArticWolfSpirit's avatar
very pretty and good. maybe i can figure it out 
xRefinedDemon's avatar
That is amazing! I wish i could draw fur like that too :icondragonweep:
o0MSK0o's avatar
Step two is like what i call a finished image lol
so this made no sense to me xd
RokkyValentine's avatar
As an artist that has a hard time doing hair and fur I appreciate your taking time to do this, very clear, concise tutorial, thank you
239CX5's avatar
I think my tablet has major sensitivity issues. Oh well. Thanks allot for this tutorial :) I pretty much gave up and copied the 3rd image and worked from there XD Guess I need some practice.
WolfNightV4X1's avatar
*throws tablet out window* I give up
RuttoSSJ's avatar
10 hours? Hell. I give up on a poop after 20 minutes.
Caro-Lime's avatar
Great tutorial! Thanks!
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