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Featherpainting - Bighorn Ram

By Novawuff
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"Bighorn Sheep" although more accurate, wouldn't fit :P

Dad's christmas present
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lanibb's avatar
I love the feather art you do. They are absolutely beautifully detailed for such a small canvas.
Leusenia's avatar
i thing it's so heavy to draw this wonderful drawing ON A FEATHER o.o
Red-Rose-12's avatar
All your feather paintings are just so freakin' awsome!!!!!!!!!!!
That is just freaking awesome!!!
Jokerbabee's avatar
How do you paint on a feather?!? O.o
Novawuff's avatar
Jokerbabee's avatar
Haha, True true! (: Very beautiful!
SophieCross's avatar
I don't believe it, its amaizing to do something like that in the fether.
enamel-hearts's avatar
Someone's daddy's very, very pleased... XD
icybluedragoneye's avatar
Did you do that??? That is amazing! All of your mythical art is!! I love it!!!!!So amazing!!:eyepopping::#1::jawdrop::shocked:I wish I could do all of that art as good as you! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
macabreee's avatar
If you were selling feathers like this,
I would be all over that shizz. o.o
Novawuff's avatar
i do, actually ;}
macabreee's avatar
Oh really?~
Where can I find information?
density-tmr's avatar
Stunning - and unique - very well done
indigowolfswhisper's avatar
no....way you painted this on this feather holy mother of merry this is amazing!
Wood-Splitter-Lee's avatar
WOW!! Right on! I sculpted a white ram and I think this is just so cool!
vasodelirium's avatar
hello!your work is featured in my journal,hope you don't mind:)
shutterwolf87's avatar
absolutely amazing that you can do have some incredible tallent!
wolf-in-spirit's avatar
Wolfabi's avatar
you do these featherpainting things by yourself? awesome! :]
MadHatterBata's avatar
WHOA! this is super awesome <3
Efe-the-dawnbringer's avatar
i dunno how people with such talent can exist O.O that´s mindblowing!!! painting that perfectly on a feather?
definitly this one goes to my favs^^
Olvium's avatar
This is my favorite feather of yours, the amount of details is stunning, great job and also very inspiring!
BlueFlamedPhoenix's avatar
wow o.o totally cool!
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