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Daddy's Girl Detail Shot

Here's the daddy's face at the size that I was working at... i just love the way his fur turned out..
and yeah, before anyone asks, I was heavily referencing a photo for it XD but every - single - hair was hand painted... there was no photo-manipulation or paintovers or anything like that.. just a TON of slow and careful work!
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Incredible attention to detail, and marvelously done!
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This is totally breathtaking!!!
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Someone posted the larger image on a forum i frequent. They couldn't find the orignal artist, but it was so awesome i decided to waste my time finding it so i could favourite it and comment. Unfortunately, the full picture doesn't load for me on DA! D:

Anyway, this is the most realistic piece of art i've ever seen and i love it! Awesome work!
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hehe... now you know! thanks for the nice words ^^
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Too stunned to write a longer comment, sorry!
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I think you have a realism that I will probably never achieve for another 15 years. This is practically photo-realistic, and you have it in scraps.
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he's totally glad that he and his mate have a aughtr together and the best part is they never fight at all like humans do and get divoces that's not what god expects from us.
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I just thought that's there's a little mistake -- incisor looks as molar here. I dunno, maybe it's anatomical specific of those, but I think it's anyway wrong. And canines could be a bit sharper and bigger, but that's my nitpick.

BUT.... it's amazing. I'll never be managed to stroke that damn many of hairs. It looks amazingly realistic. Great job.
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Now I understand why your art turns out so amazing! 9 months would probably bring me to the brink of insanity :P. But it was totally worth it.
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Man my computer would've crashed if I tried working even CLOSE to that big. It looks even more amazing this close up. I love the mouth and nose area most. But you did an insane job on all that fur! :faint:
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im curious about the dimensions you used for the final picture (the whole one not just this) think you can tell me? =3
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it's hard to find the right words to describe such work so all i'll say keep up the fantastic work!
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The eye just amazes me. <3 It's gorgeous! The lighting just makes this picture look...I don't even know the words; it's just amazing.
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this was the most kick ass pic ive ever seen
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gah i cant hold in the awesomeness!!! its freakin looks real that mouth gah and those teeth eeee and and that fur heah and and the glaze on that eye~ -_- sorry...
OMG! That's amazing, well done. I would never have the patience for that! WOW!
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That Was The Best Piece Of The ARtwork
THe Part That Shocked Me The Most
really Awesome
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O_______O *fowijfweofijwefoije*
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It almost looks real.
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