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:iconnovathelion97:NovaTheLion97 posted a status
I had the Opticians appointment yesterday, had a full in depth check-up of each eye. They tested my vision which I am already a little short-sighted but the good thing is my vision hasn't changed or got worse... The pressure test which is just this little gadget that shoots a miniscule bit of air at the eye, forcing you to react by blinking, which I the reaction wanted in this test, everything was perfectly fine. Then I had to prepare for an thorough scan and photograph of the back of my right eye, which required EXTREMELY acidic eye drops that hurt like a bitch, they were for enlarging the pupil (Some people don't know what the pupil is, it's the black spot in the middle of your eye, get's bigger in darker light, get's smaller in brighter light) and well, the eye drops worked VERY well, I looked like a frisky cat with HUGE pupils... It was pretty bizarre having one pupil bigger than the other... Okay so I had the eye scan and photograph and the results were perfect, nothing wrong at all... The result I wanted and hoped for... The problem I have is pretty common, maybe not so much in people my age but older people in their 50s and 60s called Floaters... Inside our eyeballs we have this jelly called Vitreous jelly, that sometimes breaks apart and forms these things that float around in your eye... Some can be more persistent than others... The one I have is a pretty big one that has been bothering me since last Thursday... So I've had it for a week... Although it's extremely annoying having this shadowy floating thing in your vision constantly, that was the least of my worries... They can be symptoms of other very serious things... But I'm all clear and now I have to wait up to a few more weeks until this thing disperses and disappears in my vision... :)

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