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Forget boring boring Chelsea, which I inventively disagree with as I am a Chelsea fan, it's boring boring England! What is our problem with scoring, we were clearly dominate throughout the whole game but we still didn't manage to score a single goal, and for god sake why did we waste a substitution on Harry Kane... In what world would he be able to actually deliver in an important game. The main thing is at least we qualified and that means we have only just made it through to the last 16, difference is we didn't top the group Wales did but at least for once we didn't get knocked out in the group stage. It's unbelievably frustrating to see us playing so well for a whole match, best one we played by far because of possession and passing accuracy, but still manage to look unable because of our terrible ability to actually score a goal. I think we are going to start having some serious trouble in the last 16 if not the semi finals because it's all about quality and ability to score as we have no second chance, we have to win in order to stay in the competition. Shows how shit we truly are that Wales beat Russia 3-0 while we drew 1-1 to the same opponent in our first match. We probably mustered about 60 odd shots in the whole competition by now and we have only managed to convert three of those shots into goals... oh god that's awful! E2008-001 

Oh my... this song truly matches with this seductive look by a oddly good looking Nuka, this is the best piece of art showing Nuka I have ever seen! This seriously doesn't make him look a scrawny, ugly freak like he was in Simba's Pride. I still liked him though. Credit to KaiserTiger for this awesome piece of art!

How Do You Want It - Tupac/2Pac
Smile by KaiserTiger


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Submitted on
June 20, 2016