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The First Year of Many

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 3, 2017, 10:48 AM

:iconfirsthuntress: My true, precious and wonderful soulmate ~ pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} 

Paula... I honestly don't know where to even start, I'm at the point where I couldn't even define or explain this undefinable true love... I can't fathom how fast time has gone, it's been a flash before my eyes... I haven't missed a single second, minute, hour or day since I began counting at the very start of this beautiful relationship... this intoxicating, overwhelmingly wonderful journey we set out on together the very second I admitted I loved you... IMing: Cry small heart - pink small heart - pink 

You know the very instant you messaged me, the first time you spoke to me I felt inside that there was something special about you... I couldn't understand what it was, there was this utterly wonderful warm aurora surrounding you... you stood out to me like a spiritual message sent from someone, I was drawn to you for countless reasons... It took me some time to realise and fully understand this feeling, so I took everything slowly... I approached you as gently as possible, I wanted to learn more about you... at the time I was severely depressed, I was in a dark place, I had never felt so alone in my life... but there was still that light at the end of the dark tunnel, a glimmer of hope and new purpose... the light was blurred at first but the more time went by and the more I spoke to you... the image was becoming clearer and clearer... then one day, I received a note from you... I felt the worst yet on that day but instantly the darkness was dimmed by that same blinding light... we spoke to each other everyday, you advised me, cared for me and helped me through what was possibly the worst time of my life... there wasn't a single day we didn't talk, it seemed like I was doing something natural... like... it felt so right... everything I said was from the bottom of my heart and it came out naturally... I embraced these feelings more and more... then... there was one day you advised me that I should go for a walk to refresh my mind, get some air in my lungs... I spent the entire walk thinking... pondering... realising what these feelings were... I couldn't stop thinking about you, the more I thought about you... the more that dark pit I was lost in lit up with glistening light... I stepped into this field, endless green grass stretched for miles, no one was around... I looked up to the sky, watching a sunset... I began crying... but... it wasn't the tears of sadness, it was the tears of happiness, of realisation... I could see that very same light that brightened up the dark tunnel... it was you Paula... I could see you... that's when I knew and finally understood this feeling... I fell in love... I loved you... I was In love and the feeling was nothing I ever felt before... It wasn't any kind of love... it was special... it was unique and it felt like a destiny waiting to happen... I knew what I had to do and so I calmly took my time... I couldn't help but show more and more affection, what made me feel even more in love was you gave back that very same affection... it was innocent, like two people very gently and slowly falling for each... I could not believe what was happening, it was happening everyday, more each day... I began to finally believe that maybe I wasn't the only one who had feelings, I built the courage up and with confidence from observing the affection you already gave me... November 4th at 12:04am... I sent you that note... the note that changed my life from the very moment I fought back the nervousness and told you that I can't hold back anymore, I can't hide it anymore... I told you that I loved you and you told me something I never ever would of thought someone would tell me... you told me you felt the same for me, all that time you felt the very same overwhelming feeling inside.. I had no idea and it was to this day, the happiest moment of my life... I will never look back from that moment... I cried and cried from disbelief and pure happiness... I was in love with the most wonderful... kind... special... unique girl... and she loved me back... just as much as I loved her... cry small heart - pink small heart - pink 

We've been through the toughest of times, so much together... there have been moments, times where we dug deep with each other... we stuck together, being there for each other and promising to always be there no matter what... the months went by and so... many things were being thrown into our path but we always conquered it, overcame every... single obstacle that was in the way of our relationship, with every victory we grow stronger and stronger... we loved each other like nothing and no one else before, we were invincible... nothing would ever break us apart... the love continued to thrive and grow, like a seed that had been growing since it was planted on the first day... you were there for me and I was there for you, we supported each other, we cared for each other, we loved each other, we did everything it took to overcome something... we did everything hand in hand... if one of us fell, the other would be there to pick them up, dust them off and give them all the love it took to fix them... everything was beautiful as it is to this very day and as it will remain for the years and years ahead of us... the love is just beyond anything I've ever imagined, it felt like we were created for each other... we are each other's destiny... for so long I had been so lost in life, I had no known purpose... until I was looking straight at it the whole time... you, Paula Florencia Fantín... you're my purpose my life, my destiny, the one I want to dedicate, devote and commit my entire life to... you're the one I was destined to find since the very day I born to this planet... I found the one... and there is no words to fully describe how I feel about her, how much I love her, how much she means to me, how special she really is... to me... there are no flaws in you... what you see as flaws... are what I see as beautiful in you Paula... they are what makes you such a special, wonderful, unique girl... they are what makes you the most important thing to me, in my life... you make life beautiful for me... your very presence is enough to even make me smile... you are what gets me through every single day, the hardest and darkest of days... you being there... is all I ever want in my life... you will always be the only thing I need to have good life... because no matter we achieve, it would of been a good life... because... I got to spend every second of it with you... the one I love more than anyone or anything could imagine... I love you... with every single inch of my body... every ounce of my soul... and with every beat of my heart... I will always love you... fervently... forever... I am the luckiest man in the entire world to have you.. thank you for everything you've done for me, thank you for putting up with me when I've been unbearable, thank you for hanging in there with me and staying strong with me... let us build this future we fantasise about, hmm sweetheart? Happy cry (Tears of joy) :bademoticon: small heart - pink small heart - pink small heart - pink 

I just want to thank everyone who has supported me and Paula through this journey, the support has honestly been overwhelming... we can't thank you enough for all of it... it means a lot to the both of us... but most importantly... thank you sweetheart... thank you for a wonderful year... it is our first year... the first of many... let us keep counting these years forever... someday we will be looking back at all this... when we're old and have our house... achieved all we have ever wanted with each other... I promise I will stop at nothing to make it all a reality sweetie!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MY LOVE!! IMing: Cry Happy cry (Tears of joy) :backhug: Love is... I Love You Emote love avatar :surprise-kiss: pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} 

A HUGE thank you to these special people for supporting us in every way, shape and form!! :iconscrubbydoodles: :iconeyesinthedark666: :iconlillydiaz18: :iconcamii97: :iconkatanary: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Jungle lovers~ Nova and Liara by EyesInTheDark666     True Love ~ Gift by EyesInTheDark666     Commission: KovuCent50 by Katanary     A Gift for KovuCent50 by Katanary     Two Sweethearts  by scrubbydoodles     'Although it may seem long..' by EyesInTheDark666     'Hakuna Matata' YCH for Kovucent97 by EyesInTheDark666     Passionate Kiss by scrubbydoodles

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The contest is closed for entries and I have decided the deadline for all deviation entries to be October 4th, good luck! Thank you to those who are competing!! PLEASE DON'T ABANDON THE CONTEST WITHOUT LETTING ME KNOW YOU DON'T WANT TO TAKE PART ANYMORE... please, I'd really rather you tell me than just leaving unexpectedly... thank you for understanding ;w; :heart:


Hello guys and gals! I've been pondering this for quite some time now and well, since I do not contribute with any art of my own to DA, I'd thought I'd contribute in another type of way to really show my appreciation and love for this wonderful community! I'm thinking a real, big money prize with a core membership alongside it, you'll need a PayPal account for this or I can give it to you in Deviantart points instead! :la: :la: :la:

Okay so I'd like the contest to be based around the best drawings of Nova, Liara and their family! Check out my collection to get a better view of these characters, I have a few uploaded to my gallery as well! We have Nova, Liara... their cubs; Thiago, Maya and Dawn... Nova's parents; Alika and Mwenye... Nova's Brother's; Tian, Akili and Makosa! Just to be clear, you can only submit one deviation. You can draw one character, two of them or even more if you want, its up to you who you want to draw for the deviation!

I figured out what I'd like the prizes to be, as well for the runners up at 2nd, 3rd and 4th place

1st place will get; $50 or £50 plus 12 month core membership

2nd place will get; $25 or £25 plus 3 month core membership

3rd place will get; $15 or £15 and a 3 month membership

4th place will get; $10 or £10 and a 1 month membership

Please feel free to share this journal as I want to make this known to all my friends and possible artists who would like to join!! I will not start this contest until I have a fair number of contestants as it would be far too easy to win those lovely lovely prizes :D :heart:

Just to be clear, I'd appreciate it if you kept your comments in the comment section for this journal IF you're wanting to participate as I will need to know! Thank you so much guys, I'm getting a positive response already, I greatly appreciate it! I will keep you updated on everything :heart:

Number of contestants so far: 38

Characters you can draw ~

Jungle lovers~ Nova and Liara by EyesInTheDark666 A Gift for KovuCent50 by Katanary ~ Nova the lion and my girlfriend, :iconfirsthuntress:'s OC Liara the lioness :heart:
Lounging around ~ YCH for KovuCent97 by EyesInTheDark666 ~ Alika, mother to Nova
Akili - Character design by scrubbydoodles Paypal Commission~ KovuCent97 by EyesInTheDark666 ~ Akili, one of Nova's brothers, with and without his Michael Jackson fedora XD  
Evil Brother 2 by scrubbydoodles ~ Makosa, Nova's brother
Full Body for KovuCent97 by SnowingRoses ~ Saluki, Nova's auntie and Alika's sister
Thiago by Panther85 ~ Thiago, Nova and Liara's first cub :heart:
Nova's Daughters by scrubbydoodles ~ Maya (left) and Dawn (right), Nova and Liara's second and third cubs (twins) :heart:
Mwenye by scrubbydoodles ~ Mwenye, Nova's father
Tian by NovaTheLion97 ~ Tian, Nova's brother 
:iconfirsthuntress: The most wonderful woman I've ever met ~ salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet

Another month and I still have not stopped counting every single second, minute, hour, day, week and month since this started... we've been through so... much together... I can't even express that enough, we have been through hell together, holding each others hands as we waltz through like nothing has happened... we always come out of it stronger than ever before, no matter how hard it gets... we are always there for each other when it matters most, when it feels like things have hit rock bottom, we do not let one another suffer alone, we fight our battles together like true lovers... I have never felt so connected, comfortable and secure with anyone as much as you Paula... there is no soul as PERFECT as yours to me, you are the sweetest, most kind-hearted, caring, attentive and wonderful soul I have ever come in contact with... My soul feels... at home by your side... it really feels like we were made for each other and every single day I feel more and more sure about it... you're just so special to me, there really isn't a soul that could make me feel the same as I do for you... you're perfect in every possible way known... :happycry: salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet 

I could list all the ways I feel you are perfect to me... I could write how I feel about, how much I love you... I try and try to describe the feelings... to fully define them... but there is NO word that can describe the pure bliss and beauty I feel about you sweetheart... I could write a million worded essay and it still would truly define the unprecedented love I hold for you... the same love that brews deep inside of my heart each and every day we share... especially for you, the woman that holds my heart in her hands and the woman I cherish more than anything on this planet and existence... you are the girl out of billions in existence and the only one that I could hold these feelings for... my life, my future, my purpose is foretold in the glint of your gorgeous, mesmerising eyes Paula... YOU are my purpose in life, YOU are my future and YOU are my entire life... there's no known way to tell you just how special you are to me... I need and want you by my side for the entirety of my life and even beyond... I couldn't live a life without you... you are the love of my life, my other half... my soulmate... :blushes: salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet

We've had our ups and downs like any other couple... but what's different about this, about us... is the spiritual connection we share, the chemistry, the strength of our love... it feels as if nothing could stop us, we overcome and conquer anything and whatever is thrown into the way of our beautiful relationship... we come out of it stronger and better than before... we fight the battles together, hand in hand, heart to heart... destiny brought us together and it is destiny that bonds us together to never be broken apart... our love is foretold in ancient tapestry's, the true love of a boy and a girl thousands of miles away from each other... half the world away... the love that pulls them to be together, doing whatever it takes to reach each other... to work harder than ever before and make a life together no longer a dream... and a reality... we are both going through a busy time in our lives, we are both working hard for what we both want more than anything, what we both see as our life goal... the life together we both crave for everyday, the one we cry for and sometimes get sad for... the distance... let us keep focusing on getting through this difficult stage of life together my love, let us do what we are best at... working as soulmates to achieve anything... no matter how hard it gets, I will always be there to pick you up if you ever fall down in exhaustion... to dust your shoulders off and give you my love... fixing you, taking hold of you hand and resuming the continuing battle to reach other and achieve the life we want more than anything!! happy 11 month anniversary my true love, thank you for everything you have done for me, thank you for sharing all these wonderful months with me and thank YOU for being the most wonderful lover/partner I could of ever wished for... you are perfect in EVERY SINGLE WAY! I love you to the edge of the universe and back... I love you more than anyone or anything could comprehend... I love you with every inch of my body, every ounce of my soul and with every beat of my heart... LoveLove is...  I Love You Emote love avatar 5 seconds hug :backhug: :lovehug: small heart - pink small heart - pink small heart - pink small heart - pink small heart - pink small heart - pink small heart - pink small heart - pink small heart - pink small heart - pink small heart - pink small heart - pink small heart - pink small heart - pink small heart - pink small heart - pink small heart - pink small heart - pink 
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:iconfirsthuntress: The true love of my life... :love: :heart: :heart:

There still isn't a single day that has gone by where I haven't been beyond grateful to whatever brought us together... The feeling is absolutely magical when you feel love like this for someone, such a strong... Unbreakable... Everlasting love felt only for what would be two long lost soulmates that had found each other via natures calling... We were brought together by fate... There is no other explanation, the connection I feel with you is beyond anything I could of imagined... I couldn't feel the same with anyone else in existence... This is only a mere portion to why you're my soulmate Paula... I feel things I have NEVER felt or experienced before... Not with anyone... Which leads me to say that is no normal kind of love between a boyfriend and a girlfriend... This... This is love felt between true lovers that were destined to be together since they were created on this planet... Souls that were always meant to be in contact with each other, designed/crafted to fit into one another like a puzzle piece... We are each others destinies... I love her... She loves me... We're in love... It's special... The most wonderful months of my entire life spent with the single most loving... Caring... Smart... Intellectual... Hard working... Kind-hearted... Sweet natured... Beautiful girl... The love of my life... My soulmate... The one I want to spend the entirety of my life with, truly... The woman that holds my heart in her hands and takes my breath away with her shear beauty... My heart flutters, my cheeks burn and my breath becomes agitated whenever I imagine being in the presence of you my love... I'm deeply, madly, crazily in love with you... I want you... Only you... Nothing but you... Forever... You make my life liveable, you make my life joyful, you make my life... The best it could ever be... Therefore I want to spend the rest of my life by your side... Regardless of what we achieve together... I still would of had a life to be happy about... I spent it with... you... I love you Paula... I always have... I always will... With every single inch of my body, every ounce of my soul and with every beat of my heart... :happycry: :huggle: Romantic :together: :ikissu: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

P.S. Let's keep working hard together and make this dream of a future together a reality sweetheart!! We can do it, I truly believe! With you by my side... I feel anything is possible :blushes: :love: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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I know exactly what I want to achieve with my life, what my main life goal is... I need that something to benefit me and ease me towards that life goal, my purpose in life is to live a happy life with the most perfect, wonderful and special girl in existence... The best lover, partner and soulmate I could've even wished for and I found her... Paula... :happycry: :heart: :heart: We both want this, we both dream, think and fantasize about all the things we want to do and achieve with each other, what milestones we want to reach with our beautiful relationship :blushes: :love: :heart:... We've made plans for what we want and now is the time to figure out how to work towards it... The foundations to this big plan we have formulated, the one dream we both want to achieve with one another... Its needs a structure... Money... A good career... Paula has made her plans and knows the direction she wants to head in which I am so proud and happy to see how hard she has worked already, I'm proud of you sweetheart, you make me a very very happy man, the luckiest one on this planet :blushes: :heart: :heart: But me... I'm at a dead end... I'm stuck at a dead end job with no hope for a future there, no way to make a living off of it... I need to find a new career, a different direction and I have known this for a while... I just can't think of anything... It's blank... Nothing interests me and it is really grounding me... I thought I wanted to be a Zoologist, but the pay is too low for what me and Paula want... Not to mention for that kind of job you need a fiery, burning passion for the job to actually achieve and fulfil there... But I know I don't have that feeling... All my life I've never known who I have wanted to be... Nothing interested me career wise... I thought I was just going to have my life handed to me on a silver platter... I was young, dumb and foolish... I never developed a true passion or interest in absolutely anything, I threw myself into a low wage job with absolutely no chance of making a living out of it... Thinking that this would be all I need was pathetic of me... But thanks to my lateness on realising this, I am at a dead end... A complete halt... I just can't think of anything that would be a good job for me and wouldn't stress me out or drive me crazy for a good wage... The frustration I feel because of this hurts... So much... I know what I want in my life, I have everything I could've hoped for... I found the love of my life and the person I want to spend my entire life with them... But I need something to contribute towards it and help us achieve it... It cant be a one sided effort, this needs to be a joint effort... Together as true lovers... Working hard for the one thing we both wish for in our lives... I'm running out of options and I need to stop everything I'm doing... And just seriously ponder about this... I need something... :depressed:
:iconfirsthuntress: My wondrously sweet angel ~ pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big} pink heart {big}

After all this time... Every single second... Every single minute... Every single hour and day... There isn't a single moment I don't feel immensely grateful for having you... I can't even express how special you are to me... I've been counting each second, minute, hour, day, week and month since this all started... Exploring the very first few beautiful moments of when this wonderful relationship came to be... There isn't a single word that could define the happiness and love I feel... :tears: Revamp  :happycry: :heart: :heart:

We've created so many memories with each other already... Countless... Beautiful moments of pure love and unimaginable passion... It's molded me into a new man, I've changed, my life has changed catastrophically... Now it's the best its ever been and to know it's only just the beginning brings me undefinable joy... We have a future together, undoubtedly... We both are currently working hard to make it as easy to reach as possible, the big life goal... Whatever happens, I'll still would of had a life to be happy and proud of... Because a life with you... Is a life better than a life alone... A life with you is a life well spent... Because sweetie, there is nothing I want more than to spend eternity by your side... Throughout life and beyond... When our souls leave their bodies... They will still be continuing to love each other throughout the afterlife :happycry: :blushes: :heart: :heart: :heart:

I've said it before but there just is this something special about you... It's... Its like a beautiful aura of pure warmth, it makes you gleam with beauty in my eyes... I see things in you that no one else could possibly see... I absolutely adore everything about you, your beautiful personality, your stunning natural beauty, your sharp intelligence and wits... I don't just love you and adore you more than anything in existence... I don't just feel unquestionable happiness and warming comfort in your presence... But you inspire me to be better... Your ways of thinking, your positivity, your philosophies, your beliefs... All of it, everything about you just interests me, you inspire me honey... To add that to all of the other strong feelings i have for you, it just makes me certain I've found the one... :blushes: :love: :heart: :heart: :heart:

We've been through some very tough moments together, both of us have shown that whatever is put in the way... Whatever obstacle or test... We overcome it together and come out of it with even stronger feelings for each other... It just feels so perfect, it honestly feels like we were crafted to be together... Made to be one alike, to fit each other like two missing puzzle pieces... I can't believe I found you... I've never felt such emotions, feelings as strong and beautiful than I do for you Paula... You are the one out of MILLIONS on this planet, out of the entire human race... You are truly an angel from the sky, come to set me free, you're the answer to completing my life... With you by my side, my life IS complete Tears  :heart: :heart: :heart:

We are both currently making some big changes in our lives... I'm prepared to do anything, whatever it takes I'm going to make this life together a possibility... I promise you from the very bottom of my heart, we will get there eventually, there's so much to be done but don't worry you know I'm with you all the way sweetheart... As I know you are with me too... We'll get there I know it... :love: :huggle: :heart: :heart: :heart:

I can not even begin to comprehend how much we have been through together... And the most beautiful thing about this wonderfully unbreakable relationship is no matter what, the other person is there to pick them up and dust them off if they fall... We are there for each other no matter what... I'm so deeply in love with you that it feels like everything rushes past me and I don't notice it, you're always on my mind... Whether its about our future together, all the things we will do, holding hands and exploring the corners of the world as true lovers... Or our past of how we found each other, almost feeling like we were drawn to each other by something... Mother nature herself perhaps... Whatever brought us together I am beyond grateful... Because... It bought me you... My soulmate... The most wonderful, special, unique and beautiful girl I ever had the fortune to meet and fall in love with... :sad: :surprise-kiss: :love: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Paula... My one true love and soulmate... Thank you for all these amazing moments we've had together, for all the days, weeks and months we have spent together... Thank you for being the most wonderful partner and lover I could of EVER imagined let alone asked for... And thank YOU honey, thank YOU for giving me the fortune of having you... I am the luckiest and happiest man in existence... Happy 9th month together my love... Let's keep counting... Forever... I love you fervently Paula!!! Tears of joy 2Tears :love: :backhug: Emote Cuddle Love love avatar 5 seconds hug I Love You Emote :ladummydate: :lovehug: :surprisekiss: small heart - redpink small heart - redpink small heart - redpink small heart - redpink small heart - redpink small heart - redpink small heart - redpink small heart - redpink small heart - redpink small heart - redpink small heart - redpink small heart - redpink small heart - redpink small heart - redpink small heart - redpink small heart - redpink small heart - redpink small heart - redpink 
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:iconfirsthuntress: ~ This has to be one of the most beautiful soundtracks ever composed... God I love this movie... The whole franchise... This song in particular makes my eyes flow like a recently demolished Dam... It makes me think of how much I love Paula... And how wonderful she truly is :blushes: :heart:

It took me so long... So many years to find that one special person that would set me free and complete me entirely... In which ways I never deemed reachable from anyone... Well... You've done all that and more than I could of even wished for... I feel things that are just so beautiful, wondrous and powerful that no words could ever express them to you, I could write a thousand word essay about the love I feel for you and that would still not cover the real, true amount that I hold for you :happycry: :love:

We've been through so much already... You've done more for me than anyone has before... You've been there for me through the toughest times of my entire life and you were able to still make me crack a smile and blush, back when my Grandma passed away... I had never felt so empty and broken in all my years... You were there with me, holding my hand and telling me that everything is alright every single second of that time... You fixed my broken heart not only once... But twice... You pulled me from the deep, darkness of depression when it first started... You talked to me one to one every single day and you helped me... You showed me you care... That's when I started to feel something more... Something special within me... I answered the call to fate and I have never looked back from that moment since then... The best decision of my life... I just can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me... :tears: :happycry: :blushes: :heart: :heart: :heart:

I hope that I have somewhat been able to give back a portion of that attentive care and solemnly support when you were going through your tough times too... I really can't begin to explain what these feelings and emotions really are but I know... I get these magical things alllll from your love... I just want you to know that I love you no matter what, and I will stop at nothing to make our dream of having a life together in the future a reality... From day one of when this started, to this very moment now... The love I feel for you continues to grow and it will never stop growing... Let's keep counting these seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years together forever... I love you Paula Fantín!!! :happycry: :tears: :tears: :iconbackhug: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Okay ignoring that god awful joke of a title XD I thought I'd just give you guys an update on what's been going on lately, what things are in the works and to come and other stuff :)

The lack of activity and talking has been down to personal things, nothing major just stuff keeping me busy, apologises to all those who I fail to talk to :( :huggle: Me and Paula are just having a very calm, nice period together... We're both very much enjoying each other's company, comforting and supporting each other after what was a very busy and tough month... Especially for Paula my poor angel who I am very proud of for how she has dealt with these things...  :( :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: But things I have to say are looking up and haven't been better... Lets just say that this kind of love never stops growing... I find myself growing more and more connected to her... Spiritually, emotionally, mentally... In every way possible... I couldn't be happier... Recently I've just been lost completely, I often explore these feelings I have for her... But I fail to express them with words... I crave physical contact with her... I want to tell her, show her how much I truly love her and how special she is to me... I have never felt such strong feelings and emotions before... This whole thing between us feels like a godsend, like this was written in history... It really does feel like we were made for each other... She complements me in ways no one has ever been able to achieve... I feel so very comfortable, secure, safe and beyond happy in her company... We've now been together for over 8 months and none of us can believe where the time has gone, but I do know that time flies when you are so deeply in love with someone... :blushes: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

This month is going to be a very special month indeed... I won't say why yet... But it's going to be the best month for us both yet... In the next few weeks, we will finally plan what we have both been wanting for so long... I cannot tell you how much I look forward to it :love: :blushes:

I'll keep you informed of what will be happening very soon!! Thank you all for your wonderful care and support, it means a seeeet amount to us both!! ;) :happybounce: :la: :heart:

:iconfirsthuntress: Te amo mucha mi reina... Muchos besos para ti :love: :love: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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:iconfirsthuntress: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:…

"Everything is upside down
 The whole world on a flight path
 I wonder where they'll go, ah
 Trouble's on the outside, I know
 But now, all I can think about is you
 All I can think about is you
 If all that i'm on earth to do
 Is solo, then what a lone poor shoe
 I want to walk in a two
 It's all I can
 It's all I can
 It's all I can
 It's all I can do
 It's all I can do
 Everything is falling all around you
 It's all I can do
 All I can think about is you
 It's all I can
 All I can think about is you, love is the only thing left that's true" ❤💕❤💕❤💕

Paula... My most precious treasure... The true love of my entire life... My life and existence feels... complete... With you by my side... Everything seems so right, like it's truly meant to be... Like we were made for each other... It feels like our love was written down in an ancient tapestry, stating that our love is destiny... That we are each others fate... We are two missing puzzle pieces that complete each other... The times we've had already have been the best I've ever experienced, I've never had felt so alive, fresh, positive in my entire life... These have been the best months of my life... And each month it just continues to get better and better... Waking up each day remembering how much of a wonderful, special, unique, perfect and beautiful girlfriend I have... I often feel like I'm dreaming because of how perfect you really are... I want you to know... That I love you... I remind you every single day... Every few minutes... Because there is nothing but love I feel for you... A special kind of love... One so powerful it is unbreakable... We have been able to pull ourselves together and come out even stronger than before... That's true love... And I can feel it deep down that everything about this... About us... About you... Is beyond perfect... I feel comfortable in ways I never thought I would... You have made me feel things I have never felt before... I just... I'm so happy I sent you that note on the 4th of November at 12:04am... It felt so natural... That our love was already known, we just had to find each other... This post maybe long winded... But I just cant fathom the love and happiness I feel with her... All these months we've had together already... All these memories... It feels like chapters in a story because of how perfect they have been... I'm leaking out a river of tears... Streams pouring down my eyes... I love you so much sweetheart... Thank you for everything... Thank you for being with me... Please... Lets continue making more memories together... For this love of ours will stay strong through life... And death... We are soulbound through true love... Forever... :happycry: :tears: :iconbackhug: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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:iconfirsthuntress: ~ salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet
After all those seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and months I've been counting since this relationship started, we have reached a HUGE hurdle, another milestone together... I truly can't believe where the time has gone, half a year since I met the woman of my life... 6 beautiful months spent with the most wonderful girlfriend in existence :blushes: :heart: :heart: :heart: My life has completely changed since this started, it has changed to the best it has ever been thanks to you Paula... you've truly made the happiest man in the entire universe with your love, care, affection... everything you do for me... I couldn't be happier in life thanks to you :happycry: :heart: :heart: There isn't a thought that goes by without you being apart of it, I think about you... I think about all the wonderful things we've been through so far... all the wonderful things we are yet to do together, the future for us both... you're on my mind whether it be day or night... I am under your spell sweetheart, I am deeply in love with you :love: :blushes: :heart:

There is this special something about you... I couldn't tell you what it is, apart from you just being your natural, wonderful, sweet and loveable self... I just feel so happy... so comfortable and secure with you... everything about this... about us together feels so right to me, as if it was written in some fairy-tale... It feels as if mother nature herself brought us together, helping us, guiding us to each other... This is destiny for sure... and there is absolutely no turning back now, I want seal my fate with you Paula... I truly want to be by your side... I want you... I want this... To last forever... Till my last days on earth... and even beyond that... our souls will continue to love each other when they leave our bodies, we are bound together in the true magic that is love... :blushes: :love: :happycry: :heart: :heart: :heart: I am so very grateful to whatever brought us together, because I am Honoured to have such a beautiful, amazing, special, unique, sweet, wondrous girl as my own... I absolutely adore you Paula, you are my life... my world... my universe... my everything... :blushes: :love: :heart: :heart: :heart:

If there was one thing I wish right now... it would be the opportunity to actually be with you in person... where I truly belong, by your side... It is my place in life to be alongside you Paula... loving you... comforting you... making you happy, making you feel appreciated, making sure you feel that pulsating, tremendous amount of love I hold for you deep inside, at the very bottom of my heart which has been brewing ever since I fell in love with you... words and expressions will only make you feel just a portion of the unconditional love I feel for you... I dream of the day when I can show you that love at its fullest, the day we meet for the first time... when we finally express our love for each other physically... and my word that day can not come any sooner... I just want to be with you now, the waiting is so painful, there is only so much words can express... words will never truly match the tremendous amount of love I feel for you sweetie pie... it's truly out of this world :blushes: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

The only thing we can continue to do is stay strong and wait patiently for that moment to arrive, together... the moment is coming... and it will most definitely be worth the wait, I know it... when I can finally be the true love of my life, my gorgeous soulmate... together at last... October is our planned meeting, the end of the month, for two weeks... the same time of our 1st year together... those will be the best two weeks of our lives, I truly can't wait for it... but for now we can do what we are best at together, staying strong, being patient, being there for each other no matter what... as true lovers... and as soulmates... thank you for these 6 wonderful months sweetie pie, let's keep counting forever... I love you to the other end of the universe and back... I love you more than anyone or anything could even imagine... I LOVE YOU... LIKE NONE OTHER :happycry: I Love You Emote 5 seconds hug :backhug: :lovehug: :surprise-kiss: Pink Kiss salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet salmon heart bullet 
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:iconfirsthuntress: :heart: ~

Well I'm still counting every single second, minute, hour, day, week and month since this all started... and my goodness, they have been three of the best months of my life... I truly couldn't be happier in life... and knowing there is SOOOO much more to come, brings much much muchhh joy and happiness to me... all because of you Paula :blushes: :heart: :heart: and I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me... I'm the luckiest guy on this planet to have you as mine :happycry: :heart: :heart: We've reached another HUGE hurdle in this relationship, we have proven we are strong enough to be patient for each other... and oh I assure you... no matter how long it'll take to finally be able to see you... I will wait for that moment... because I know for sure that it will be more than worth it when the time finally comes... meeting the true love of my life... my soulmate... my life partner... :blushes: :heart: In fact, we are coming very close to that moment, one step closer... another month gone... till we possibly meet each other for the first time... and I can not wait for it!! Every day that has passed... every week that has gone... my feelings just continue to get stronger and stronger for you, making me EVEN more certain that you are my other half... I just know it, there is no one else in this entire world that could possibly make me as happy as you do sweetheart... and there is NO ONE that could ever make me feel the same love that I feel for YOU too Paula... :love: :heart:

You've been there for me during the most difficult times of my life too date... for example, when I was very distressed and anxious about my driving test, you were there to help me calm myself down... and you were there to give me all the love, care and support that eventually helped me pass my test with ease, thanks to your beautiful words of motivation and love... and of course, there was the time my Grandad had a stroke... a very difficult time for me, and yet again you were there to help me through that difficult time with alllll of your love and support... making me smile, blush, laugh and shed tears of joy during that time... Your love is what keeps me going every day... You are the one that makes me smile even on the dullest of days... I can't thank you enough for being such a wonderful partner to me... you have made me a very very happy man... a lucky one :blushes: :love: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Meeting you is the best thing that ever happened to me... and I am honoured to be able to have such a wonderful, sweet, caring and beautiful girl as my own... you are my life, my world, my universe... my everything... I couldn't be more sure that you're my other half... the one I've been searching for... and now I am finally at peace... because I finally found you... I can't wait for what the future holds for us, I have many many things in mind... alllll of those things include you and me living together happily... growing old together, still loving each other... carrying on that never ending love since the beginning of this relationship... reflecting on our past, looking back at the times we've had...

Paula... sweetheart... I love you more than anyone could ever imagine, more than anything could even comprehend... I love you to the moon and back... I love you with every inch of my body, every ounce of my soul and with every beat of my heart... I... LOVE... YOU... FOREVER AND ALWAYS :happycry: I Love You Emote :blowkiss: revamp :lovehug: :surprise-kiss: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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1. OC Name: Nova

2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.

3. Tag people to do this meme!

1.What is your name ?


2.Do you know why you were named that ?

Well, Phill named me that... I don't know why, maybe because he likes Supernovas (?) :lol: :rofl: 

3. Are you single or taken ?

I am taken. In a relationship with a certain lovely lioness, a certain... gorgeous... wonderful... lioness *winks and smiles lovingly at Liara* :love:

4. Any Abilities or powers ?

Nothing special... Well I have alot of stamina, and I can run around for a very long time without getting tired... Like a big cub as my mother used to say (?)

6. What is your eye color ?

Dark green, with a very small hint of yellow in there...

7. How about your hair color ?

Hmm well I think it is possibly a very very dark brown... Maybe even Onyx coloured... Who knows (?)

8. Have you got any family members ?

Not that I know of... Apart from my mother, Alika... My father's out there somewhere... I don't know anything about him though...

9. oh ? How about pets ?

Ha... No I don't think so... Well actually, according to my mom I had a pet rock when I was younger... *chuckles*

10. That's cool , I guess. Now tell me something you don't like?

Bad liars... I mean... Really, really bad liars... So blatant that you have to pretend you believe them...

11. Do you have any activities/ Hobbies you like to do ?

I enjoy all sorts of things, thanks to my energy and stamina! I like to walk around and admire the beauty of my surroundings, sometimes just sitting down and just appreciating the nature as it goes by... Of course there's the running around, and playing with the cubs! *winks at Thiago, Maya and Dawn*

12. Have you hurt anyone in anyway before ?

Physically... No... Mentally, I'm not sure... But I really don't like hurting anyone, physically or mentally... Only if it were necessary to do so... But that doesn't mean I'm comfortable or happy doing it...

13. Ever...Killed anyone before ?

Pffff haha... *leans in closer with an mischievous look on his face* If I told you... I'd have to... kill YOU... *laughs* okay okay, no I haven't killed anyone, like I said before... I really don't like hurting people physically or mentally...

14. What kind of animal are you ?

A lion.

15. Name your worst habits?

Being immensely gullible oh and I am quite a coward... But hey! At least I'm being honest!! *jokingly smiles at Liara*

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?

Hmm... No not really

17. Are you Gay, Straight, or Bisexual ?


18. Do you go to school ?

My mother taught me as much as she knew... As I didn't grow up in a pride, I didn't have anyone else to teach me.

19. Ever wanna get married and have kids ?

Absolutely :blushes: I already have three beautiful cubbies with the love of my life Liara :love: They are Thiago, Maya and Dawn... Our pride and joy *nuzzles them all*

20. Do you have any fangirls / fanboys?

*Raises eyebrows and chuckles* Pffff... I don't think so

21. What are you most afraid of?

My mother getting herself hurt or in trouble... Anything bad that could happen to Liara and the cubs... Though nothing bad will happen to her, she is one fast and tough lioness! Wouldn't want to get on her bad side, rawrrrr... :smirky: :snicker: *smirks at her*

22. What do you usually wear?

I wear... My skin and fur... Like a normal lion/lioness does? *laughs*

23. What's one food that tempts you ?

I love meat, but only recently my lover had introduced me to pomegranate... Very different to what I usually eat but it's incredibly sweet... Mmmm that nectary goodness... :retarded-drool: 

24. Am I annoying you?

No no, not at all!!

25. Well, it's not over yet!

Well... Let me make myself more comfortable then

26. What class are you? Low class, Middle class, or High class?

Well... I don't really know... My mother won't tell me about my father or my past as a newborn... I can't know for sure... Low class I guess

27. How many friends do you have?

Ohh dear... Well you've put me on the spot now... I didn't grow up with anyone... So... None...

28. Any thoughts on pie?

What the hell is pie? *asks Phill* CHICKEN AND MUSHROOM PIE!!! Jeez calm down...

30. Favorite drink?

I just drink water.

31. What's your favourite place?

Hmmm well, there isn't many places I have been too... I'd say the nearby waterhole I guess... But anywhere with my lover and the little beasties is my favourite place... :heart:

32. Are you interested in anyone?

Liara... :blushes:

33. If you're a girl, what's your cup size?

34. Would you rather swim in an ocean or a lake?

I've never seen the ocean... though lakes are very refreshing!

35. What's your type?

Loyal, caring, humourous... I guess :shrug:

36. Any fetishes?

Not that I know of... no.

37. Seme or Uke?

Ummm... Yes? No? I don't know... :XD:

38. Camping or indoors?

For me, indoors... Though I love gazing at the stars and night sky

39. Are you still waiting for this quiz to end?

... *stares blankly*

40. Tag 5 other people (I'm not forcing you :3)
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Well I've been counting every week, day, hour, minute and second since this started and now we've reached the 1 month mark of our relationship. 12:04am UK time on 4th November 2016... I sent you a little note ;) A note insinuating that I, indeed, had a crush on you. The best damn decision in my life... I can recall the moment when you responded, I refused to look at the response for some minutes because I was so afraid of what you might say... well, we all know how it turned out in the end and well, I am NEVER turning back from that moment now... This may only be our first month together but it still means we survived a month of not being able to see each other in person, we stayed strong and moved through the first step, the first hurdle of this relationship together :heart: This has been a terrible year for me... I would have given this year the title of the worst year of my life if it wasn't for finding you... You are the missing piece to my life, you complete me... This month turned out to be the best month of my life, because of finally finding my soul mate... I look forward to having a future with you. You've made me a very happy man, I couldn't be so sure that you are in fact, the one, my soul mate, my life partner... I just wanted to say that your boyfriend loves you with all his heart, soul and life force :heart: :heart: :heart:

:iconfirsthuntress: Paula... I love you like none other, you're the one for me... :iconbackhug: :love: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Well it's been a LONG time since I posted an actual journal on here... I have plenty of reasons to why but the main reason is the fact I have been going through the CRAZIEST few weeks of my life, especially the past week ;) The depression has finally died down, and I am back to my normal (normal-ish, I'm pretty strange anyway XD) self. I really can't comprehend what has been happening in my life as of late, why are all of these things suddenly occurring in my life now? I'm definitely not complaining though... these have been the happiest days of my life no thanks to a special someone who I love very much ;) :heart: I have been in tears... I have laughed... I have smiled... I have blushed... all of these things are like second nature to me, love is a powerful thing... I'm even blushing now whilst I am writing this journal XD I couldn't be happier in my life, to have found the love of my life... it means the world to me, like she means the universe to me :blushes: :heart: Even people I see in real life are noticing changes in me... I can't thank you enough for being there for me, from the very first time you watched me to the time you were helping me when I was feeling down in the dumps with depression... You have made me happy in life again :happycry: I love you like nothing else in the entire world, you are my heart and soul :surprise-kiss: :heart: :heart:

:iconfirsthuntress: I love you so much :heart:
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I'd personally like to thank everyone that helped me yesterday, I was going through a very hard time and I wouldn't of made it through to the other side without your love and attention. I'm so sorry I if I didn't seem like I appreciated the help you were offering, I really was in a bad state... I'm currently getting better, I'm still not 100 percent better yet though and it will take abit longer to become that happy again :/ It was probably the worst I've felt since I started having these depressing moods, it changed my attitude and character completely, I wasn't myself and my good friends will know that. Thank you so much for everything, I still love being apart of the DA community knowing that I have people that actually care about me and want to talk to me :heart:
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The reason why I haven't been posting a lot of stuff or talking to many people on here is because I have been playing a huge amount of Lioden, I am beyond obsessed with it at the moment XD I apologise for not being very active/talkative, shows how much of a "great" friend I am to you people :facepalm: I honestly feel really bad about it, I'm sorry :'( For those people that have got an account on Lioden and use it, hook me up with a friend request :D For those who don't have an account yet but are interested, I highly recommend this game if you like side-scrolling style RPG's, you will become hooked on this game. I'll even be kind enough to give a link to the page right here ;) <----- Lioden Page

My username is KovuKube97 if you want to add me! :squee:
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Ok so the past couple of days have been absolutely fine for me, no trouble with people and I was in a pretty damn good mood which is usually a rarity nowadays with the amount of shit I go through every week. I'd say I'm still feeling a tad bit positive about things but I'm not as happy as I was a few days ago. Basically I'm just getting wound up by having to deal with a number of people that clearly have a lack of respect for me, I feel like they're taking out their anger and frustration on me whilst I'm still wondering on what the actual fuck I did to them. I help out these people, I work with them but I don't get acknowledged for it I don't even get a thank you, I get nothing apart from their snarky and disrespectful comments. I don't need this shit from other people, I've dealt with enough stuff myself over the past few years including going through depression... What does it take to actually get respect from other people! It makes me regret being overly-friendly sometimes, maybe I should be more serious about things and stand up for myself instead of ignoring these issues... Oh and to makes things even worse my grandpa has fallen Ill again with heart problems only a week after he had a stroke, I'm really starting to worry about him as he is having blood circulation problems which means he has breathing issues :worry:

I'm currently trying to take my mind off things at the moment by watching the latest Lion Guard episodes, I missed the past two 'Baboons' and 'Beware the Zimwi'. It's great to finally see Kiara with Tiifu and Zuri back after what felt like an eternity. I've noticed an interesting episode set to premiere in November called 'Lions of the outlands'... hmm sounds like we may see a few familiar faces return! I am hyped to finally see the outlanders in the Lion Guard universe!
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Arghhh god what a day, it was stupidly busy and It didn't help that I was very tired. I think I will be tired this whole week if it's going to be like this everyday, I hope I don't feel that bad when I have my driving lesson tomorrow as it could harm my ability to make important decisions, judgments and observations. I usually make a lot of stupid, silly mistakes when I am driving tired, a lot of stalling and a slower reaction time, I get so frustrated whenever I make mistakes now as I have been learning to drive for months so I should be so much better than that, I know I shouldn't let it get to me but I can't help but feel like an idiot when I do make these mistakes. I still get a little nervous from time to time, that doesn't help me at all either, I find myself leaving things to the very last minute then panicking which usually leads to me stalling the car. It's not all bad though, I have improved significantly and I have so much more confidence than when I started the lessons, I was absolutely terrified at the start but I pushed on and now I can drive confidently and safely, I honestly think I could take my driving test now but there was still some things that needed improving on so it would be a little to early to have it. Anyways today was manic and I did a lot of work, I am ridiculously tired out from all of it... I hope everyone else's day was better than mine :D 
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Meh it wasn't a bad weekend, didn't achieve a lot but I never do a lot on weekends anyways so what difference does that make. Watched an awful lot of The Walking Dead, just about to finish season 4 and I'm planning to start season 5 next weekend just to give me something to look forward too for then. I can't get enough of it at the moment, I don't understand why it took me so long to get into but part of me is grateful I waited this long as I have soo much ground to cover, countless hours of episodes remain for me to watch so I do still have a fairly long way to go to catch up with everyone else, especially considering the fact there is a 7th season that is premiering very soon. Apart from that, I have just been playing a bunch of new games that have come out very recently, the big one for me is Gears of War 4, I am a huge fan of the Gears of War franchise, it was pretty much what I played during my school years along with countless other classic games such as Halo 3 or Left 4 Dead 2. I played the very first Gears of War, loved it then bought the sequel and loved it even more, I did play the other games including the spin off but none of them captured the same unbelievably awesome atmosphere and story as the original two games. Gears of War 3 wasn't as good unfortunately, I just wasn't satisfied with the ending to the whole story of Marcus Fenix and the locust war, AND WHY WHY WHY DID THEY KILL OFF DOM!!! One of the saddest moments of my gaming history is when Dom dies in Gears 3 :'( Wow jeez, I didn't realise until now how much of a nerd I was when it came to video games...

Anyways this weekend was cut short immensely... well that's what it felt like to me anyway, still got next weekend to look forward too though :D I hope everyone else's weekend was splendid and much more entertaining than mine X3       
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Tag whatever people you'd like to get to know better using this meme!

Tagged by: :iconcha-vy: :)

UPDATE: Yeah so it turns out I missed a question...well done me *sarcastic clapping* P.S. I must of been hyper when I did this, some of the answers are just so ridiculously bad, it makes me cringe :dead:

The most British of British names United KingdomTea Say It... BRITISH:rofl:... Phillip George Wilson. I'd prefer to be called Phill though, I despise my full name XD

Star Sign:

Average Hours of Sleep:
About 6-8 hours of sleep, though no matter how much sleep I get, I am always tired...

Lucky Number(s):

Last Thing Googled:, I ordered some food XD 

Favorite Fictional Character(s):
This is a tough one, for me it would be between Family Guy or South Park. I can't decide between them, they both crack me up XD

Current Attire:
Greyish firetrap t-shirt with black Adidas jogging bottoms. You see I removed that god awful joke here, trust me... you won't miss it *cringe cringe cringing!*

*When Did You Start This Account?:
It says I created this account 4 years ago, back in May 2011 or 2012. I didn't use it for anything other than reading fanfics, I stopped using it for 3 years then I came back from the dead XD

Number of Watchers:
26 watchers :) (Thank you so much!!)

What do You Post?:
Random... very random stuff. Journals and status posts are usually what I post on here, I suck at any form of art unfortunately :(

Other Blogs:
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I very rarely use them anymore though, I just use them to keep in touch with friends I knew from school tbh :/

Do You Get a Lot of Comments:
Depends on what sort of thing I post really, if it's a journal or status post about something in particular then I do tend to get a few comments here and there.

Why Did You Choose This Username?:
Haha ohh no, it's sad I know but you know how it is, all the good usernames you think of are always taken. I kept it original by just using two things I like and merge them together, Kovu being my favourite TLK universe character and 50 Cent... XD (rap artist who I like, well used too...)

:iconscrubbydoodles: :icondjmixx20: :iconnaiarulez: :iconfirsthuntress:
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