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Chiisai Character Sheet by Novasterr Chiisai Character Sheet by Novasterr
Name: Chiisai ?? (call her Chii and she'll kick your face in)
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5'6"
Alias: Little Raven
RC Type: Ukaku - Her kagune looks like small blood red wings. She can shoot projectiles that are feather shaped and needle sharp. Sending projectiles and giving quick jabs with her sharpened nails is how she mainly does combat. She depends a lot on catching her target off guard and killing them quickly before they can react. When under attack she can envelop herself in her kagune's wings and shield herself from the onslaught. They are fairly strong, but cannot withstand attacks for long periods of time.
   Extra: She can lengthen/ sharpen her nails at will. They are sharper then a normal ghoul's ,but are ineffective if she's not at full strength/ her nails are cut.

Personality : Apathetic towards others and closed off. It's hard to get under her icy exterior and really get to know her.

Background Info :
She lives in an abandoned church which she fought tooth and nail to get. Chiisai owns a small bit of territory (about the size of a neighborhood) from around the church itself. She likes living there, but she hopes to one day live somewhere better with a roof that doesn't leak when it rains. She's been saving up from money she's been collecting over the years from what she's pick pocketed off of humans she's eaten in the past. She keeps it safely hidden from any thieves that might want to get their hands on it.

When it comes to eating Chiisai doesn't discriminate between human or ghoul, both are fair game as far as she's concerned. She waits to hunt right onto the moment she feels "hungry" (which acc. to the wiki is every 1-2 months) and then goes out to find the first human or ghoul she can find on her territory.

She has human "friends" that she hangs out with and listens to, but she finds them quite boring. She has them around more as convenience to keep up her "human" facade and to have a ready to eat meal if one of them is unfortunate enough to be on her territory when she's hungry. Not that her human friends would notice anything wrong with her- she acts "normal" around them.She makes sure to talk very little about herself to not form attachments to any of them. To them she is a quiet, shy friend with a soft,tiny voice(her actual voice is more like ) who is nice and remembers things like their birthdays and favorite colors. She gives them little gifts every now and then to show that she 'cares'

And she doesn't have any ghoul pals either. She'd rather keep her distance. A big reason why she is closed off is because as a child her mother had told her:
"One day you'll know." Her mother said to her one day out of the blue.
"Know what mommy?" She had asked.
" You'll know you really love somebody when your willing to risk everything to keep them safe."Her mother replied, looking down at her with a serene smile on her face, and bringing her closer to her. 

When both her parents had been killed in front of her by the CCG (with quinque's made of their parent's friends no less) She had barely escaped with her life and on that day she vowed with tears streaming down her face:
" I will never let myself get close to anyone ever a- again.. I won't let myself fall in love."

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Ah DONE //lays on ground// Really wanted to design a new character today and went with making a tokyo ghoul fan character * v *)> [ hue hue can't wait to draw gore ]

Masanova Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2016  Hobbyist
Woaaah!! She's so cool! I love her hair ;o; I'm working on mine!! =v=/
Novasterr Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thankksss ! mint is a v nice color!

ohohoh best of luck friend!! can't wait to seee
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