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I know I've been quiet here for quite a while but I thought I'd share where I've been.  I've gotten sucked into World of Warcraft.  I've started a petition for Activision-Blizzard to marry the Alliance King, King Anduin Wrynn.  There's a quite a story behind this, which is explained in the petition.  If you would like to help, you sign the petition via the following Link: Sign Here!

Please sign and share with your friends!
Soooo, it's been ages again, lol.  I see a bit has changed here at devart, especially as far as features go.  I don't like that they made everything available for download by default.  I already don't trust them as it is regarding copyright but, then they go and let anybody and their cousin grab my art for free.  I love to share my art, I have no problem with that but, each piece that I create is a part of me and each has its own personal journey.  That's nothing I want to just give away the permission for but, would rather choose, as in have it be my choice, to share.

Anywho, other than that it is good to be back, it's nice having a lot of my stuff in one place too, takes me back.  Heh, back to a place that I need to get back too...again.  I'll be stable someday, lol!

Well, I'll continue working on getting myself to draw again on a regular basis and to get some method to my madness.  In the meanwhile though, Ja ne!




Zomg, my last entry here was in 2009!! XD, dang, I act like my NovaStarr online persona doesn't exist.'s crossing my fingers that I maintain the energy and motivation to change that.  I've been working on some website related goals, as well as thinking about my "art life".  If I don't feel inspired yet, I could at least get organized and tie everything into a neat little package until I get my mojo/muse back.

I've been drooling over some dickblick leather pencil cases that make my dreams come true as far as storage of colored pencils is concerned.  Also, Art Profolios would make organizing my artwork so much better.  I figure that if I have better access to viewing and sifting through my own work, I might be more likely to be inspired, motivated, and might actually draw something (willingly, instead of forcing myself as I have attempted to do for the past few tries).

Well, anyway, I'm trying to gather the chickens that are my various art profiles and accounts on the web.  I'm also going to try to actually do something with my personal website so that it can eventually become something that I would consider finished.

Hehe, wish me luck again!

Ja ne, Namaste!

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Well, due to my serious lack of personal finances, I am finding a new "motivation" for getting back to my art, building websites, and other projects that I've neglected.

I've been thinking of scanning higher quality versions of my older work, and maybe making color photo-copies to try to sell to people on campus, etc.  I don't know, I'm still working out the details and am generally paranoid about protecting my work/copyright issues.  I've actually had work stolen in the past which, while on one hand was somewhat flattering, actually bugged me because one was a personal piece kind of like a diary entry, and the other was something that I drew specifically for a friend that I later saw crappily photocopied and altered.  So yeah, something new to figure out.

I'm going to look through my little portfolio today, brainstorm, and see if I get inspired come up with the motivation to do something.

Wish me luck ~_^!

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Yep, well, I still don't have any new completed works.  I cleaned up my gallery a bit, removing two practice edits and just trying to figure out where I left off.

I realize that my time management skills are so bad that I really don't take the time to draw anymore.  I hate to put a time limit on drawing but I really need to learn to work it into my life.  I am striving to clean my room, my house, and my life.

I still need to get my driver's license, which I never finished doing in high school after failing the permit test.  About a year ago I finally went back and passed my permit test but ended up letting it sit until it expired.  Oi, my procrastination is expensive.

I'm going to work on some homework now with a real goal to catch up, clean up, and organize so that I can have plenty of time to do the things that I really want to do.  Wish me luck! ~_^

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First of all, I need to say hi to all the lovely people that commented.  Hi MKO p33ples and hi to the people with the 1337 work that I watched and favorited and stuff. ^_^

Okay, second item on the agenda...omg I haven't drawn in ages. :(.  I'm probably going to practice with portraits and life drawings for a while, them play with fanart for a while.  Being the procrastinator that I am, I can't guarantee that anything will get done, but at the very least I'll try to put some stuff up in my scraps.

Ja ne.

Well, taking a look at what I've put up so far I can see that I need to rescan some of my older stuff.  Namely the dragons and fairies.  The scans are pretty bad in quality, you can't really see the details.  I'll put up some bigger, higher rez ones as soon as possible.

I have also been adding a lot of work to my Scraps, so be sure to check those out.
I've finally started adding some of my deviations.  Some fairly old, some fairly new, but a good look at what I've been up to.