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Navii (Pronounced: nay-vee) - New fursona by NovaSkiez Navii (Pronounced: nay-vee) - New fursona :iconnovaskiez:NovaSkiez 41 0 F*CK YOU by NovaSkiez F*CK YOU :iconnovaskiez:NovaSkiez 43 0 :') by NovaSkiez :') :iconnovaskiez:NovaSkiez 44 0 Axl (new oc + art style improvement?) by NovaSkiez Axl (new oc + art style improvement?) :iconnovaskiez:NovaSkiez 48 0 lol you won't believe it, but they're ALL siblings by NovaSkiez lol you won't believe it, but they're ALL siblings :iconnovaskiez:NovaSkiez 47 0 Halfs the kittydoggo bOi by NovaSkiez Halfs the kittydoggo bOi :iconnovaskiez:NovaSkiez 50 0 so I am back sksksksk by NovaSkiez so I am back sksksksk :iconnovaskiez:NovaSkiez 48 0 ''Wanna play a Game?'' by NovaSkiez ''Wanna play a Game?'' :iconnovaskiez:NovaSkiez 50 20 Artemis the edgy fox by NovaSkiez Artemis the edgy fox :iconnovaskiez:NovaSkiez 51 18 Artemis (new fursona) by NovaSkiez Artemis (new fursona) :iconnovaskiez:NovaSkiez 49 11 stardust you red panda wolf hybrid thing by NovaSkiez stardust you red panda wolf hybrid thing :iconnovaskiez:NovaSkiez 49 16 untitled by NovaSkiez untitled :iconnovaskiez:NovaSkiez 47 14 Lightsen (a redraw of an oc I made last 2016) by NovaSkiez Lightsen (a redraw of an oc I made last 2016) :iconnovaskiez:NovaSkiez 49 18 oftendawn [commission] by NovaSkiez oftendawn [commission] :iconnovaskiez:NovaSkiez 44 14 Stardust.. re-design..? by NovaSkiez Stardust.. re-design..? :iconnovaskiez:NovaSkiez 44 15 Tom (Eddsworld) by NovaSkiez Tom (Eddsworld) :iconnovaskiez:NovaSkiez 49 11
hhh arts lol


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I don't really mind if you don't want to :3
(but srsly, I am in dire need of points right now. I used to have 407 points, but I wasted like.. almost all of it haha)

amount of :points: : 394

However, thanks to those who donated me some points!

Blue Eyed Cat Stamp by tennyomelime - Stamp: Blue marshmallows. - by ChicaTH f2u - Blue aesthetic stamp by Pastel--Galaxies Stamp 378 // Aesthetic by BEAPANDA 134 by hibiiyoo f2u - Purple aesthetic stamp #6 by Pastel--Galaxies f2u - Pink aesthetic stamp #20 by Pastel--Galaxies f2u - Pink aesthetic stamp #25 by Pastel--Galaxies f2u - Pink aesthetic stamp #68 by Pastel--Galaxies f2u - Pink aesthetic stamp #69 by Pastel--Galaxies Aesthetic stamp 5 by LadyRebeccaStamps f2u - Pink aesthetic stamp #57 by Pastel--Galaxies

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fric my mouse has clicking problems
note: no offense but pLS STOP CALLING ME QUEEN, AM NOT

probably my theme >:3
Navii (Pronounced: nay-vee) - New fursona
I changed my fursonas alot lmao.

Full name: Navii
Nicknames: armless little fucker, goopwings, black eye
Gender: genderless (more like because I don't know if I would make this armless furryf a female or a male
Pronounce: they/them
Species: kitsune (4 tailed cat version)
Favorite foods: chicken nuggets/nuggers/nugz
Favorite thing/item: phone, pc, laptop, fluffeh pillows, fluffin bed
Hobbies: sleeping, eating, lol

yeah that's all goodbye h
(The title is meant for the concept of the art, I don't hate you guys :O) I cuss, I tried not to, but I couldn't resist.
(btw she looked like she smelled something bad lmao but no, she's doing the mad face palm kind of thing, hiding her scar and her right eye, but her right eye was still managed to be seen xd, and her left hoof.. was meant to be the bad finger/hoof but I thought that it's too much for a random 2 dimentional art cussing lol) this is just a new oc test thingy, I wouldn't make a ref of her anymore because..
1. I am lazy
2. No one would make arts of her but it's okay no hard feelings
3. lol cuz I don't want to
• Full name: Roxië
• Nicknames: Rox (as said by her parents)
• Gender: female (she/her)
• Age: 17
• Species: deer
• Birthday: February 16, 2002
• Likes: edgy sh*t
• Dislikes: it depends

• Height: 135cm
• Weight: omfg idk either lol
• Figure appearance: (a bit) tall faded-like pink colored boi
• Skin/fur color: Thulian
• Antlers color: darker shade of hot pink
• Eye color: cyan blue (left), black and white (right)
• EXTRA: heart spots on fur
I think I am better at drawing on phone than computer lmao.
Character used: Artemis (my fursona)
Okay, so the purpose of this art is for me to check out for myself how I improved my art style. Yeah that's all lol. Oh and here's a QUICK fact, Artemis' eyes are different colors, it's just that whenever I draw her, one of her eyes is closed, and sometimes the other one is in a winking style.. if you get what I mean.


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United States

InkyFace9000, kittydogcrystal and paultervoorde - drawing
VivzMind and InkyFace9000 - animating


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NovaSkiez Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this new dA eclipse is so rad mm
GalixDA Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2019
hOly shit i love your new fursonaaaaaa 👌👌👌👌👌
Chipscout Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2019  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow! i love your arts so much! i am in love with ur art style uwu
UnknownInkdrop Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2019  New Deviant Hobbyist Artist
Hi! I love your arts so much! It's so super adorable and I think I'm gonna die of cUTENESS! You are my biggest inspiration, that's why I joined deviantART! I am someone from your YouTube channel! I comment on your videos EVERYTIME! I hope you will success in your future, and cherish your dreams! You are AMAZING. I love your new axolotl oc art! It's super cute! I also love your paper arts, your fursona as a yandere.. and all of your arts! Your art style is very unique, and I love how you also do InkyFace9000's line art style! I guess her line art style does fit your inner self. I am glad you were REAL. I am also glad to hear that you were doing well in school, I also feel sorry for what I've heard that you were being bullied before.. but glad that's over! Or is it? If I were in your school, I have the determination to report them to the principal's office get them to pure EMBARASSMENT. Asking why I am like this? Don't worry, I experienced a lot of bullies in our school as well, and I used to be weak and defense-less before, but now I've learned to stand up for myself. But other than that, goodluck on your FUTURE! I am sure you will be a GREAT FURRY ARTIST. As I recognized how much you improved!
NovaSkiez Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
O.M.G..! AAAA THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are so sweet! THANK YOUUU! You deserved alot of GOOD KARMA! I will add you to my WATCH LIST for this! Thanks so much! Thanks for your support and all! You are a wonderful person. Once again, Thank YOU :3
oftendawn Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2019
thanks for teh llama and watch! <3
neonwafflecat Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2019
yeah u need MORE FAME.
beat up ur online enemies and show them that ur cool owo
cruffed Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2018
CandiiCornUnicorn Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2018
aww i wish i have more points to donate to you :(
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