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I draw stuff.


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AE - Alnilam
One of the few 'musical stars' of the Elemental Planes. Alnilam, a pop-star from the Plane of Void!

Aether Eternius is (c) Shannon (Novasiri) Merrill
TAoV - Minions and Management


This classroom exists in a bizarre time in space. Upon entering through the threshold, you're beholden to a seemingly normal college grade classroom with amphitheater style seating and a massive projection screen that has an alien mark etched into the surface. Upon further inspection, the windows are bizarrely shaped, alien almost, and hold views of a world that is not what rests outside the academy. But among it all, you hear a displaced, disturbing silence...

Hearkening to a low, steady drum beat and flutes that seem to play far, far away.


Minions and Management!

Management of minions, and general finances for up and coming villains. Essentially ‘human resources and economics’ for our dear students. The intricacies that so few people actually teach in these days! You want that hollowed out volcano lair? You want an army to march for you! Well, you’ll need to learn how to manage these things first!

Teaching students villainous taxes and 'human' resources, one lesson at a time!


Teacher: Dias
Course Load: HARD
Art Focus: The art of comic creation through panel progression and general art/story flow.
Assignment: Monthly with extra credit option.
TAoV - Dias, Dorm Master of Wunjo

 "Question everything."


Name: Dias
Nicknames: No.
Age: Age is a mortal construct, arbitrary, worthless. But if you require it, then my age is immeasurable and unfathomable. I'm old enough to drink by your standards at least.
DOB: Unknown
Height: 4ft 5in (On foot) / Up to 8ft 10in when on 'tails'.
Weight: Unmeasurable
Gender: All of Them. They/Them pronouns
Marital Status: None
Occupation: Professor, Professional Minion
Dorm: Wunjo


"They're always watching, waiting... sleeping."


✔ | Cheerful | Patient | Philosophical | Calm | Polite |

✖ | Apathetic | Nosy | Morbid | Perfectionist | Verbose |

Having a mind that spans the multiverse never wears well for the servants of the Old Ones. Some are driven mad, or come to understand the fragile fabrics of reality through a disassociation with it at large. Though Dias falls under the later, they have developed a sense of understanding over the countless millennia for lesser beings and even derives enjoyment from the toiling of both mortals, immortals, heroes and villains alike. Then what would drive a minion of the One of Many Faces, The Crawling Chaos, to endure grueling hardship as a mere teacher? Well, boredom, is a big factor. As well as a morbid curiosity for the learning structures of villainous minds. Also being ordered to do so is a given, like any good minion.

To Dias, there is no black and white. There is no good or evil. Only absolute oblivion. All things end, and they all end one way or another, it's merely a matter of how you proceed. The adventure, and what you experience along the way. Will it be glorious, or will you end up buried in a ditch somewhere covered in trash. Who knows!

Their speech mannerisms are flowery at best. Often using verbose terms to make something seem grander than it might actually be, or painting a false picture to the world. They never speak the whole truth either, only pieces of it. This is all on purpose, as his motto is to 'Question everything.' And find that his method of speech helps enlighten learning minds to this fact of reality. 

   ◇  Coffee, Tea, Hot Drinks in general.
   ◇  Space, obviously and drums? (How do these work together?)
   ◇  The ignorance of Mortals and Immortals alike, it's cute.
   ◇  Things made with rice.
   ◇  Cherries
   ◇  Cold Drinks
   ◇  Country Music
   ◇  People who use Friendship as an excuse for winning something. (Seriously...)

There is very little information available on Dias, aside from what they're willing to write down. For the most part, the only thing known is- 

'I've been here since the beginning. I've done some things, but none of those are important. And now I'm here. What brought me here, what do I aim to gain from all of this? Well.. Start digging. That's all you need to know. I'll even give you the shovel to get started.'


"Don't stare at the stars, lest they stare back."

A B I L I T Y  |  S K I L L S 

   ◇ Incomprehensible


As with all entities of the Eldritch variety, Dias isn't exactly well conformed to the fabric of reality. Though they hold a physical form, it easily shifts and ebbs between different realities of existence. As such, they seem to be able to move with very few restrictions. Seemingly able to squeeze through the smallest of cracks, or deform their body in the most bizarre ways. Mostly for comedic effect, if the individuals psyche can comprehend it. Those that are able to perceive this without any drawbacks have found that they don't move 'normally'. Almost like a liquid in a solid form. It's hard to explain.


Many a poor soul being forced to witness these variable shifts in the creatures form tend to have difficulty comprehending what they'd just seen. Some may lose their mind trying to rationalize this turn of events (Rare), or they forget what they've witnessed (90% of the time). As such, not many people realize Dias even moves around until he's right next to them; giving the illusion of teleportation. Which can lead to incredibly awkward situations. This also does not fare him well in combat aside from the act of running away. This ability can't be 'turned off' as it's part of his state of being.

   ◇ Stargazing
   ◇ Philosophical Conversation
   ◇ Bonsai Tree Care taking
   ◇ Chess Playing

I T E M  |  O B J E C T
   ◇ A Coffee Mug reading '#1 Minion'
   ◇ A seemingly endless supply of strawberry hard candies.
   ◇ A galaxy themed pencil case? Puts anything and everything in it. Bottomless?
   ◇ A Circular Stone Symbol of the Master

   ◇ Frail: Dias is not a fighter. Though they are an aberration, they aren't physically capable of combat in any shape or form. Striking them is equivalent to striking gelatin.
   ◇ OCD: He has to have things organized specific ways and will go to any lengths to keep things the same, especially on his classroom desk. No one understands a method to this madness however, and it's widely agreed to just not touch any of his personal belongings.
   ◇ Apathy: Being what he is, Dias lacks any real sense for the emotions around him, or any at all. This might cause him to come off as almost aggressively blunt, or have him failing to read the tone of a room and say something out of line or inappropriate.
   ◇ Too Optimistic: Sometimes he can be almost... too cheerful that it comes off as creepy and daunting. Even in horrible situations, he'll sound cheerful. It's not uncommon for him to list off some horrible possible outcomes with the most joyful tone in his voice.



   ◇ Dias has a perplexing voice, as if there's three combined at once all while funneled into a old gramophone. A woman's voice, a males voice, and something that seems to speak, but the words are jumbled and erratic.  Nor do either of the 'mouths' move.

   ◇ This voice reverberates from both 'tails' and his head, at the same time.

   ◇ They don't require food to survive, and partake in it purely for pleasure.

   ◇ They do generally enjoy teaching, and passing on their extensive knowledge of being a minion to up and coming villains. A happy Minion is a loyal Minion!

   ◇ Is always drinking SOMETHING from their mug. Be it coffee, cocoa, tea, a whirling galaxy. Anything, as long as it's hot.
   ◇ Dias always seems to be 'moving'. Either bobbing their body to some invisible rhythem or even rocking back and forth. They NEVER stand still. Their bobbing is similar in tempo to a metronome, like they hear 'something' no one else can.
   ◇ Theme Song would be -> The Neverhood OST - Skat Radio


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