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Simply Nova Ver. 2.0

I'm not around much these days - please reach out to me on my Facebook page if you have any questions though. I've moved away from Rainmeter development for the time being while I work on web development. Link is at the bottom of the description here. Thank you!

SimplyNovaV2.0 has a few slight twists to it's former design. It hasn't been as popular, but people have still liked it, as I hope you all will.
I didn't create V2.0 as an updated version of the first - it's just a little bit different is all


Hard Drive Statistics: Used amounts
Network Statistics: Current usage of Upload and Download + IP Address displayed and Gmail
System Statistics: Current usage of CPU, RAM, SWAP, Top Process (running) + Trash
12 Hour time + date
4-day forecast weather: Showing current and low temps.
Both bars offer preview of using linked images for URL's and/or file locations

****WEATHER EDITING**** To change the weather unit (F or C) and location follow these simple steps..
1. Right click on the weather meter and select Edit Skin.
2. To change weather measure - use f for farenheit and m for celsius.
3. To find your location code - use this site:… and enter your code to replace the one currently there.

I hope you like the skin, get in touch with me if you need anything at all. Thank you.

If you like my skin, want to see what I've got coming up, need help with stuff, or just want to support me - go like my Facebook page, NovaSev at


~lovinjapan for helping me find the weather issue.
~brsev for the Token Dark Icons

and all of the deviants on here that inspired this :)
© 2011 - 2022 NovaSev
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"I didn't create V2.0 as an updated version of the first - it's just a little bit different is all"

What does that mean?

What changed from 1.0.0 to 2.0?
how do i changed the color of the text from blue to grey/black?
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I'm not sure if this is a bug or anything, someone may be able to help me:
The thing is, I fixed the weather stuff, like said in the comments below, BUT it displays 30°, even though I changed it it Celsius ... AND I'm pretty sure IT'S NOT THE TIME AND TEMPERATURE TO GO SWIMMING IN THE LAKE.
I'm not angry or anything, just wanted to make my point clear xD
Clicking the nova sev7 icon in the launcher redirects you to one of those fake Microsoft support pages trying to get you to call the number on your screen >:(. Deleting and scanning my PC. Really sucks because it's a nice theme.
The weather skin uselessly load the png pictures every second bazillion times. Eating disk and cpu time in the background.

You should only reload the pictures when an update happens, just add this into the [MeasureWeatherRSS]:
FinishAction=[!UpdateMeter MeterIconNA][!UpdateMeter MeterIcon][!UpdateMeter MeterIcon1][!UpdateMeter MeterIcon2][!UpdateMeter MeterIcon3]

And add UpdateDivider=-1 to the 5 images stated above.
how come its impossible to allign the network, hard drives and system.
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hmmm, together is they all k !!!
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WTF, they have changed it again, white one, what we need to change now?

Spo0cky ^^
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x-maqic Thanks for the weather fix.

it worked on my Simply Nova ver.1 flawlessly. Thank you again!
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@x-maqic  THX Men u r my HERO, the Fix worked so fine.
Came here for the weather fix, received weather fix.  Thank you!
The weather fix worked for me to, thanks.
thanks for the weather fix, it worked for me.  
I am also having issues with the weather but nothing that I tried seems fix the issue.

My location code is CAXX0504 and I am trying to use metric system.

1) Is weather working for anyone? (Maybe I am doing something wrong)

2) If it's working for you can you please share the entire "Vertical.ini" file ?

I find my own answer and would like to share it with all of you guys.

Just change the line which is starting with Url=


(without the quotations and changing the hxxp to http)

and that will fix all the issue for the weather .

Have a great day everyone.
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Just came to find out if there was a solution to this, thank you very much!
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Well done, sir. I came to see if anyone else had this issue, and you had the fix ready to go.
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Thank you!! I've had the same problem for a couple of day and had no idea how to get it right, thank you very much!
Weather seems to be broken now. :(

The current weather URL (yahoo) hasn't displayed current weather for maybe a month, not even temperatures.
The week weather URL ( hasn't displayed anything for maybe a week or so.

I have two files one for the current weather, another for extended/week.

RegExp=(?siU)<link.*>(.*)</link>.*city=\"(.*)\".*sunrise=\"(.*)\".*sunset=\"(.*)\".*<image>.*<url>(.*)</url>.*<title>.*:.*m .*(.*)</title>.*lat>(.*)<.*long>(.*)<.*yweather:condition.*text=\"(.*)\".*code=\"(.*)\".*temp=\"(.*)\".*yweather:forecast.*day=\"(.*)\".*high=\"(.*)\".*code=\"(.*)\".*yweather:forecast.*day=\"(.*)\".*high=\"(.*)\".*code=\"(.*)\".*
FinishAction=!SetOption "MString" "Text" "%1°#unit# %2"


RegExp="(?siU)<weather ver="(.*)">(.*)<tmp>(.*)</tmp>(.*)<t>(.*)</t>(.*)<icon>(.*)</icon>(.*)<day d="1" t="(.*)" dt="(.*)">(.*)<hi>(.*)</hi>(.*)<low>(.*)</low>(.*)<icon>(.*)</icon>(.*)<t>(.*)</t>(.*)<day d="2" t="(.*)" dt="(.*)">(.*)<hi>(.*)</hi>(.*)<low>(.*)</low>(.*)<icon>(.*)</icon>(.*)<t>(.*)</t>(.*)<day d="3" t="(.*)" dt="(.*)">(.*)<hi>(.*)</hi>(.*)<low>(.*)</low>(.*)<icon>(.*)</icon>(.*)<t>(.*)</t>(.*)"
IfAboveAction=!execute [!RainmeterHideMeter MeterIconNA][!RainmeterShowMeter MeterIcon]
Couldn't seem to find answer to my question. Great skin...was looking to add to "NETWORK" file in simply nova skin. It currently has "IP address", "UPLOAD" and "DOWNLOAD" I would like to add "INTERNAL IP" and "EXTERNAL IP" addresses instead of just the 1 IP address. 

I am not sure how to do it or what to change. I don't know how to make a duplicate of "IP ADDRESS" and then change details to reflect INTERNAL/EXTERNAL ip addresses.

Thank you for your time
Hi, I have got small problem.. Substitute of days and months doesnt work :( What can I do with it?
E: Sorry, it was my problem.. But i have got another problem.. I added Czech letters to font, but it doesnt work.. But the CZ letters normally works..
E2: I found the solution - coding... :)
Great Skin! Very Simplistic but nice. Just have a short question: when I configure the weather bar for my zone it seems to be unable to show me today's week day (the forecast for today and  the next days work perfectly though)

Any help?
How to download this?
thank you so much!!!
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