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NovaSev RainMeter Skin

NovaSev RMS is a refreshing re design of SimplyNova. This skin allows users a better few of the stats, with a minimal look and feel. I prefer this set up, as it allows (using two background bars) the use of any wallpaper without having to change color schemes or losing visibility.

The preview above shows different background bars then what the default ones are - which are just black. This is just to show you that you can do a lot with it from easy and quick changes. With the default background bars, I like to change the transparency to 20% which gives it a cool look.


Hard Drive bars: Used amounts
RAM bars: RAM ans SWAP usage
Network bars: Current usage of Upload and Download (hovering shows totals)
System bars: Current usage of CPU and top running process
Misc. bars: Recycle bin and Gmail account
12 Hour time + date
4-day forecast weather: Showing current and low temps.
Background bars for use with any and all desktop backgrounds.

****WEATHER EDITING**** To change the weather unit (F or C) and location follow these simple steps..
1. Right click on the weather meter and select Edit Skin.
2. To change weather measure - use f for farenheit and m for celsius.
3. To find your location code - use this site: [link] and enter your code to replace the one currently there.

I hope you like the skin, get in touch with me if you need anything at all. Thank you.

If you like my skin, want to see what I've got coming up, need help with stuff, or just want to support me - go like my Facebook page, NovaSev at [link]
© 2012 - 2021 NovaSev
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In the last week the weather has stopped working, any answers to what I can do to fix it?

i found how update to see the weather:…

Thanks for this Skin NovaSev

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There are times that the XML file is updated and doesn't work well. Check some of the comments for other fixes that have been working. I will updating in the near future - sorry for the issues.
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Cool. How do I get it?
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Download it - button to the right of the image below the ads normally
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how to change the color of time format font, day font and month font? by default its gray right?
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If you right click on the meter > select edit skin > scroll to variables (near the top) > and you can change the dark colors. It will be listed as 0,0,0 or close to that, you can change it to whatever RGB or HEX color code you want it as.
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Why is it in netword stats the ip address, upload , download are not working that it's not properly showing what should be the ip address and download speed , upload speed
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I'm not sure what you're trying to say specifically there. Are none of the stats working as they should?
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Hey, I love this rainmeter skin, it's awesome, thanks for creating it!

Also, since the rainmete 3.0.2 release yesterday, the font broke (at least for me, I already tried changing the font size), any chance you could fix this? Thanks!
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I'll have a look and see what can be done.
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Thanks, you're the best
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I no longer have the folder for this, can you check the folder and see if the font is included in an ~resources folder?
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Just checked them, 3 fonts: AGENCYB, AGENCYR and GeosansLight_0, no values were  changed on my side, I took a picture showing the differences this rainmeter update made with the font As example the word usage, left being updated rainmeter and right your screenshot from the preview here.
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Just wanted you to know I'm still looking into things that could have been changed or screwed up. Nothing yet. It's the one thing about Rainmeter that is fun in a bad way - trying to keep up with all the new bugs still coming around lol. I'll get back in touch with you if I find anything - my system isn't doing it so it's a bit difficult to try and fix. Have you tried using a different font from your system?
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I found the old version of rainmeter on my hard drive, downgraded to it, and it fixed the font problem, so I don't think I'm missing a font on my system or something like that.

If you don't find the problem I'm okay with it, as this is the only skin I use after all.
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Well I'm happy to hear that you use just this one lol. What exact version do/did you have with the issue? Cause I'm not using the current Beta at the moment.
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can we change the color of the system bars?
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yes we can - right click on each one of the skins and scroll down to where you see the variables for each bar (sorry, I forget what I called them and don't have the file handy to look it up) and you can change them to whatever color you'd like. I used RGB value for the background bar that is semi see through and the other one is a HEX value. You can use either kind of value you just need to find out what it is that you want to use.
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ok thanks a lot,love your work mate
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Appreciate it :)
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Can the HDD section be changed depending on the number of disks you have?
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I'm not entirely sure what you mean - you can add as many disks to it as you want, or as few - yes. If that's not what you meant let me know.
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